Current Affairs Quiz 15th June 2023 Quiz

Daily Current Affairs 15th June 2023 Quiz

Current Affairs quiz 2022, Daily gk updates and Current affairs is playing a major role in any competitive exam. so here we are providing the current affairs quiz on daily basis for Bank, SSC, Railway and Other Government Competitive Examinations.

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Q.1. Which state government has announced a monthly pension of 10,000 rupees for the Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awardees of the State?

किस राज्य सरकार ने राज्य के पद्म श्री, पद्म भूषण और पद्म विभूषण पुरस्कार विजेताओं के लिए 10,000 रुपये मासिक पेंशन की घोषणा की है?

(a) Uttar Pradesh / उत्तर प्रदेश

(b) Gujarat / गुजरात

(c) Rajasthan / राजस्थान

(d) Punjab / पंजाब

(e) Haryana / हरियाणा

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Haryana govt announces monthly pension of Rs. 10,000 for Padma Awards

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has announced a monthly pension of 10,000 rupees for the Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awardees of the State.

The chief minister also announced free travel facility for them in Volvo buses of the Haryana Roadways.

About Haryana

  • Capital – Chandigarh
  • Chief Minister – Manohar Lal Khattar
  • Governor – Bandaru Dattatreya

Q.2. Who has launched the multilingual India Legal app, a helpline to enable citizens obtain legal assistance from their homes?

नागरिकों को उनके घरों से कानूनी सहायता प्राप्त करने में सक्षम बनाने के लिए बहुभाषी भारत कानूनी ऐप किसने लॉन्च किया है?

(a) DY Chandrachud /डी वाई चंद्रचूड़

(b) Uday Lalit /उदय ललित

(c) Ranjan Gogoi /रंजन गोगोई

(d) M.N. Venkatachaliah /एम.एन. वेंकटचलैया

(e) Hima Kohli / हिमा कोहली

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Justice Venkatachaliah launches app to provide legal aid

Former Chief Justice of India M.N. Venkatachaliah has launched the multilingual India Legal app, a helpline to enable citizens obtain legal assistance from their homes.

The app will help in disposing of around 70 percent of new cases.

The app will benefit a wide range of consumers, including a large legal community of 1.2 million lawyers and half a million students.

The first call on the app came from Meerut. An employee alleged that his employer did not give him money. Venkatachaliah directed him to file a case against the employer and to approach the High Court.

The second call came from Chennai. A woman, speaking in Tamil, said she was in a live-in relationship with a man who clicked her private photographs and was now blackmailing her.

As per the woman, the man was threatening to upload her photographs on social media.  Venkatachaliah advised her to file a complaint with the police.

Q.3. Amit Shah has unveiled schemes worth Rs 8,000 crore to strengthen which sector?

अमित शाह ने  किस क्षेत्र को मजबूत करने के लिए 8,000 करोड़ रुपये की योजनाओं का अनावरण किया है?

(a) Natural environment

(b) Health administration

(c) Water resources

(d) Crime prevention

(e) Disaster management

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Amit Shah unveils ₹8,000 crore schemes to strengthen disaster management

Union home minister Amit Shah has chaired a meeting with ministers of disaster management from the states and union territories to discuss disaster risk reduction and strengthen the country’s disaster management system.

During the meeting, Shah announced three major schemes worth over ₹8,000 crore to bolster disaster management efforts across the nation.

The first scheme, valued at ₹5,000 crore, aims to expand and modernize fire services in states. The project intends to enhance firefighting capabilities, upgrade equipment, and improve infrastructure to effectively respond to fire emergencies.

The second scheme, with a budget of ₹2,500 crore, focuses on reducing the risk of urban flooding in seven of India’s most populous metros, including Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune. The project aims to implement measures to mitigate the impact of flooding in urban areas, safeguarding lives and property.

The third scheme, worth ₹825 crore, is the National Landslide Risk Mitigation Project. It aims to address the issue of landslides in 17 states and Union Territories by implementing measures to prevent and mitigate landslides, ensuring the safety of vulnerable communities.

