GA Questions asked in 2nd shift Canara Bank Exam| 23rd December 2018

Canara Bank 2018 exam was scheduled for today. The exam was of moderate level. Here in this post, we are providing General Awareness, GA Questions asked in Canara Bank in 2nd shift.

1 Avni tigress recently died she was from?
Q. 2Which Indian train recently ran at 180 Km/hr speed?
Answer: Train 18
Q. 3 Alphonso mango recently got GI tag it is from?
Answer: Maharashtra
Q.  4 Which actress won Smita Patil Memorial Award?
Answer: Anushka Sharma
Q. 5 India recently won Asia cup for?
Answer: 7th time
Q. 6 Mullaperiyar dam is in which state?
Answer: Kerala
Q. 7 Quit India movement took place on?
Answer: August 08, 1942
Q. 8 Who is Indian nominee in ICJ?
Answer: Dalveer Bhandari
Q. 9 When is world Elder Abuse day observed?
Answer: June 15
Q. 10  What does “D” stand for in TReDs? 
Answer: Discount
Q. 11 Which country’s president will be chief guest at India’s 70th Republic Day celebrations on 26 January 2019? 
Answer: South Africa
Q. 12 According to Global Wage Report 2018-19 “What Lies behind Gender pay gaps” published by International Labour Organization (ILO), on average, women are paid _____ less than men ?
Answer: 34%
Q. 13 International Aviation Summit was held in?  
Answer:  New Delhi
Q. 14 Which state doesn’t share border with Myanmar?
Answer: Tripura
Q. 15 India’s longest bridge is on which river? 
Answer: Brahmaputra
Q. 16 Bansagar project is in which state?
Answer: UP
Q. 17 Ease of doing business ranking is on how many parameters?
Answer: 10
Q. 18 First ever dog park in India was recently inaugurated in which city?  Answer: Hyderabad
Q. 19 Ananth Kumar passed away, he was a?
Answer: Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, and Chemicals and Fertilizers
Q. 20  One District One Product’ scheme was recently launched by President in? 
Answer: UP
Q. 21 Who has been chosen for the 24th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for his contribution in promoting communal harmony, peace and goodwill?
Answer: Gopal Krishna Gandhi
Q. 22 Who has recently become the first Indian poet to be invited to record his poems at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C? 
Answer: Abhay K
Q. 23 Whom has BSNL has made its brand ambassador? 
Answer: Mary Kom
Q. 24 Hockey World Cup 2018 held at? 
Answer: Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
Q. 25 Early Warning system has been recently developed in which city?
Answer:  Kolkata
Q. 26: Who are Nobel Peace Prize  2018 winners? 
Answer: Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad
Q. 27 Beyond the Line book has been written by?
Answer: Kuldeep Nayyar
Q. 28 Who won an alternative award -The New Academy Prize formed in protest to the Nobel Literature Prize? 
Answer: Maryse Conde
Q. 29 Justice Ranjan Gogoi will be the which Chief Justice of India?
Answer: 46
Q. 30 Maharaja is the icon of ?
Answer:  Air India
Q. 31 BIMSTEC 2018 was held in? 
Answer: Nepal
Q. 32 Rashid Khan is the cricketer of?
Answer: Afghanistan
Q. 33 PM Jan Arogya Yojan will give a cover of?
Answer: Rs. 5 Lakh
Q. 34 Who was renominated as Chairman of Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha by the speaker Sumitra Mahajan recently? 
Answer: LK Advani
Q. 35 Recently which storm occurred in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh?
Answer: Titli
Q. 36  Indian Railways launched a software of what name that will enable the Railways to keep track of punctuality of trains as well as freight and passenger earnings from anywhere in the country? 
Answer: e- Drishti
Q. 37  Which Indian airport is set to become first airport in Asia to introduce face recognition-based passage system?  
Answer: Kempegowda, Bengaluru
Q. 38 Which is not one of the eight core sectors?
Answer: Textile
Q. 39 The National Mission for Clean Ganga partnered with UN Habitat to organize a policy dialogue- ‘Urban Cafe: River for Habitat’ in?
Answer: New Delhi

40First Hydrogen Train started in?

Answer:  Germany


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