Current Affairs Quiz 25th May 2021 : Daily GK Update Quiz

Daily Current Affairs 25th 2021 Quiz:

Current Affairs quiz 2021, Daily gk updates and Current affairs is playing a major role in any competitive exam. so here we are providing the current affairs quiz on daily basis for Bank, SSC, Railway and Other Government Competitive Examinations. here you can find Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS PO Mains , Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS RRB PO Mains , Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS RRB Clerk Mains , Current Affairs Quiz for RBI Assistant Mains , Current Affairs Quiz for RBI Grade B , Current Affairs Quiz for SSC

Q.1. Which organization has proposed $50 billion global vaccination plan recently?

हाल ही में किस संगठन ने $50 बिलियन की वैश्विक टीकाकरण योजना प्रस्तावित की है?

(a) World bank / विश्व बैंक

(b) Asian Development Bank / एशियाई विकास बैंक

(c) International Monetary fund / अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मुद्रा कोष

(d) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank / एशियन इन्फ्रास्ट्रक्चर इन्वेस्टमेंट बैंक

(e) New Development Bank / न्यू डेवलपमेंट बैंक

Answer & Explanation

Exp. The International Monetary Fund has proposed a $50 billion global vaccination plan that would cover at least 40 per cent of the global population by the end of 2021 and at least 60 per cent by the first half of 2022.

The vaccination target requires additional upfront grants to Covax, donating surplus doses and free cross-border flows of raw materials and finished vaccines.

Q.2. Who among the following has chaired the 74th World Health Assembly?

निम्नलिखित में से किसने 74वीं विश्व स्वास्थ्य सभा की अध्यक्षता की है?

(a) Shripad Yesso Naik / श्रीपद येस्सो नाइक

(b) Harsh Vardhan / हर्ष वर्धन

(c) K K Shailaja / के के शैलजा

(d) Ashwini Kumar Choubey / अश्विनी कुमार चौबे

(e) Tedros Adhanom / टेड्रोस अदनोम

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Minister of Health & Family Welfare and Chairman of WHO Executive Board, Dr Harsh Vardhan, chaired 74th World Health Assembly in virtual mode on March 24, 2021.

According to Dr Harsh Vardhan, executive board has asked for further efforts which can ensure fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines under COVAX Facility. Director-General of World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros, also participated in the event.

Board recommended 74th World Health Assembly to consider report on mental health preparedness and response for Covid-19 pandemic.

It further recommended to endorse updated comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan for 2013 to 2030 and encouraged WHO to work in collaboration with World Organisation for Animal Health and Food & Agriculture Organisation so that source of zoonotic virus can be identified.

Q.3. With which country, India has signed a 3-year program for Cooperation in Agriculture?

भारत ने किस देश के साथ कृषि में सहयोग के लिए 3 वर्षीय कार्यक्रम पर हस्ताक्षर किए हैं?

(a) Iraq / इराक़

(b) Algeria / अल्जीरिया

(c) Lebanon /लेबनान

(d) Israel / इज़राइल

(e) Saudi Arabia / सऊदी अरबिया

Answer & Explanation

Exp. India and Israel have inked a three-year joint work programme which will continue till 2023. Joint work programme was initiated with the aim of enhancing cooperation in agriculture.

Under new work programme, 13 Centres of Excellence (CoEs) were set up to make Indian farmers aware of Israeli farm and water technologies. A model ecosystem in agriculture called Villages of Excellence (VoE) will also be created across eight states within 75 villages. New programme will promote increase of net income and enhance livelihood of individual farmer.

India and Israel have completed four similar joint work programmes successfully.

Q.4. Foreign direct investment into India has grew 19% to _________________ in 2020-21.

भारत में प्रत्यक्ष विदेशी निवेश 2020-21 में 19% बढ़कर _________ हो गया है।

(a) $25.36 billion / 25.36 बिलियन डॉलर

(b) $34.44 billion / 34.44 बिलियन डॉलर

(c) $59.64 billion / 59.64 बिलियन डॉलर

(d) $82.22 billion / 82.22 बिलियन डॉलर

(e) $91.34 billion / 91.34 बिलियन डॉलर

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Foreign direct investments (FDI) into the country grew 19 per cent to USD 59.64 billion during 2020-21 on account of measures taken by the government on the fronts of policy reforms, investment facilitation and ease of doing business.

Total FDI, including equity, re-invested earnings and capital, rose 10 per cent to the “highest ever” of USD 81.72 billion during 2020-21 as against USD 74.39 billion in 2019-20.

In terms of top investor countries, Singapore is at the top with 29 per cent share. It was followed by the US (23 per cent) and Mauritius (9 per cent) during the last fiscal.

“FDI equity inflow grew by 19 per cent in 2020-21 (USD 59.64 billion), compared to 2019-20 (USD 49.98 billion)

Q.5. Barclays has projected India’s GDP growth at __________________ in  FY22.

बार्कलेज ने वित्त वर्ष 2022 में भारत की जीडीपी वृद्धि ___________ होने का अनुमान लगाया है।

(a) 6.6%

(b) 7.7%

(c) 8.8%

(d) 9.9%

(e) 10.1%

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Barclays has pegged India’s economic growth for fiscal 2021-22 (FY22) – as measured by gross domestic product (GDP) – at 7.7 per cent in the bear-case scenario, if the country is hit by the third wave of the Covid pandemic going ahead. The economic cost, it believes, could rise by at least a further $42.6 billion, assuming another round of similar stringent lockdowns are imposed across the country for eight weeks later this year.

