GK Questions asked in RRB NTPC 2020: 1st & 2nd Shift, 7th January 2021

GK Questions asked in RRB NTPC 2020: 1st & 2nd Shift, 7th January 2021

Indian Railways conducted RRB NTPC 2020 exam today i.e. 7th January 2021, 1st & 2nd shift. here we have provided GA Questions asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1 2020 . You can check and Tally you GA Questions answer asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1, 1st and 2nd shift 7th January 2021  . Most of the aspirants attend RRB NTPC  exam today are eagerly waiting for GA Questions Asked in RRB NTPC Tier-1 1st & 2nd shift, 7th January 2021. Below You can check the GA Questions with Answer asked in RRB NTPC  2020.

GK/GS Questions of 07th January 2021, RRB NTPC Shift-1

1.Where Olympic Games in 2021 going to be held?- Tokyo (Japan)
2.Who is the author of “Origin of Species”?- Charles Darwin
3.kaziranga national park in which state- Assam
4.Non-Cooperation Movement started in?- 1920
5.Tansen Maqbara- Gwalior
6.In which year, First Nuclear test of India happened? 18th May 1974
7.Full form of WCCB?- Wildlife Crime Control Bureau
8.Non-permanent member of UNSC- 10 members
9.When was Gandhi Irwin Pact sanctioned?- 1931
10.Asian football Cup in 2023? China
11.Full form of NEFT- National Electronic Fund Transfer
12.Which cities are Joined by Golden Quadrilateral?- Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta
13.CM of Bihar- Nitish Kumar
14.Which app breaks the record of 50 million downloads in 13 days?- Aarogya Setu
15.Ram Nath Kovind- 14th President
16.Brand Ambassador of Puma- Kareena Kapoor
17.Atomic Number of Chlorine- 17
18.First Muslim President of INC- Badruddin Tyabji
19.Air Pollution effect which organ system- Respiratory system
20.Section 377 women fight- Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju
21.The Non-cooperation movement was withdrawn after the- Chauri Chaura incident.
22.The United Nations system in India includes 26 organisations that have the privilege to serve in India.
23.1st nuclear test in india 18 May 1974.- Smiling Buddha
24.Busiest sea route in the world North Atlantic Oceanic Route
25.After world war which organization is made for women and child-UNICEF
26.Present state and union territories of india 28 States; 8 Union territories
27.August 2019 how many trekking open in himalayan-137
28.BY which roadways india boycott china China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
29.A ligament is a fibrous connective tissue which attaches bone to bone
30.ATM full form– Automated teller machine
31.Which country tops in fdi in India Singapore-USA
32.Rowlatt act was passed in-February 1919
33.Khilafat movement led by Mohammed Ali and Shaukat Ali-Maulana Azad- (1919)
34.WCCB full form –Wildlife Crime Control Bureau
35.Salivary glands are made of secretory units called –acini
36.Allotropes of carbon Diamond, graphite and fullerenes
37.president of UNO- Volkan Bozkır
38.Father of histology –Marie François Xavier Bichat
39.Governor of Jharkhand– Draupadi Murmu
40.Iran currency name- Toman

RRB NTPC 7th Jan 2nd Shift Questions

1.Nepal president-Bidya Devi Bhandari
2.Father of geography-Eratosthenes
3.In 2019, union budget was read by –Nirmala Sitharaman
4.Who was the first Chairman of Rajya Sabha? –Dr. s. Radhakrishnan
5.In haryana where nuclear plant set up Gorakhpur in Fatehabad district.
6.Who won gold in shooting championship 2018 Saurabh Chaudhary
7.URL full form- Uniform Resource Locator
8.Bharatmala project related to-Road and highways project
9.The smallest unit of life -cell
10.Rashtriya gramin swasthya yojana launch date- 1st April 2008
11.India’s first railway university in– Vadodara
12.Global Innovation Index 2020 India rank- 48
13.Scientific name of housefly-Musca domestica
14.Ashok pillar written in which language –Brahmi Script
15.How many articles are there in the indian constitution in 1950-395
16.Momentum formula :p = mv
17.Asian game 2018 25 air pistol gold winner- Rahi Sarnobat
18.Attorney general of India 2020- K. K. Venugopal
19.Swedish academy relate to which field-Noble prize
20.Indian states that share borders with Pakistan are: Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab.
21.Total member of OPEC- 13 Member
22.Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
23.How many wildlife sanctuary in India- 553
24.What is linear expansion-Helium sodium argon neon
25.Capital of brazil is- Brasília
26.How many nuclear plant in India-7
27.NHRM (National Health Mission) launched in which date- 2005
28.Who was included in Chandragupta’s court
29.The Khilafat Movement was one of the important movements in India’s efforts to break the chains of the British rule.
30.Who is not the president of congress
31.Yellow vest movement -france
32.Artificial intelligence father –ohn McCarthy
33.Setu bharatam yojana launched date– 2016

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