Recent Inauguration by Amit Shah

  • Amit Shah lays foundation stone of campus of National Academy of Coastal Policing in Gujarat
  • Amit Shah inaugurates training program on legislative drafting in New Delhi
  • Amit Shah launched Vibrant Villages Programme in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Amit Shah inaugurated Vedic Heritage portal in New Delhi
  • Amit Shah virtually inaugurated development project in Ahmedabad worth Rs 154 cr
  • Amit Shah inaugurated the first phase of the Bangalore Safe City Project in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Q.4. Which state has recently celebrated the Raja festival?

किस राज्य ने हाल ही में राजा उत्सव मनाया है?

(a) Maharashtra / महाराष्ट्र

(b) Tamil Nadu / तमिलनाडु

(c) Odisha / ओडिशा

(d) Andhra Pradesh / आंध्र प्रदेश

(e) Kerala / केरल

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Odisha celebrates ‘Raja’ agricultural festival

Odisha has celebrated the Raja festival, an agricultural festival.

Raja festival is celebrated for three days.

The first day of the festival is called ‘Pahili Raja’, the second day is called ‘Majhi Raja’ ‘Raja Sankranti’ or ‘Mithuna Sankranti’, the third day is ‘Bhudaha’ or ‘Basi Raja’ or ‘Sesha Raja’.

Most of the festivals are connected to agriculture in one way or the other. So is the Raja festival. Odisha’s Raja festival is a unique one as mother earth is worshipped during this festival.

Notably, ‘Pahili Raja’ falls on the last day of month ‘Jyestha’ and ‘Raja Sankranti’ on the first day of month ‘Asadha’, celebrating the beginning of the rainy season.

As women are compared with mother earth, as the former menstruate, the latter too is believed to be undergoing her menstrual cycle during this festival.

This is why all agricultural activities like tilling and digging are suspended during this festival. Just like a menstruating woman, mother earth is allowed to take full rest without any tampering.

About Odisha

  • Capital – Bhubaneswar
  • Chief Minister – Naveen Patnaik
  • Governor – Ganeshi Lal

Q.5. Which bank has launched a digital platform for hassle-free account opening platform that eliminates the hassle of paper-based documentation?

किस बैंक ने झंझट मुक्त खाता खोलने के लिए एक डिजिटल प्लेटफॉर्म लॉन्च किया है जो पेपरआधारित प्रलेखन की परेशानी को समाप्त करता है?

(a) South Indian Bank / साउथ इंडियन बैंक

(b) Axis Bank / एक्सिस बैंक

(c) Yes Bank / यस बैंक

(d) HDFC Bank / एचडीएफसी बैंक

(e) IDFC First Bank / आईडीएफसी फर्स्ट बैंक

Answer & Explanation

Exp. South Indian Bank launches digital platform for hassle-free account opening

South Indian Bank has introduced SIB SWIFTe, an innovative and customer-centric digital account opening platform that eliminates the hassle of paper-based documentation.

The platform prioritizes customer convenience and transforms the account opening process, enabling the bank to swiftly on-board customers in less than five minutes.

This facility brings the branch-like experience to the comfort of customers’ homes, allowing them to connect with bankers at their convenience. SIB SWIFTe, a user-friendly and intuitive interface, provides clear instructions and visual cues to guide both customers and bank representatives through each step.

About South Indian Bank

  • Founded – 1929
  • Headquarters – Thrissur, Kerala
  • Chairman – Salim Gangadharan
  • MD & CEO – Murali Ramakrishnan
  • Tagline – Experience Next Generation Banking

Q.6. Which payments bank has entered into a tie-up with Sequoia Capital-backed fintech Hubble to introduce India’s first spending account?

किस भुगतान बैंक ने भारत का पहला व्यय खाता शुरू करने के लिए सिकोइया कैपिटल समर्थित फिनटेक हबल के साथ समझौता किया है?

