GA Capsule for IBPS PO Mains 2022 : GK Capsule PDF

GA Capsule for IBPS PO Mains 2022 : GK Capsule PDF Presenting the most demanding GK Capsule for IBPS PO Mains 2022 which includes Current AffairsFinancial AwarenessStatic Awareness , Banking Awareness , and Covid Related News etc. You can download load GA Capsule PDF from the mentioned link and take a print out of it and prepare for GK/GA section ask in IBPS PO Mains 2022 exam. This IBPS PO Mains capsule is intended towards helping the banking aspirants throughout the country know the ins and outs of the general awareness with the help of important key points that are asked in the banking examinations. You can download RRB GK Capsule or GA Capsule from the mentioned below link for IBPS PO Mains 2022 exams.


No. of Chapter Topics Name Page No.
Chapter 1 Important Appointment (National, International) 3
Chapter 2 Awards (National, International) 25
Chapter 3 Government Scheme/ campaign 51
Chapter 4 Summit/ Conference 59
Chapter 5 Ranking Index 67
Chapter 6 Partnership/ Agreement 72
Chapter 7 loans agreement for India from different organizations 82
Chapter 8 Mergers and Acquires 87
Chapter 9 APP/Website/Card 89
Chapter 10 Budget 2022 93
Chapter 11 Important Committee 103
Chapter 12 Banking & Financial 106
Chapter 13 Current Affairs (National) In Short 124
Chapter 14 Current Affairs (International) In Short 161
Chapter 15 Defence News 175
Chapter 16 Sports News 189
Chapter 17 List of Important Book and Author 2022 209
Chapter 18 Important Day and Theme 2022 212
Chapter 19 Obituary 233
Chapter 20 Science related News 239
Chapter 21 Banks Name & CEO of Bank & Headquarter & Tagline 244
Chapter 22 State Chief Ministers and Governors 289
Chapter 23 Cabinet ministers of India with their constituency 249
Chapter 24 List of Union Ministry Secretary 254
Chapter 25 GDP Forecast Of India 255



No. of Chapter Topics Name
Chapter 1 Dams in India
Chapter 2 Folk Dance
Chapter 3 List of International & Domestic Airport: State wise
Chapter 4 International borders / Boundary lines
Chapter 5 International Organizations & Headquarter
Chapter 6 List of Lakes
Chapter 7 List of Important Indian Cities on Rivers banks
Chapter 8 List of National Parks of India
Chapter 9 Nuclear Power Plants in India
Chapter 10 Thermal Power Plants in India
Chapter 11 Solar Power Plant in India
Chapter 12 List of Ports in India: State Wise
Chapter 13 List of River a Cross State
Chapter 14 Stadiums in India
Chapter 15 Famous Temple in India
Chapter 16 List of Tiger Reserve in India
Chapter 17 List of Indian National Trophies and Cups associated with sports
Chapter 18 Capital & Currency
Chapter 19 Wildlife Sanctuary


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