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Daily Current Affairs 21st September 2022 Quiz

Current Affairs quiz 2022, Daily gk updates and Current affairs is playing a major role in any competitive exam. so here we are providing the current affairs quiz on daily basis for Bank, SSC, Railway and Other Government Competitive Examinations.

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Q.1. Who among the following has inaugurated “We Care”, a Delhi Police Community policing initiative?

निम्नलिखित में से किसने दिल्ली पुलिस कम्युनिटी पुलिसिंग पहल “वी केयरका उद्घाटन किया है?

(a) Arvind Kejriwal / अरविंद केजरीवाल

(b) Narendra Modi / नरेंद्र मोदी

(c) Rajnath Singh / राजनाथ सिंह

(d) VK Saxena / वी के सक्सेना

(e) Amit Shah / अमित शाह

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Delhi LG launched community policing initiative ‘We Care’

Delhi Lt. Governor VK Saxena has inaugurated “We Care”, a Delhi Police Community policing initiative.

Objective – To spread awareness among people about different schemes of the Delhi Police to maintain coordination and establish a police-public interface

Under the ‘We Care’ initiative, all DCPs will hold community policing activities in their respective areas on every Saturday & Sunday for the next 3 months.

Q.2. Which state’s health department has signed an MoU with the state of Meghalaya for capacity building in healthcare services?

किस राज्य के स्वास्थ्य विभाग ने स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं में क्षमता निर्माण के लिए मेघालय राज्य के साथ एक समझौता ज्ञापन पर हस्ताक्षर किए हैं?

(a) Maharashtra / महाराष्ट्र

(b) Tamil Nadu / तमिलनाडु

(c) Gujarat / गुजरात

(d) Andhra Pradesh / आंध्र प्रदेश

(e) Kerala / केरल

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Tamil Nadu signed an MoU with Meghalaya on healthcare

Tamil Nadu’s health department has signed an MoU with the state of Meghalaya for capacity building in healthcare services.

The MoU was signed by health minister Ma Subramanian and his Meghalaya counterpart James P K Sangma.

Under this MoU, healthcare providers from Tamil Nadu will train doctors and nurses in Meghalaya to run tertiary care maternity centres.

Recent MoUs

  • Indian Navy signed an MoU with Amity University for Academic Cooperation
  • UPL partnered with CleanMax on 61.05 MW solar-wind project in Gujarats
  • Sports Ministry signed an MoUwith NTPC & REC for development of sports
  • DBS partnered with sandbox to launch ‘DBS BetterWorld’
  • IIT Madras partnered with IBM to advance Quantum computing in India

Q.3. Which of the following state Prison Department has launched Prison Staff Attendance App mobile application?

निम्नलिखित में से किस राज्य के कारागार विभाग ने प्रिज़न स्टाफ अटेंडेंस ऐप मोबाइल एप्लिकेशन लॉन्च किया है?

(a) Tripura / त्रिपुरा

(b) Sikkim / सिक्किम

(c) Assam / असम

(d) Nagaland / नागालैंड

(e) Meghalaya / मेघालय

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Nagaland Prison Department introduced mobile attensdance application

Nagaland Prison Department has launched a Prison Staff Attendance App has been launched at the District Jail Kohima.

The mobile app was initiated by the State Prison Department in collaboration with Excellogics Technology Solution Private Limited.

Objective – To provide a comprehensive attendance management system that can make processes hassle-free.

About Nagaland

Capital- Kohima

Chief Minister- Neiphiu Rio

Governor- Jagdish Mukhi (additional charge)

Q.4. Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) has launched a centre of excellence with Huawei Technologies at _______ for capacity building.