(a) Airtel Payments Bank / एयरटेल पेमेंट्स बैंक

(b) India Post Payments Bank / इंडिया पोस्ट पेमेंट्स बैंक

(c) Fino Payments Bank / फिनो पेमेंट्स बैंक

(d) Paytm Payments Bank / पेटीएम पेमेंट्स बैंक

(e) Jio Payments Bank / जियो पेमेंट्स बैंक

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Fino Payments Bank joins Hubble to introduce spending account

Fino Payments Bank has entered into a tie-up with Sequoia Capital-backed fintech Hubble to introduce India’s first spending account.

The bank customers can park their funds, spend (on categories such as food ordering, shopping, travel, entertainment, etc.) and save up to 10 percent on all purchases made from the account.

Further, users can track spends across categories of over 50 brands that Hubble has partnered with and save up to ₹20,000 a year.

The spending account is integrated with the bank’s digital savings account operated through its mobile app FinoPay. Users earn an interest rate of 2.75 percent per annum on the funds parked in the account.

Recent Facilities Launched in Banks & Insurance Sector

  • Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank (KVGB) launched a new deposit scheme ‘Vikas Ashadeep 400 days’.
  • Punjab National Bank launches IVR-based UPI 123PAY
  • Federal Bank launches ‘I am Adyar, Adyar is me’ campaign
  • Google Pay launches Aadhaar-based authentication for UPI activation
  • HDFC Bank has introduced a new credit card — Millennia — offering cashback.
  • Kotak Bank launches Réserve premium account for the super-rich

Q.7. Which of the following has introduced a regulatory framework for online investment platforms that facilitate investments in commission-free mutual fund (MF) schemes?

निम्नलिखित में से किसने ऑनलाइन निवेश प्लेटफॉर्म के लिए एक नियामक ढांचा पेश किया है जो कमीशनमुक्त म्यूचुअल फंड (एमएफ) योजनाओं में निवेश की सुविधा प्रदान करता है?

(a) NABARD / नाबार्ड

(b) RBI / आरबीआई

(c) PFRDA / पीएफआरडीए

(d) SEBI / सेबी

(e) SIDBI / सिडबी

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Sebi introduces framework for direct mutual fund investment platforms

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has introduced a regulatory framework for online investment platforms that facilitate investments in commission-free mutual fund (MF) schemes.

The regulation brings clarity on the obligations of such platforms while opening an avenue to monetize their business. It also addresses investor concerns on associated risks and introduces grievance redressal mechanism.

As per the framework, platforms providing MF investment services in direct (commission-free) plans will have to apply for ‘execution only platform’ (EOP) licence either with Sebi or the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi) within three months of the regulation coming into force, which happens in September 2023.

Platforms of investment advisors and stock brokers will not need an EOP registration if it is open only for their advisory or broking clients.

Sebi has provided two options to the platforms: they can either register with Amfi and become agents of asset management companies or register with a stock broker and become agents of investors. Whom they charge for the services will depend on whose agent they become.

About Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

  • Founded – 12 April 1988
  • Act – 1992
  • Headquarters – Mumbai
  • Chairman Madhabi Puri Buch
  • SEBI Set up – Uday Kotak committee

Q.8. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has opened its regional office in which of the following place?

भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक (RBI) ने निम्नलिखित में से किस स्थान पर अपना क्षेत्रीय कार्यालय खोला है?

(a) Nagaland / नागालैंड

(b) Puducherry / पुडुचेरी

(c) Lakshadweep / लक्षद्वीप

(d) Andaman & Nicobar / अंडमान और निकोबार

(e) Daman & Diu / दमन और दीव

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) opens regional office in Nagaland

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has opened its sub-office in Kohima, Nagaland, expanding its presence in the northeastern region.

RBI Deputy Governor Michael Debabrata Patra inaugurated the office.

RBI now has a presence in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, and Nagaland.

With this move, RBI aims to expand its reach in the region and better serve the financial needs of the people.

Additionally, the central bank has announced its intention to establish an office in Itanagar, further demonstrating its commitment to enhancing its operations in the North East.

