Guinness World Record registered for Indian Metro Train

Guinness World Record registered for Indian Metro Train

Nagpur Metro has successfully made a Guinness World Record by constructing the longest double-decker viaduct (metro). Nagpur Metro succeeded in its plan over constructing double decker metro and achieved the record by the Wardha Road in Nagpur.

Double-decker train:

The double-decker viaduct of 3.14 km on Wardha Road is consisting three metro stations named Chhatrapati Nagar, Jai Prakash Nagar and Ujjwal Nagar.

These stations are required special planning to station specific to meet the functional requirements of the metro duly incorporating site specific constraints and double-decker viaduct requirements.

Challenges faced over construction:

The challenge was faced about the engineering thought process, concept, design and execution of metro stations.

Initially, the alignment of the highway flyover and metro rail had been planned on same existing highway on Wardha Road as the independent piers at alternating locations proposed on the median.

But it was later reviewed and settled to integrate Highway Flyover and Metro Rail to form a double-decker viaduct.

Relief for pace construction:

Double decker viaduct carries highway flyover at the first level and Metro Rail at second level inducing it a three-tier transportation system with the existing highway at ground level.

Due to existence of the transportation infrastructure it helped in avoiding additional land acquisition thus saving land cost and reducing construction time and project cost.

The applauding by Government of India:

Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari applauded the effort of Nagpur Metro and congratulated to team of National Highway Authority of India and Maha Metro on achieving the Guinness Book of World Record in Nagpur by constructing the longest Double Decker Viaduct (3.14 KM) with Highway Flyover & Metro Rail Supported on single column.

Holding records:

The project has already hold records from Asia Book and India Book.

Even now it has received this eminent award (Guinness World Record) is indeed a proud moment for us.

The double-decker via-duct had already been certified as the longest structure in Asia and India by Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records respectively measuring 3.14km.


Question & Answer:

Q1. Which metro train project has got ‘Guinness World Record’ recently?

Ans. Nagpur Metro

Q2. Nagpur Metro has constructed the longest double decker train of how much kilometers?

Ans. 3.14 km

Q3. The longest double decker construction project has been awarded by which organisation other than Guinness World?

Ans. Indian Book & Asia Book


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