GIPSA PE officer Scale 1 to 2 Previous year Paper 

GIPSA Promotion Exam Officer Scale 1 to 2: Memory based Question 2021

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts GIPSA PE officer Scale 1 to 2 examination.

We provide Memory based Questions of GIPSA PE officer Scale 1 to 2.

In these papers, maximum questions are repeated in every exam. So, Ambitious baba is providing you with GIPSA PE officer Scale 1 to 2 Memory based Question 2021. These Memory based Questions of GIPSA PE officer Scale 1 to 2 will be very useful in upcoming Exam.

These Previous years Questions GIPSA PE Officer Scale 1 to 2  will be very useful in upcoming Exam.

Marine questions for Scale 1 to 2 (Memory based Question 2021)

  • Washing overboard covered under?
  • ITC C wat is covered
  • ITC COVER starts from
  • One numerical on ICC c
  • Singleton is what
  • Aviation 2 question statement wise
  • Which is not a INCO terms
  • Advertised schedule is for which type of vessel
  • ICC B was is not covered
  • Whose negligence is not covered in hull
  • HSCC means in marine  ?

HRM Questions for Scale 1 to 2 (Memory based Question 2021)

  • Cda rule for property return
  • Which is minor penanlty
  • Non cumalative decrement for 3 years is which type of penalty
  • What is true about RH- has to declare in start of year/ can be clubbed with all types/ cannot be clubbed with all types/ 02 in a year
  • Which leaves cannot be clubbed- el and cl/ el and sl/ quarantine and sl/ el and sl
  • 6-7  02 questions on fpa( fpa is payable when/ on promotion withdrawn or not/ whether a pert while salary fixation / whether a part on of calculation
  • special area and also a hill station…what allowance is paid( both/ non/ higher of two/lower of two
  • lts block for officer ..
  • lts – 4 options pairing class 3 and class 1 lts and Leave encashment blocks
  • one pension numerical.    Average salary 65000 vrs case- 25 yr of service and 04 left … calcule basic pension
  • something related part time sweeper working hours and wages
  • which leave won’t be counted for el calculation
  • in which leave period – calcution for NO leave can be accumulated
  • maximum Lop
  • Max EL taken, question was tricky
  • How man times in a year EL less than 7 days can be allowed, tricky question
  • Which of the following don’t come under misconduct in CDA rules?

Motor Questions for Scale 1 to 2 (Memory based Question 2021)

  • 163a is
  • Idv of new vehicle
  • 5-6 numericals
  • Battery dept for new vehcile.if accident happened second day
  • Idv is fixed on
  • Third party cannot cover- owner of good/passenger in psv/ hire and reward in goods carrier
  • Depreciation on wooden items for 15 year old Pvt car
  • PA cover is which section in package policy
  • Duty in reference to EL doesn’t include
  • On going to LTS leave can not take
  • The depreciation in air bags is same as
  • Validity of learners licence ( 1988 act )
  • MACT has to issue copy of award within how many days
  • The IDV of a Car is Rs 1.70 lakhs. The car was being repaired in a garage and accessories worth Rs 20k were kept in Garage. Fire broke out and car & accessories got damaged. What is payable
  • Minimum premium retantion in Floater declaration policy
  • One question on uniform of SS
  • One  direct question about IMT 42
  • Definition of permanent disability
  • Two definitions were given . Asked to choose which was correct one
  • There were two numericals in which cost of labour and cost of battery was given along with salvage .
  • Similarly there was another numerical which gave cost of labour and cost of condenser and salvage charges.
  • What id idv for brand new vehicle in motor trade risk
  •  Financial authority need not be delagated under FSO for

Reinsurance Questions for Scale 1 to 2 (Memory based Question 2021)

  • Ground up loss- options are confusing
  • 10L XL of 10L , claims is 5L, how much RI will pay
  • Engineering policies are underwritten on which type- accounting year , underwriting year, loss occuring etc
  • in non proportional treaty how will claim amount be diversified- vertically , horizontally , none of the above etc
  • surplus is a type of
  • which type of treaty is covered for small business where if surplus is ceded admin charges will be more
  • sliding scale commission
  • one question on accounting year basis
  • GIC cession is similar to
  • inflation clause in non prop treaty- wage index clause, adjustment premium clause etc

In Misc Questions for Scale 1 to 2 (Memory based Question 2021)

  • product liability three questions, very easy and you can pick from options
  • claim settling authority in public liability act- collector
  • 2 tricky questions on money insurance
  • in which policy subrogation is not there- PA, money etc
  • CTF means
  • portability time by past insurer to report to new insurer- 45days
  • portability application- like how many days he can apply before
  • one numericak on portability
  • fatal accident compensation in PLI act – 25000 person , 25000 per event etc
  • death compensation in ec act – 120000

Fire Questions for Scale 1 to 2 (Memory based Question 2021)

  • local authorities clause is – add on, extra premium, extra premium at policy rate, free cover
  • under insurance in RIV policy
  • 12months clause in RIV policy
  • SI increase in project policies
  • new business clause
  • if a buliding 25 yrs old got claim by tsunami and the sfsp policy got no add ons how much claim will be settled

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