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Directions (1–10) : Which of the words/phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (e) as the answer.

Q1. Digital transformation is an immediate priority for most enterprises, and C-suite roles are being redefined to align with this significant business evolution. Chief Executive Officers and their teams are facing the urgent task of designing and implementing digital roadmaps for their companies.

(a)Shift, specified, siding, maps

(b)Preservation, revisited, surfacing, plans

(c)Alteration, explained, covering, instructions

(d)Reformation, renamed, countering, direction

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.1. (e)

Exp. Roadmaps means guide to future goals.

Q2. India’s rank of 131 among 188 countries on the UNDP’s Human Development Index for 2015 and its ‘medium’ conduct pose the straightforward question: would not the score have been significantly better if the higher economic growth range of two and a half decades of privatization had been accompanied by a parallel investment in people?

(a)Execution, difficult, movement, slackening

(b)Performance, uncomfortable, trajectory, liberalization

(c)Feat, perplexing, groove, globalization

(d)Acquisition, woeful, scope, repose

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.2. (b)

Exp. Trajectory means the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces.

Liberalization means the removal or loosening of restrictions on something, typically an economic or political system.

Perplexing means completely baffling; very puzzling.

Q3. It is worthy to point out that India has not renounced UN conventions on torture, rights of migrant workers and their families, and protection against enforced disappearance. This is a serious respite for a country that otherwise has a duty to democracy and the rule of law.

(a)Relevant, ratified, lacuna, commitment

(b)Suited, validated, space, need

(c)Compatible, established, depression, pledge

(d)Trivial, endorsed, break, responsibility

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.3. (a)

Exp. Lacuna means an unfilled space; a gap.

Ratify means sign or give formal consent to (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it officially valid.

Respite means a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

Q4. Even as the U.S. intelligence community scrambles to put together the pieces of the Trump-Moscow puzzle, it has, ironically, found itself in the crosshairs of exposure. Earlier this month WikiLeaks released a trove of confidential CIA documents, a series labelled “Vault 7”, which showed the Agency’s penetration of the security systems of household electronic devices that could then be used for covert surveillance.

(a)Hustle, amusingly, stack, private

(b)Shuffles, jokingly, mass, secret

(c)Struggle, jovially, pile, concealed

(d)Rush, satirically, stocks, obscured

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.4. (e)

Exp. Scramble means make (something) jumbled or muddled.

Trove means a store of valuable or delightful things.

Covert means not openly acknowledged or displayed.

Q5. Most major airports in the U.S. have a computer technique or CT scanner for checked baggage, which creates a detailed picture of a bag’s constituents. They can warn an operator of virtually dangerous material, and may provide better security than the X-ray machines used to vision passengers and their carry-on bags.

(a)Section, size, likely, shield

(b)Program, details, possibly, hedge

(c)Machine, bowels, probably, cover

(d)Tomography, contents, potentially, screen

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.5. (d)

Exp. Tomography means a technique for displaying a representation of a cross section through a human body or other solid object using X-rays or ultrasound.

Q6. At issue is a 1998 law aimed at assisting the President from using temporary appointments to disregard the Senate’s advice-and-objection role. The Federal Vacancies Reform Act says a person nominated for a post requiring Senate confirmation can’t handle in the same position on a temporary basis.

(a)Averting, ignore, assents, keep

(b)Baffling, omit, sanction, receive

(c)Preventing, bypass, consent, serve

(d)Forbidding, divert, veto, deal

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.6. (c)

Exp. Bypass means avoid or circumvent (an obstacle or problem).

Consent means permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.

Q7. A chilly climate isn’t keeping Norway from warming in the glow of being named the world’s happiest country. It flowed from fourth place in last year’s UN computation all the way to the top blot, according to the World Happiness Report 2017.

(a)Relaxing, deluged, appraisal, rank

(b)Swimming, rose, rating, slot

(c)Basking, surged, assessment, spot

(d)Lounging, rippled, valuation, blot

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.7. (c)

Exp. Basking means lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure.

Blot means a dark mark or stain made by ink, paint, dirt, etc.

Q8. A new organisation launched by a group of leading American Hindus, most of them of Indian succession, aspires to emerge as the political platform for all Hindus in the country disregarding of their ethnic origin. The American Hindu Coalition (AHC) will be formally begun in May but the group has launched a website and started raising funds online and from selected donors.

(a)Influential, descent, regardless, inaugurated

(b)Prominent, heredity, concerned, settled

(c)Trivial, strain, incautious, ratified

(d)Satisfactory, lineage, oblivious, realized

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.8. (a)

Exp. Descent means the origin or background of a person in terms of family or nationality.

Incautious means (of a person or an action) heedless of potential problems or risks.

Q9. The oncoming Assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will really show whether the Lok Sabha would be captured by the BJP or not. However, the future is baneful. The suppression of Ram mandir issue could shape the future of the country and would contract the nation further.

(a)Resulting, encouraging, resurgence, affect

(b)Pending, promising, freshening, divide

(c)Future, propitious, rally, oppose

(d)Forthcoming, ominous, revival, polarize

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.9. (d)

Exp. Ominous means giving the worrying impression that something bad is going to happen; threateningly inauspicious.

Polarize means divide or cause to divide into two sharply contrasting groups or sets of opinions or beliefs.

Q10. Centuries of candle smoke and visiting pilgrims had left the shrine discoloured and almost black.

Parts of it were also coming loose, with warnings that it was structurally unsound and posed a risk to the millions of pilgrims who visit the site every year.

(a)Gas, defiled, unsafe, crusaders

(b)Mist, colored, fragile, sojourners

(c)Fog, pied, reliable, devotees

(d)Kindle, dreary, firm, explorers

(e)No correction required

Answer & Explanation
Ans.10. (e)

Exp. Unsound means not safe or robust; in poor condition.

Pilgrims means persons who journey to a sacred place for religious reasons.

Kindle means arouse or inspire (an emotion or feeling)

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