GK Questions asked in RRB NTPC 2020: 1st & 2nd Shift, 4th January 2021

GK Questions asked in RRB NTPC 2020: 1st & 2nd Shift, 4th January 2021

Indian Railways conducted RRB NTPC 2020 exam today i.e. 4th January 2021, 1st & 2nd shift. here we have provided GA Questions asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1 2020 . You can check and Tally you GA Questions answer asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1, 1st and 2nd shift 4th January 2021  . Most of the aspirants attend RRB NTPC  exam today are eagerly waiting for GA Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1 1st & 2nd shift, 4th January 2021. Below You can check the GA Questions with Answer asked in RRB NTPC  2020.

GA Questions Asked In 1st Shift, 4th January 2021

1)What is the capital of Indonesia? :Jakarta
2)INC 1924 session?- Belgaum,
3)UNESCO headquarters?- Paris,
4)National Technology Day-11 May
5)Sardar Sarovar Dam on which river-Narmda
6)Gandhi Sagar Dam?- Madhya Pradesh- Chambal
7)URL full form?- uniform resource locator
8)Origination of Godavari river?-Nasik
9)Pradhan Mantri Suraksha bima yojana launched on.?-2015,
10)Sanchi Stupa?- Ashok
11)Ph of Milk :.5 to 6.7
12)Which of the following is the India’s longest tunnel road?=ATTAL TUNNEL(The 9.2km-long)
13)RTI ACT :2005
14)RBI ACT :1934
15)When did Indian Hockey Team last won Gold medal in which Olympic?-29th July 1980
16)Chemical Name of Laughing Gas? Nitrous oxide
17)Simon commission arrived in India-1928
18)Bile Juice secreted by which organ? LIVER
19)What is name of Pokhran Test in 1998 :Operation Shakti
20)DRDO HQ: New Delhi
21)MNREGA established :2 Feb 2006
23)Revolt of 1857 start-from Meerut
24)Who is the ICC Cricketer of the year 2020?-Virat Kohli
25)What is the other name of vitamin b9 :folic acid
26)Java language is invented in which year :1995
27)DIOS full form in computer :Data Intensive Operating System
28)How many languages in Indian currency-17
29)Hepatitis B infection is caused by the-virus
30)Article 110 related to-Money Bill
31)1st high court in india :Calcutta High Court
32)Insat 1b satellite launched in which year : 1983
33)Sbi chairman :Dinesh Kumar Khara
34)Sukanya samriddhi yojana started :2015
35)Bodo language is spoken in which state :Assam
36)Pokhran Test was held in which year?-1974
37)Chemical Name of Laughing Gas?-Nitrous oxide

GA Questions Asked In 2nd Shift, 4th January 2021

1)Article 21.-Right to Life
2)White revolution.-Dr Verghese Kurien
3)How many nuclear reactors in India till November 2020?-22
4)MSP is decided by whom?-Government of India
5)How many nuclear weapon has been tested in India?
6)Where is the headquarter of UNICEF located?-Ney york
7)RBI established in India- 1 April 1935
8)Jama masjid in Delhi- (1656)
9)Bluetooth Invented by- Dr. Jaap Haartsen
10)First presidency of east india company-Surat (1601)
11)Total number of high court in India: 25
12)Tamas author by- Bhisham Sahni
13)Which of the following First Bank of India?:Bank of Hindustan
14)Hemis national park is situated in- Ladakh
15)Isp full form -Internet service provider
16)Aligarh muslim university established by- Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1875)
17)2nd vande bharat express route :New Delhi-Katra
18)WHAT IS GSAT 31-India’s telecommunication satellite
19)1st train started in India- 16th April 1853
20)India after gandhi written by- Ramachandra Guha
21)2019 ke nine dots winner :writer Annie Zaidi
22)Sushil kumar related to which sports :wrestler
23)Which acid is found in ant stings :Formic acid
24)President can nominate how many members in lok sabha :2
25)Buland Darwaza- Mughal Emperor Akbar’s victory over the kingdom of Gujarat in 1573.
26)How many languages included in 8th schedule-22
27)Hindu dowry act in which year :1961
28)2 times nobel prize winner in physics :John Bardeen
29)Pandita ramabai which language scholars-Sanskrit
30)Right to education act in India :2009
31)2011 sex ratio 940 females per 1000
32)Total Inland waterways in india-111

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