Q.6. Who among the following has been appointed Republic of Congo’s new Prime Minister?

निम्नलिखित में से किसे कांगो गणराज्य का नया प्रधान मंत्री नियुक्त किया गया है?

(a) Sama Lukonde Kyenge / साम लुकोंडे कंगे

(b) Felix Tshisekedi / फेलिक्स टीशेडकी

(c) Bruno Tshibala / ब्रूनो टीशीबाला

(d) Anatole Collinet Makosso / ऐनाटोली कोलिनेट मकोसो

(e) Okonjo-Iweala / ओकोन्जो-इवेला

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Republic of the Congo’s President Denis Sassou-Nguesso appointed Anatole Collinet Makosso as the new prime minister, the presidency announced.

Before this appointment, Makosso was the education minister of the Central African country since 2015.

Q.7. Who has been re-elected as the President of the International Hockey Federation (FIH)?

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हॉकी महासंघ (FIH) के अध्यक्ष के रूप में किसे फिर से चुना गया है?

(a) Gyanendro Ningombam / ज्ञानेंद्रो निंगोबम

(b) Mushtaque Ahmad / मुश्ताक अहमद

(c) Thierry Weil / थियरी वेइल

(d) Paul Léautey / पॉल लेओटी

(e) Narinder Batra / नरिंदर बत्रा

Answer & Explanation

Exp. Narinder Batra has been re-elected as the President of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for the second consecutive term.

He was elected during the virtual 47th Congress of FIH, where he beat Marc Coudron, Chief of Belgium Hockey Federation, by just two votes. He will hold the office until 2024 because the FIH has reduced the term from four to three years.

Q.8. On which date, International Missing Children’s Day is observed globally?

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय गुमशुदा बाल दिवस किस तारीख को विश्व स्तर पर मनाया जाता है?

(a) 23 May/ 23 मई

(b) 24 May/ 24 मई

(c) 25 May/ 25 मई

(d) 26 May/ 26 मई

(e) 27 May/ 27 मई

Answer & Explanation

Exp. International Missing Children’s Day is observed globally on 25th May every year. This day is observed for missing children who have found their way home, remember those that are victims of crime, and continue efforts to seek out those that are still missing.

The day was proclaimed in 1983, by U.S. President Ronald Reagan. In 2001, 25 May was the first formally recognized as International Missing Children’s Day (IMCD)

Q.9. World Thyroid Day is observed globally on ________________ every year.

विश्व थायराइड दिवस हर साल _________ को विश्व स्तर पर मनाया जाता है।

(a) 22 May/ 22 मई

(b) 23 May/ 23 मई

(c) 24 May/ 24 मई

(d) 25 May/ 25 मई

(e) 26 May/ 26 मई

Answer & Explanation

Exp. World Thyroid Day is observed globally on 25 May every year. The main purpose of the WTD is to aware of the importance of Thyroid and the prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases.

This day is established in 2008. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the throat that produces T3 (Thyroxine) and T4 (Triiodothyronine) and maintained by the Thyroid-stimulating hormone(TSH).

Q.10. Who is the author of the book titled “Nehru, Tibet and China”?

“नेहरू, तिब्बत और चीन” नामक पुस्तक के लेखक कौन हैं?

(a) Avtar Singh Bhasin / अवतार सिंह भसीन

(b) Ramchandra Guha / रामचंद्र गुहा

(c) Waman Subha Prabhu / वामन सुभा प्रभु

(d) Bhalchandra Mungekar / भालचंद्र मुंगेकर

(e) R Giridharan / आर गिरिधरन

Answer & Explanation

Exp. A book has titled “Nehru, Tibet and China” authored by Avtar Singh Bhasin.

The book based on years of meticulous archival research, this book in fascinating detail, analyses the events from 1949 to the Indo-China war in 1962 and its aftermath to explore the answers to these burning questions.

Q.11. Who is the Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मुद्रा कोष (IMF) के प्रबंध निदेशक कौन हैं?

(a) Audrey Azoulay / ऑड्रे अज़ोले

(b) Tedros Adhanom / टेड्रोस अदनोम

(c) Henrietta H Fore / हेनरीटा एच फोर

(d) António Guterres / एंटोनियो गुटेरेस

(e) Kristalina Georgieva / क्रिस्टालिना जॉर्जीवा

Answer & Explanation

Exp. About IMF

Headquarters: Washington, D.C., United States.

Managing Director: Kristalina Georgieva.

Q.12. What is the currency of Israel?

इज़राइल की मुद्रा क्या है?

(a) Złoty / ज़्लॉटी

(b) Toman / टोमन

(c) Ruble / रूबल

(d) New shekel / नई शेकेल

(e) Krone / क्रोन

Answer & Explanation

Exp. The Israeli new shekel also known as simply the Israeli shekel is the currency of Israel.

Q.13. What is the capital of the Republic of the Congo?

कांगो गणराज्य की राजधानी क्या है?

(a) Brazzaville / ब्राज़ाविल

(b) Yamoussoukro / यामौस्सोक्रो

(c) Conakry / कोनाक्री

(d) Dodoma / डोडोमा

(e) Kinshasa / कीण्षासा

Answer & Explanation

Exp. The Republic of the Congo

Capital: Brazzaville

Currency: Central African CFA franc (‎XAF‎)‎

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