दूरसंचार क्षेत्र कौशल परिषद (टीएसएससी) ने क्षमता निर्माण के लिए _________ में हुआवेई टेक्नोलॉजीज के साथ उत्कृष्टता केंद्र शुरू किया है।

(a) IIT Guwahati/ आईआईटी गुवाहाटी

(b) IIT Delhi / आईआईटी दिल्ली

(c) NIT Patna / एनआईटी पटना

(d) University Grants Commission (UGC) / विश्वविद्यालय अनुदान आयोग (यूजीसी)

(e) National Testing Agency (NTA) / राष्ट्रीय परीक्षण एजेंसी (एनटीए)

Answer & Explanation

Exp. TSSC launched centre of excellence with Huawei at NIT Patna

Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) has launched a centre of excellence with Huawei Technologies at NIT Patna for capacity building.

It will come up under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

The MoU, which has been signed for a period of five years, is aimed at skilling, reskilling, upskilling of aspiring students to enhance their employability through training in innovative technologies.

It will cater to roles in information and communications technology, cyber security, etc.

Q.5. Which state government has launched a web portal named ‘CM Da Haisi’?

किस राज्य सरकार ने ‘सीएम दा हैसीनाम से एक वेब पोर्टल लॉन्च किया है?

(a) Tripura / त्रिपुरा

(b) West Bengal / पश्चिम बंगाल

(c) Assam / असम

(d) Manipur / मणिपुर

(e) Meghalaya / मेघालय

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Manipur CM N. Biren Singh launched ‘CM Da Haisi’ web portal

Manipur CM N. Biren Singh has launched a web portal named ‘CM Da Haisi (English translation- Inform to CM)

Objective – To receive complaints and grievances from the general public.

The public can raise their grievances in the web portal by logging on to With the help of this portal, the complainants can also check the status of their complaints.

This portal will be used by the Public Grievances Redressal and Anti-Corruption Cell stationed at CMSecretariat.

About Manipur

Capital – Imphal

Chief Minister – N. Biren Singh

Governor – La Ganesan

Q.6. Which bank has approved a loan of $150 million (nearly ₹1,200 crores) to Punjab to help it better manage its financial resources and improve access to public services?

किस बैंक ने पंजाब को अपने वित्तीय संसाधनों को बेहतर ढंग से प्रबंधित करने और सार्वजनिक सेवाओं तक पहुंच में सुधार करने में मदद करने के लिए $150 मिलियन (लगभग ₹1,200 करोड़) के ऋण को मंजूरी दी है?

(a) Asian Development Bank / एशियाई विकास बैंक

(b) World Bank / विश्व बैंक

(c) International Monetary Fund / अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मुद्रा कोष

(d) New Development Bank / न्यू डेवलपमेंट बैंक

(e) African Development Bank / अफ्रीकी डेवलपमेंट बैंक

Answer & Explanation

Exp. World Bank approved $150 million loan to Punjab for better finances

World Bank has approved a loan of $150 million (nearly ₹1,200 crores) to Punjab to help it better manage its financial resources and improve access to public services.

The $150 million loan has a maturity period of 15 years which includes 6 months period.

World Bank mentioned its aim of providing monetary support to the state to bolster the capabilities of various government departments, help them manage fiscal risks, and make informed policy choices to support sustainable growth.

Under the second initiative, a pilot project will demonstrate 24×7 water supply in selected areas of Amritsar and Ludhiana.

About Punjab

Capital – Chandigarh

Chief Minister – Bhagwant Mann

Governor – Banwarilal Purohit

Loan approved by World Bank in 2021-22

USD 125 million– to West Bengal for social protection services

USD 115 million (INR 869 crore)- to GoI, Karnataka and Odisha for implementation of “Rejuvenating Watersheds for Agricultural Resilience through Innovative Development” (REWARD) Project

USD 125 million- for social protection services in West Bengal

USD 600 million– to Sri Lanka to make payments for essential imports

USD 47 million- for the Mission Karmayogi, a national program to build civil service capacity

USD 350 million- for SRESTHA-G project of Gujarat

Q.7. The State Bank of India (SBI) has extended the deadline to invest in its senior citizen FD scheme, SBI WeCare FD, till ___________.

