Current Affairs Free Classes for Para 13.2 and Banking Exam 2022

Current Affairs Free Classes for Para 13.2 and Banking Exam 2022

Dear Candidates,

We, Ambitious Baba have already provided English Language classes, Daily Current Affairs, Vocabulary classes, History classes, General Awareness classes, and other Free classes on our YouTube channel. Mock tests, YouTube courses, quizzes, and other materials are also available to help you prepare for government exams such as SSC, Railways, Bank PO, Clerk, and others. We make every effort to meet all of your needs in order for you to pass the exam you’re studying for. We always try to provide you with more and more.

Now, on our YouTube channel, we are going to start PARA 13.2 and Banking exam CA Classes. A good number of questions is asked from Current Affairs indicating that candidates who perform well in this section have a significant chance of boosting their overall score.

Our mentor is well-versed in the subject and has teaching experience of over ten years. She will go through each and every important topic of Current Affairs.

To assist you in comprehending each topic better, we have prepared a 21-day study schedule. Classes will run from 26th September at 6 pm.

The following table provides candidates with all the details regarding the PARA 13.2 CA Class:

Date Topic
26 Sept Books & Authors


(Current Affairs Class 2022 – Books and Author PDF By AB)

27 Sept Awards & Recognition – Part 1


(CA Class 2022 – Awards PART 1 PDF by AB (May to sep))

28 Sept Awards & Recognition – Part 2


(CA Class 2022 – Awards Part 2 PDF By AB)

29 Sept Sports News

Sports News Part 2


(CA Classes 2022 – Sports News Part 1 PDF)

(CA Classes 2022 – Sports news Part 2 PDF By AB)


30 Sept Banking & Financial Awareness – Part 1

(CA Class 18 – Banking Awareness 2022 Part 1 PDF By AB)

3 Oct Banking & Financial Awareness – Part 2

(CA Class 19- Banking Awareness 2022 – part 2 PDF By AB)

4 Oct Appointment – Part 1

(CA Class 2022 -Appointment – Part 1 PDF By AB)

5 Oct Appointment – Part 2

(CA Class 2022 -Appointment Part 2 PDF By AB)

6 Oct Loans, Agreements & MoUs

(CA Classes 7, 2022 – MoUs and Agreement PDF By AB)

7 Oct National News – Part 1

CA Class 10, 2022 – National News – Part 1 PDF By AB

10 Oct National News – Part 2

CA Class 2022 – National News – Part 2 PDF By AB

11 Oct International News

CA Class International News PART  PDF By AB

12 Oct Schemes & Apps

(CA Classes 2022 – Schemes & apps PDF By AB)

14 Oct Ranking + Index

(CA Classes 2022 – Ranking & Index (May to Sept) PDF By AB)

17 Oct Defence

CA CLass 2022 -Defence & Sceince PDF By AB

18 Oct Important Days & Theme

CA Class 2022 -Important Days & Theme 2022 PDF By AB

19 Oct CM + Governors+ Union Minister

CA Class 15 -CM & Governors and Union Ministery 2022 PDF By AB

20 Oct Obituary

CA Class 16 – Obituary 2022 PDF By AB

21 Oct Commonwealth Games and Budget 2022

(CA Class 17 – CWG & BUDGET 2022 PDF By AB)


Current Affairs Free Classes FAQs

Q.Why is Current Affairs a crucial topic?

Ans. Many Banking exams have a major section of the question paper dedicated to Current Affairs that makes it a crucial topic.

Q. When are PARA 13.2 CA Class scheduled to start?

Ans. Classes will be held from 26th September at 6 p.m.

Q. Will each topic has a separate class?

Ans. Yes, topic by topic, all details will be covered in this PARA 13.2 CA Class.

Q. How do I access the PARA 13.2 CA Class?

Ans. PARA 13.2 CA Class can be viewed on a mobile device or a computer on our YouTube Channel. Add the playlist of the PARA 13.2 CA Class to your favourites for easy access. It enables you to rapidly access PARA 13.2 CA Class whenever you require them.

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