FCI Phase 2 Exam Analysis, Review & Question Asked: 27th July 2019

FCI Phase 2 Exam Analysis, Review & Question Asked: 

Food Corporation of India (FCI) (FCI) released 4103 vacancies for Junior Engineer (JE) (Civil Engineering / Electrical Mechanical Engineering), Assistant Grade-II (AG II) (Hindi), Steno Grade-ii, Typist (Hindi) and Assistant Grade-III (AG III) (General / Accounts / Technical / Depot). As we all know that FCI Phase-1 Exam is already conducted and the Result for FCI Phase-1 Already announce. And Today i.e. FCI Conducted the FCI Phase-2 exam all over india. so, In this article, you will get all information about FCI Phase-2 Exam Analysis and Question Asked in the exam. Check out the FCI Phase-2 Exam analysis here.  Let’s have a look at the detailed exam pattern and syllabus of FCI 2019 Phase-2 Assistant Grade II (AG II) (Hindi) and Assistant Grade – III (AG III) (General/ Accounts/ Technical/ Depot) Mains Exam:

FCI Phase II Exam Analysis: Overall Good Attempts 

The Paper I of FCI Phase II exam is common to many posts and we will be providing the analysis for the same. The Paper I includes five sections namely the Reasoning/General Intelligence, English language, Computer proficiency, General Awareness/Current events & Data analysis/Numerical Ability/Data Interpretation. The paper I was said to be moderate level and the section-wise distribution of the number of good attempts is shown in the below table.

Name of the Test

No. of Qs Good Attempts Duration
Reasoning/General Intelligence 30


90 Minutes

English language

20 12-16
Computer Proficiency 20


General Awareness/Currentevents

30 20-23
Data analysis/Numerical Ability/Data Interpretation 20





FCI Phase II Exam Analysis: Reasoning/General Intelligence

The General Intelligence/ reasoning section asked in the FCI Phase II paper I Moderate Level. Questions from Puzzle, Coding-decoding, direction, alphabet, inequality etc. Puzzle and seating arrangement dominated and covered maximum questions. Some questions were lengthy. There were 4 puzzles in the exam:

  • seating arrangement- circle- (Name, 8 people, one variable (Cartoon)
  • linear- north face seating (city)
  • Floor based- 4 floor, 2 FLAT (N & M) M is in west, N is in east, and city was given
  • Mix Puzzle- 7 person (City’s name) (their age)
  • Order ranking -6 people (according to Height)
  • One question from word- “WRESTING”- Arrange letter in alphabetical order, then change vowels with their preceding letter & change consonant with succeeding letter. Then find out how many letters repeat?


No. of Questions Level
Puzzles and Seating Arrangement 18



4 Easy
Blood relation 3

Easy- moderate

order and ranking

3 Easy- moderate
Miscellaneous 2




Easy- moderate

FCI Phase II Exam Analysis: English language

English Language section consists of a total of 20 questions from different topics as mentioned in the table below. The level of English language section was of easy to moderate.

  • Idiom- So far so good
  • Idiom- Man of all seasons
  • Synonym- Discuss (Asked in Reading Comprehension)
  • Sentence rearrangement- based on paragraph


No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 5


Error Detection

5 Easy-moderate
Filler 2



3 Easy-moderate
Sentence Rearrangement 5





FCI Phase II Exam Analysis: Data analysis/Numerical Ability/Data Interpretation

The Data Analysis/Numerical Ability Section is considered to be a tough one according to many aspirants. The FCI Phase II exam consisted of 20 questions from this section. The questions were of a moderate level. Check the below table for the topic-wise distribution of questions and good attempts.

  • DI- 2 pie chart in one DI (No. Of employees- 3500) (No. of male- 2400) – 5 questions
  • DI – No. of visitors at a place, Ratio- no. of members/ no. of non-members, No. of female members visited that club (5 questions)
  • In Data Sufficiency one question was asked from Probability.


No. of Questions


Data Interpretation(one tabular n 1 pie chart)

10 Moderate-difficult
Arithmetic Word Problems
(Profit and Loss,
Problem on Ages,
SI & CI etc)

Easy- moderate

Data Sufficiency

5 Moderate
Total 20


FCI Phase II Exam Analysis: Computer proficiency

Computer Proficiency sections consist of topics such as History and Generation of Computers, Introduction to Computer Organization, Computer Memory, Computer Hardware and I/O Devices, Computer Software, Computer Languages, Operating System, Computer Network, Internet, etc. A total of 20 questions were asked from this section and the level was said to easy. The good attempts of this section as per the review by students is 12-15

1. How many possible values of a Nibble {16}
2. Latest version of HTML {HTML 5}
3. What is not a output device {Joystick}
4. What is not a feature of MS excel {Address}
5. Not A product of Microsoft {Photoshop}
6. What is not a windows version {Windows 9}
7. Which software runs first after power up {Operating System}
8. Not a mail provider {Whatsapp}
9. Binary conversion {38}
10. Total number of Layers in OSI {7}
11. Which protocol used for LAN {TCP/IP}
12. Microsoft AI {Cortana}
13. Which is not a search engine {Microsoft edge}
14. Which is a low level language {Machine Language}
15. Full form of OMR {Optical mark recognition}
16. Ctrl+M is a shortcut key in Powerpoint {Add a new slide}
17. Shortcut key to Highlight Column {Ctrl + space}
18. Which one is a Translator {Interpreter}
19. Which one is not a hexadecimal number {G}
20. Illegal selling of original software {Piracy}

FCI Phase II Exam Analysis: General Awareness/Current events

General Awareness section in the FCI Phase II Paper I exam consisted of 30 questions from current affairs and static gk. Current affairs were mainly asked from the last 6-7 months. As per the review, this section was of easy to moderate level. The questions asked in the general awareness section are mentioned below:

1. India women’s rugby team win national championship 1st time defeat which team..

2.reappoint national security adviser

3.national youth Day

4.FIH hockey women captain

  1. Grish karnad passed away he was ….
  2. Mohan ranade passed away he was
  3. Co author of ramdev baba’s book
  4. Padma Bhushan in sport

9.Which two team played qualifier match for icc men’s cricket worldcup

10.inadia will have surpassed China population by

  1. NEFT RTGS timing change effect from which date
  2. ONGC passed which company to most valuable company

13.Bhel set up first floating solar plant in which place

14.about jal Sakti abhiyan

15.quadilaterak dialogue conduct where ?

16.who is not Lok Sabha speaker till now

17.selected book speech contain speech of ?

18.which is UNESCO world capital

  1. Ajit Doval reappointed as?
  2. Padma Bhushan- MS Dhoni
  3. Book by Pranab Mukherjee
  4. women hockey team captain name
  5. India will surpass China to be the most populous city by which year?
  6. Who is the author of “My Life, My Mission”

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