भारतीय स्टेट बैंक (SBI) ने अपनी वरिष्ठ नागरिक FD योजना, SBI WeCare FD में निवेश करने की समय सीमा ___________ तक बढ़ा दी है।

(a) 31 December 2022

(b) 31 January 2023

(c) 31 March 2023

(d) 30 April 2023

(e) 31 May 2023

Answer & Explanation

Exp. SBI WeCare FD scheme extended till March 31, 2023

The State Bank of India (SBI) has extended the deadline to invest in its senior citizen FD scheme, SBI WeCare FD, till March 31, 2023.

Objective of WeCare FD Scheme – To secure senior citizens’ income by paying additional interest on term deposits.

Features of the scheme

Period of Deposit – Minimum- 5 years, Maximum- 10 years

Interest Rate – Interest rate applicable to the FD will be 6.45%.

Payment of Interest: Term Deposit – At monthly/ quarterly interval Special Term Deposit- On maturity Interest, net of TDS, shall be credited to the Customer Account

Loan Facility – Available

About State Bank of India (SBI)   

Founded – 1 July 1955

Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra

Chairman – Dinesh Kumar Khara

Managing Director – (4) Alok Kumar Choudhary, Swaminathan Janakiraman, Challa Sreenivasulu Setty, and Ashwini Kumar Tewari

Imperial Bank of India was previous name of SBI.

The presidency Banks of Bengal, Bombay and Madras with merged in 1921 to Imperial Bank of India.

Tagline – (1) Pure Banking Nothing Else

(2) With you all the way

(3) A bank of the common man

(4) The banker to every Indian

(5) The Nation banks on us

Q.8. Which of the following bank has collaborated with Remitly to provide safe and simple remittances to India?

निम्नलिखित में से किस बैंक ने भारत को सुरक्षित और सरल प्रेषण प्रदान करने के लिए रेमिटली के साथ सहयोग किया है?

(a) State Bank of India / भारतीय स्टेट बैंक

(b) Axis Bank / एक्सिस बैंक

(c) Punjab National Bank / पंजाब नेशनल बैंक

(d) HDFC Bank / एचडीएफसी बैंक

(e) Canara Bank / केनरा बैंक

Answer & Explanation

Exp. SBI collaborated with Remitly for secure and easy remittance to India

The nation’s largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) has collaborated with Remitly to provide safe and simple remittances to India.

The collaboration will enables NRIs to send money through SBI via Remitly to their family members by using mobile and web applications.

Depending on the form and amount of transfers, Remitly provides superior exchange rates, immediate credits, and no remittance charge.

The US Department of Treasury has certified Remitly as a money services firm, giving it permission to conduct business in all 50 states.

Q.9. Who has been appointed as CMD of NLC India Limited?

एनएलसी इंडिया लिमिटेड के सीएमडी के रूप में किसे नियुक्त किया गया है?

(a) Rajesh Verma / राजेश वर्मा

(b) Prasad K Panicker / प्रसाद के पणिक्कर

(c) Prasanna Kumar Motupalli / प्रसन्ना कुमार मोटुपल्ली

(d) R K Gupta / आर के गुप्ता

(e) Sanjay Kumar Verma / संजय कुमार वर्मा

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Prasanna Kumar Motupalli appointed as CMD of NLC India Limited

The Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) has selected Prasanna Kumar Motupalli as the Chairman and Managing Director of NLC India Limited.

He is currently serving as the Executive Director of NTPC limited.

He is a gold medalist in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Business Management in Operation Management, HR Management, Marketing, and Financial Management.

About NLC India Limit

Founded -1956

Headquarters – Chennai

Recent Appointment

Chairman of PMLA – Chief Justice of Madras HC Munishwar Bhandari

Chairman of Naryara Energy – Prasad K

CEO of American Express India – Sanjay Khanna

Interim Head of AICTE – Jagadesh Kumar

CMD of NHPC – Yamuna Kumar Chaubey

Q.10. Which Indian Naval Ship was decommissioned after 32 years of illustrious and distinguished services to the nation?