The sub-office in Kohima begins functioning with the following departments — Financial Inclusion and Development Department (FIDD), Consumer Education and Protection Cell (CEPC), Market Intelligence Cell and Human Resource Management Department (HRMD). The currency management for Nagaland will continue to be conducted by the RBI’s office in Guwahati.

The Reserve Bank’s office in Itanagar is expected to open shortly.

About Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

  • Founded – 1 April 1935
  • RBI Nationalized – 1 January 1949
  • Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • RBI set up – Hilton Young Commission
  • 1st Governor – Sir Osborne Smith (Australia)
  • 1st Indian Governor – CD Deshmukh
  • 25th Governor – Shaktikanta Das
  • RBI Deputy Governor (4) – 1. Tavarna Rabi Sankar
  1. Mukesh Kumar Jain
  2. Michael D Patra
  3. M Rajeshwar Rao

Q.9. Which of the following has launched mission EVOLVE (Electric Vehicle Operations and Lending for Vibrant Ecosystem) in association with NITI Aayog to finance MSMEs in the EV space?

निम्नलिखित में से किसने EV अंतरिक्ष में MSMEs को वित्तपोषित करने के लिए NITI Aayog के साथ मिलकर मिशन EVOLVE (इलेक्ट्रिक व्हीकल ऑपरेशंस एंड लेंडिंग फॉर वाइब्रेंट इकोसिस्टम) लॉन्च किया है?

(a) National Green Tribunal / नेशनल ग्रीन ट्रिब्यूनल

(b) Finance Ministry / वित्त मंत्रालय

(c) Ministry of Road Transport & Highways / सड़क परिवहन और राजमार्ग मंत्रालय

(d) Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises / माइक्रो, लघु और मध्यम उद्यम मंत्रालय

(e) SIDBI / सिडबी

Answer & Explanation

Exp. SIDBI launches mission EVOLVE to finance MSMEs for EVs

SIDBI has launched mission EVOLVE (Electric Vehicle Operations and Lending for Vibrant Ecosystem) in association with NITI Aayog, World Bank, Korean-World Bank and Korean Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) to finance MSMEs in the EV space.

Under the initiative, SIDBI will give MSMEs access to affordable commercial financing for EV loans including hosting of telematics that could help reduce financing costs and provide data for other financial services.

The programme comes in the backdrop of SIDBI’s aim to support India’s target for 30 percent EV penetration by 2030 or EV30@30.

SIDBI announced a pilot scheme Mission 50,000-EV4ECO in April this year under guidance from NITI Aayog to fund MSMEs finding it difficult to access loans to purchase EVs such as two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers for their day-to-day operations and commercial use.

The mission aims to finance 50,000 EVs.

About Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

  • Founded – 2 April 1990
  • Headquarters – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Chairman & MD – Siva S Ramann

Q.10. Who has been appointed as the Marketing Director of GAIL Limited?

गेल लिमिटेड के विपणन निदेशक के रूप में किसे नियुक्त किया गया है?

(a) Rajesh Verma / राजेश वर्मा

(b) Rajiv Kumar / राजीव कुमार

(c) Dixit Joshi / दीक्षित जोशी

(d) Sanjay Kumar / संजय कुमार

(e) Adille Sumariwalla / आदिल सुमरिवाला

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Sanjay Kumar appointed as Marketing Director of GAIL

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) has approved the appointment of Sanjay Kumar for the post of Director (Marketing) of GAIL (India) Limited.

Kumar has been appointed to the post with effect from the date of taking over charge of the post till the date of his superannuation i.e. June 30, 2027, or until further orders, whichever is earlier.

Presently, he is the Managing Director of Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), the largest CNG distribution company of India.

Recent Appointment

  • CMD of NMDC Steel Limited – Amitava Mukherjee (reappointment)
  • CEO of Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) – Amit Agrawal
  • Director General of the National Testing Agency (NTA) – Subodh Kumar Singh
  • Chair-elect of IATA’s Board of Governors – Pieter Elbers
  • CMD of Director of Container Corporation of India Ltd (CONCOR) – Sanjay Swarup

Q.11. Who has taken over as Director (Personnel) of NHPC Limited?

