Cyclone strom Biparjoy intensified into extremely cyclonic storm

Cyclone strom Biparjoy intensified into extremely cyclonic storm

A cyclonic storm has developed in the Arabian Sea. The cyclone was predicted to be strengthen over the next three days and develop into a very severe cyclonic storm by June 13.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an advisory on June 8 that the cyclone might be resulted in squally weather with wind speeds reaching 35-45 kmph along the coastline of Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra.

The IMD has not yet registered any major impact on countries adjoining the Arabian Sea, including India, Oman, Iran, and Pakistan.

Cyclone Biparjoy name:

‘Biparjoy’ was advised by Bangladesh and the word Biparjoy means ‘disaster’ or ‘calamity’ in Bengali.

The naming of cyclones is given by countries on a rotational basis, following certain existing guidelines.

Cyclone Biporjoy:

In the satellite era (since 1982) Cyclone Biporjoy is now the 4th longest-lived cyclone (with winds at least 35 knots) during the pre-monsoon season in the Arabian Sea as per JTWC records.

Cyclone Biporjoy is intensifying into an extremely severe cyclonic storm and continues to remain so.

It is very anticipated to shift northward and then cross Saurashtra, Kutch and adjoining coasts between Mandvi (Gujarat), Jakhau Port (Gujarat) and Karachi (Pakistan) till 15 June.

According to both IMD and Joint Typhoon Warning Center’s report, Cyclone Biporjoy is now the strongest cyclone in the Arabian Sea after cyclone Tauktae.

Biporjoy is unusual or different due to its unpredictable features and intensity to turn into an extremely severe cyclonic storm.

Surface and winds’ role in cyclone:

The sea surface temperatures are favorable.

The second unfavorable conditions dry air in Pakistan and West Asia. Dry air is a poison for tropical cyclones. Cyclone would be suck dry air from different regions as the cyclones move further.

The additional one is the upper air divergence that adds more one factor for the cyclone intensification.


Question & Answer:

Q1. What is the name of cyclone which is intensified and forward to Maharashtra and Gujarat?

Ans. Cyclone Biporjoy

Q2. Which country gives the name to cyclone called ‘Biporjoy’?

Ans. Bangladesh

Q3. What is the meaning of the word ‘Biporjoy’ in Bengali?

Ans. disaster or calamity



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