देश के लिए 32 साल की शानदार और विशिष्ट सेवाओं के बाद किस भारतीय नौसेना के जहाज को सेवा से मुक्त कर दिया गया?

(a) Brahmaputra / ब्रह्मपुत्र

(b) Betwa / बेतवा

(c) Ajay / अजय

(d) Godavari / गोदावरी

(e) Gomati / गोमती

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Indian Navy decommissioned INS Ajay after 32 years of service

Indian Naval Ship Ajay (P34) was decommissioned after 32 years of illustrious and distinguished services to the nation Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.

It was commissioned on January 24, 1990 at Poti, Georgia in the erstwhile USSR.

It was a part of the 23rd Patrol Vessel Squadron under the operational control of Flag Officer Commanding, Maharashtra Naval Area.

The decommissioning ceremony’s chief guest was Vice Admiral Ajendra Bahadur Singh, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Western Naval Command.

Q.11. Bangladesh has defeated which of the following country to clinch maiden SAFF Women’s Championship title 2022?

बांग्लादेश ने निम्नलिखित में से किस देश को हराकर पहला SAFF महिला चैम्पियनशिप खिताब 2022 जीता है?

(a) Iran / ईरान

(b) Nepal / नेपाल

(c) Bhutan / भूटान

(d) Pakistan / पाकिस्तान

(e) Bangladesh / बांग्लादेश

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Bangladesh defeated Nepal to clinch maiden SAFF Women’s Championship title 2022

Bangladesh has secured the maiden SAFF Women’s Championship title at the Dashrath Rangshala Stadium in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Bangladesh defeated hosts Nepal by 3-1 in the finals.

Sabina Khatun (Bangladesh skipper) has become the top scorer of the tournament with 8 goals in 5 matches.

She was also named as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament for her extraordinary game.

Bangladesh won the fair play award also.

Best goalkeeper award – Rupna Chakma (Bangladesh)

About Bangladesh

  • Capital– Dhaka
  • Currency– Taka
  • President– Mohammad Abdul Hamid
  • Prime Minister– Sheikh Hasina

Q.12. Linda Fruhvirtova has secured the WTA Chennai Open 2022 after beating third seed, Magda Linette (Poland) by 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 at the SDAT Stadium, Chennai. She is from which country?

लिंडा फ्रुहवीरटोवा ने चेन्नई के एसडीएटी स्टेडियम में तीसरी वरीयता प्राप्त मैग्डा लिनेट (पोलैंड) को 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 से हराकर डब्ल्यूटीए चेन्नई ओपन 2022 हासिल किया है। वह किस देश की है?

(a) Netherland / नीदरलैंड

(b) Czech Republic / चेक गणराज्य

(c) USA / यूएसए

(d) Finland / फिनलैंड

(e) Scotland / स्कॉटलैंड

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Linda Fruhvirtova won Chennai Open 2022 title

Linda Fruhvirtova from the Czech Republic has secured the WTA Chennai Open 2022 after beating third seed, Magda Linette (Poland) by 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 at the SDAT Stadium, Chennai.

At 17 years and 141 days old, she is the youngest titlist of the season on the WTA Tour so far.

She is the youngest singles champion on tour since Coco Gauff won Parma last year at 17 years, 70 days old.

Q.13. International Day of Peace is observed on which day?

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय शांति दिवस किस दिन मनाया जाता है?

(a) 17 September / 17 सितंबर

(b) 19 September / 19 सितंबर

(c) 20 September / 20 सितंबर

(d) 21 September / 21 सितंबर

(e) 22 September / 22 सितंबर

Answer & Explanation

Exp. 21 September – International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace is observed across the globe on September 21 annually.

It is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people.

It was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly.

To commemorate the day, the United Nations Peace Bell is rung at UN Headquarters in New York City.

Theme 2022 – End racism, Build peace






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