एनएचपीसी लिमिटेड के निदेशक (कार्मिक) के रूप में किसने पदभार संभाला है?

(a) Rajesh Verma / राजेश वर्मा

(b) Rajiv Kumar / राजीव कुमार

(c) Dixit Joshi / दीक्षित जोशी

(d) Mahendra Shah / महेंद्र एन शाह

(e) Uttam Lal / उत्तम लाल

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Uttam Lal takes over as Director (Personnel) NHPC Ltd

Uttam Lal has taken over as Director (Personnel) of NHPC Limited.

Prior to his appointment at NHPC, Lal was serving as Chief General Manager (HR-CSR/R&R/LA) in NTPC Limited.

Lal has over 35 years of vast and rich experience in the area of Personnel Management, Industrial Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Lal was recommended for the post of Director (Personnel) of NHPC Limited by the PESB panel in its selection meeting held on February 28.

Recent Appointment

  • Chairman of The Hindu Group – Nirmala Laxman (replace Malini Parthasarathy)
  • 78th UNGA president – Dennis Francis (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • DG of Geological Survey of India (GSI) – Janardan Prasad (replace Dr. S. Raju)
  • President of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) – Dr Abdulla Al Mandous (UAE)
  • Chairman and MD of Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) – Amarendu Prakash

Q.12. A Book titled Rebels Against the Raj: Western Fighters for India’s Freedom has won the Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography 2023. Who is the author of this book?

रिबेल्स अगेंस्ट राज: वेस्टर्न फाइटर्स फॉर इंडियाज फ्रीडम नामक पुस्तक ने ऐतिहासिक जीवनी 2023 के लिए एलिजाबेथ लॉन्गफोर्ड पुरस्कार जीता है। इस पुस्तक के लेखक कौन हैं?

(a) Amitav Ghosh / अमिताव घोष

(b) Vikram Seth / विक्रम सेठ

(c) Jhumpa Lahiri / झुंपा लाहिड़ी

(d) Ramachandra Guha / रामचंद्र गुहा

(e) Chetan Bhagat / चेतन भगत

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Ramachandra Guha’s book wins Elizabeth Longford Prize 202

Historian and writer Ramchandra Guha’s book Rebels Against the Raj: Western Fighters for India’s Freedom has won the Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography 2023.

Guha has been awarded £5,000 (₹5 lakhs approximately) and a bound copy of Elizabeth Longford’s memoir, The Pebbled Shore.

The Bengaluru-based historian’s book tells the story of seven foreigners — four British, Two American, and one Irish — who joined India’s freedom fight against British rule. The list of names includes Annie Besant, B.G. Horniman, Philip Spratt, Richard Ralph Keithahn, Samuel Stokes, Madeline Slade, and Catherine Mary Heilemann.

The award was founded in 2003 by Flora Fraser and Peter Soros to commemorate British historian Elizabeth Longford. Every year it rewards exemplary works in historical biography. The prize is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The book has been published by Penguin Random House in India, William Collins in the U.K., and Alfred Knopf in the USA.

Recent Awards

  • Governor of the Year at the Central Banking Awards 2023 in London’ – RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das (Raghuram Rajan in 2015)
  • RSL Christopher Bland Prize 2023 – Paterson Joseph (for Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho)
  • UNESCO Michel Batisse award 2023 – Jagdish S Bakan
  • Suriname highest civilian award Grand Order of the Chain of the Yellow Star – Droupadi Murmu
  • Greentech Safety Award 2023 – Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL)
  • 57th Jnanpith Award – Damodar Maujo

Q.13. The fourth Survey Vessel Large (SVL) of the Indian Navy named ‘Sanshodhak’ was launched at Kattupalli, Chennai. It is built by which company?

