FIFA Suspended AIFF For “Undue Influence of Third Party”

In this article we will see the recent news on FIFA Suspended AIFF For "Undue Influence of Third Party"

FIFA Suspended AIFF For “Undue Influence of Third Party”

The statement that came from the world body of a prestigious sport, football, FIFA, has become a shock for India. FIFA has suspended the All India Football Federation AIFF and banned it for the upcoming under 17 women world cup which was scheduled to be held and hosted by India. 


The centre has approached the supreme court for this matter and it has decided to make this matter at the top of priority list of the supreme court on the day of 17th August 2022. It was a sudden statement that came from FIFA. India was going to host the under 17 women’s world cup in the month of October 2022. But after the announcement of banning India this opportunity is dismissed till the upcoming order. 

FIFA suspends All India Football Federation | Manorama English

According to the statement of FIFA that came as bad news for the sports authority of India the reason behind the suspension of All India Football Federation is undue influence from third parties. 

What is third party influence?:

The former president of All India Football Federation,Praful Patel, had completed his tenure of 12 years as a president of the federation and the next poll was about to happen but due to some undefined reasons the poll could not be conducted.

After the decision of the supreme court to relieve the Praful Patel administration, the supreme court constituted a Committee of Administrators (CoA) to oversee the responsibility of the administration of All India Football Federation. 

FIFA cited in its statement that this Committee of Administrators constituted by the supreme court to continue the functioning of AIFF was seen as the third party interference.


The suspension of the All India Football Federation by the world body of football FIFA has come with many disheartening consequences. Some of these are as follows below.

  • The Indian football team will not take part in any international football tournament after this ban.  
  • After this suspension the upcoming national and domestic football tournaments will not be recognised by the world authority of football FIFA.
  • Gokulam Kerala Football Club which was going to participate in the AFC women’s club championship that is going to be held in the next week will not be able to take part in this tournament.
  • The AFC Cup sport event of ATK Mohun Bagan which is scheduled to be held in September is in doubt.
  • The Senior National Team of India cannot take part in the SAFF women’s championship.

What next?:

According to Mohun Bagan it was a black day for Indian sport authorities, especially AIFF. It needs to get things in order and be responsible for their duties towards this sport. It must find the reasons behind this disorder and penalize those who are responsible. 

Today on 17th August ,the supreme court is going to conduct an early hearing of this case. The bench was led by D.Y. Chandrachud. 


It is the first time in the history of the cooperation between these two sports authorities,FIFA and AIFF, that FIFA has banned India. It is bad news as well as disrepute for India. It is the time when India should reform the norms of administration in the AIFF and other sport authorities. 

Questions And Answers:

Q1. What is the responsible body of football in India?

Ans. All India Football Federation.

Q2. What is the reason behind the ban of India?

Ans. Undue Influence of third parties.

Q3. Who was the former president of AIFF?

Ans. Praful Patel.


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