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Direction (1): In the question given below, four different ways of writing a sentence are indicated. Choose the best way of writing the sentence. If none follows, choose (e) as your answer.

Q1. (a) Long popular among the connoisseurs of Indian music, Ravi Shankar first impressed Western listeners with his phenomenal technical virtuosity, but it soon occurred that they appreciated his artful music as an expression of an older culture’s musical insight.

(b) Long popular among the connoisseurs of Indian music, Ravi Shankar first impressed Western listeners with his phenomenal technical virtuosity, but they soon came to appreciate his music as an artful expression of an older culture’s musical insight.

(c) Long popular among the connoisseurs of Indian music, Ravi Shankar first impressed Western listeners with his phenomenal technical virtuosity, but soon this was surpassed by an appreciation of it as an artful expression of an older culture’s musical insight.

(d) Long popular among the connoisseurs of Indian music, Ravi Shankar first impressed Western listeners with his phenomenal technical virtuosity, which was soon surpassed by an even deeper appreciation of it as an artful expression of an older culture’s musical insight.

(e) None of these.

Directions (2-5): Five statements are given below, labeled a, b, c, d and e. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph/passage. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the passage.

Q2.  (a) Drivers chew some intoxicant, smoke, use pills and consume special drinks mainly to drive more, sleepless and deliver fast.

(b) A recent survey has found that truck and other vehicle drivers working overtime use intoxicants and suffer from health problems including sleeplessness and stress.

(c) Around 27% of the drivers surveyed admitted that they consumed alcohol while driving, another 10% said they chewed tobacco and 26% smoked beedi, the survey in the states revealed.

(d) The survey was conducted as part of a project by the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the US.

(e) The survey was conducted across states including Rajasthan, Maharashtra and the NCR.

Q3. (a)  The book ‘Knowing Christ Today’ by Dallas Willard deals with the disastrous effects of divorcing the teachings of Jesus Christ and his people from the domain of human knowledge.

(b)  Its aim is to reposition the substantial teachings of Christianity (“Mere” Christianity) as a body of knowledge in the contemporary world.

(c)  It is Dr. Willard’s hope that this book will put those who practice Christian discipleship in a different and much stronger position, and that it will be helpful for all areas of education, but especially for Christian schools, colleges and universities.

(d) In the process it explains what knowledge is, as compared to belief, commitment and profession.

(e) It further clarifies the difference it makes whether or not an area of thought and practice is regarded as an area of knowledge.

Q4. (a) The “Dare to Lead” conference was attended by more than150 women executives spanning across various industries and touched upon issues pertaining to the challenges faced by women in the corporate world.

(b) An Executive Debani Ghosh said that women have to stop putting themselves down; no one else can banish their insecurities for them.

(c) Be confident in your competence that you don’t need to play the gender card anymore, equality can only be demanded if women themselves stop expecting any special treatment.

(d) From the shop-flower to board room women have proven that they are skilled.

(e) The challenge lies in acknowledging this and giving them their place under the sun.

Q5. (a)It is tough to find another sports person who holds so many records, given that cricket is a sport driven by numbers.

(b)He has made his fans fall in love with numbers because he kept clocking them one after the other, with each figure seeming more incredible.

(c) I remember the time when he suffered the tennis elbow; it was a big concern for us as he had missed many matches.

(d) 100 hundreds in international cricket, 15,847 test runs, first to score a double hundred in ODIs, most runs in World Cup the list goes on and on for him

(e) This should make for a good KBC question. How many records does Sachin Tendulkar hold?

Directions (6–10): Which of the words/phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (e) as the answer.

Q6. The mere basis that there is money within the bank system would not lead to more loans without resolution of the stock issues of non-performing credits and recapitalization of banks.

(a)Fact, banking, legacy, loans

(b)Evidence, investment, tradition, asset

(c)Scene, bankers, hike, credit

(d)Theory, funding, overall, allowance

(e)No correction required

Q7. Not all countries benefit uniformly from liberalization. The benefits tend to percolate first to the advantaged and to those with the right education to be able to benefit from the opportunities presented.

(a) equally, generate, utilize, transpired

(b) richly, downpour, ease, conferred

(c) suitably, affect, avail , dispense

(d) judiciously, facilitate, benefit, bestowed

(e) No correction required.

Q8. Higher oil price-led inflation will bring back into foray the high excise duties on petroleum products that have hindered the Centre’s tax kitty over the past couple of years. Those duties were raised when prices were low to guard consumers from an upward price shock, the government had argued. Cutting those duties will upset return calculations, but leaving them untouched will impose its own costs.

(a)recognition, Raised, assault, profit

(b) attention, Aided, defend, expense

(c) contention, Advanced, annihilate, outlay

(d) focus, Boosted, protect, revenue

(e) No correction required

Q9. In India, we have been in the process of invigorating FDI not only in the development sectors, but in retail segment as well in order to improve foreign funds with incidental advantages of technology transfer, job opportunities and detriments to domestic firms and consumers. But since education is not a tradable commodity, the significance of FDI in the higher educational sector call for reflection.

(a) emboldening, abate, favors, connotations

(b) encouraging, enhance, benefits, implications

(c) endorsing, increase, supports, exclude

(d) stimulating, dwindle, avails, indications

(e) No correction required

Q10. The collision of the Hubli-Bengaluru City Hampi Express with a goods train that left 25 people dead, for precedence , was caused by achievement of staff. The Kakodkar committee on railway safety found that out of 441 derailments it evaluated, only about 15% were the result of destruction, while the majority were caused by factors completely under the control of the railway administration.

(a) example, compliance, examined, vandalism

(b)instance, failure,  analyzed, sabotage

(c)insistence, fault, agglomerated , disruption

(d)reference, carelessness, inspected, loyalty

(e) No correction required


  1. Ans. (d)

 There should be ‘which’ not ‘but’ because the sentences are not contradictory.

2.Ans. (a)

 The paragraph is about the survey conducted on heavy vehicle drivers who work overtime and consume intoxicants. Statement (a) talks about those drivers who drink and drive fast, while rest statements talk about survey conducted on heavy vehicle drivers, hence statement (a) is the odd one out.

3.Ans. (c)

 The paragraph is based on the content of the book called ‘’knowing Christ today’’ by Dallas Willard. Statements (a), (b), (d) and (e) mention about content of the book but statement (c) mentions Dr. Williams’ perception for the book.

4.Ans. (a)

 Statement (a) describes about the conference held on women empowerment, while statements (b), (c), (d) and (e) mention opinion of a women executive Debani Ghosh. The correct order is (b,c,d,e).

5.Ans. (c)

 Statement (b) describes how the sportsperson made incredible record and made his fans fall in love with numbers. Statement (a) is also interconnected as it talks about the numbers  “sports person who holds so many records” while statement (c) talks about the sportsperson’s injury, it is to be noted that other remaining statements are also talking about his accomplishments hence option (c) is the correct choice.

  1. Ans. (a)

 Legacy – an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.

  1. Ans. (e)

 Uniformly means in a way that is the same in all cases and at all times and Percolate means filter gradually through a porous surface or substance. Hence option (e) is correct.

  1. Ans. (d)

 Annihilate means to destroy.

Outlay means an amount of money spent on something.

Dwindle means diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength.

  1. Ans. (b)

 Detriment means any harm or damage.

Abate means to diminish.

  1. Ans. (b)

 Sabotage means deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.

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