भारतीय नौसेना केसंशोधकनाम के चौथे सर्वे वेसल लार्ज (एसवीएल) को कट्टुपल्ली, चेन्नई में लॉन्च किया गया। यह किस कंपनी द्वारा बनाया गया है?

(a) Reliance Industries Limited / रिलायंस इंडस्ट्रीज लिमिटेड

(b) Larsen & Toubro (L&T) / लार्सन एंड टुब्रो (एल एंड टी)

(c)  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited / हिंदुस्तान एयरोनॉटिक्स लिमिटेड

(d) Tata Advanced Systems / टाटा एडवांस्ड सिस्टम्स

(e) Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) / भारत इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स लिमिटेड (बीईएल)

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Fourth warship of Indian Navy ‘Sanshodhak’ launched

The fourth Survey Vessel Large (SVL) of the Indian Navy, named ‘Sanshodhak’, was launched at Kattupalli, Chennai.

The ship named ‘Sanshodhak’, meaning ‘Researcher’, signifies the primary role of the ship as a Survey Vessel.

The launch of the fourth SVL reinforces our resolve in indigenous shipbuilding, as part of the government’s vision of ‘Make in India’ and Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.

The project, being built by L&T/GRSE for Indian Navy was launched at Kattupalli, Chennai.

The chief guest of the launch ceremony was Adhir Arora, Chief Hydrographer to the Government of India.

SVL ships will replace the existing Sandhayak Class survey ships, with new-generation hydrographic equipment, to collect oceanographic data.

The SVL ships are 110 m long, 16 m wide with a displacement of 3,400 tons. The hull of these ships is made from indigenously developed DMR 249-A steel manufactured by Steel Authority of India Limited.

Q.14. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is observed every year on which day?

विश्व बुजुर्ग दुर्व्यवहार जागरूकता दिवस (WEAAD) हर साल किस दिन मनाया जाता है?

(a)  16 June / 16 जून

(b) 17 June / 17 जून

(c) 18 June / 18 जून

(d) 19 June / 19 जून

(e) 15 June / 15 जून

Answer & Explanation

Exp. 15 June – World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is observed every year on June 15.

Objective – To raise awareness about the abuse and neglect experienced by older adults

Theme 2023 – Closing the Circle: Addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Older Age – Policy, Law and Evidence-based Responses

This day aims to promote understanding of the importance of preventing elder abuse and supporting the rights and well-being of older people.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) was officially recognized and established by the United Nations General Assembly on June 15, 2011 however, the history of raising awareness about elder abuse predates this specific observance.  

Q.15. Global Wind Day is observed every year on which day?

वैश्विक पवन दिवस हर साल किस दिन मनाया जाता है?

(a)  16 June / 16 जून

(b) 17 June / 17 जून

(c) 18 June / 18 जून

(d) 19 June / 19 जून

(e) 15 June / 15 जून

Answer & Explanation

Exp. 15 June – Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day is observed every year on 15 June.

This special day serves as a reminder of the incredible potential and significance of wind power in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable energy solutions.

The first Wind Day was organized in 2007 by European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). In 2009, the European Wind Energy Association (Wind Europe) and Global Wind Energy Council collaborated to make Wind Day a global event.

The day acknowledges the power of the wind and raises awareness about its potential as a sustainable resource.


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AATMA-NIRBHAR Series- Static GK/Awareness Practice Ebook PDF Get PDF here
The Banking Awareness 500 MCQs E-book| Bilingual (Hindi + English) Get PDF here
AATMA-NIRBHAR Series- Banking Awareness Practice Ebook PDF Get PDF here
Computer Awareness Capsule 2.O Get PDF here
AATMA-NIRBHAR Series Quantitative Aptitude Topic-Wise PDF 2020 Get PDF here
Memory Based Puzzle E-book | 2016-19 Exams Covered Get PDF here
Caselet Data Interpretation 200 Questions Get PDF here
Puzzle & Seating Arrangement E-Book for BANK PO MAINS (Vol-1) Get PDF here



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