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IBPS PO Interview 2019-20 PDF :

Dear Aspirants,

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has released the Admit card for the recruitment process of IBPS PO Interview Admit Card 2019-20. Candidates who all are going to appear in IBPS PO Interview 2019-20 can Download Interview PDF from here. Our Experts and Experienced professional working in different Banks prepared the ultimate Interview preparation PDF. This will provide you the complete Tips and Tricks before going to attend IBPS Interview 2019-20.

Once again we are here to share some important and essential guidelines/tips for interview. You are just one step away from your dream being true and it is high time to prove yourself.

It is a 100% assurance from our side that after you finish reading of this article, you will be confident/clever and strong enough to crack this upcoming interview. So let’s start from the scratch and try to understand the concept of an interview.


Interviewer:  Introduce yourself!

Candidate:  Hmm….. I am ….. I had….. I did…… I am interested…..I have….My father……….

Hold ON! Hold ON! Do you really think interviewer wants to hear all these things? Do you really think that Form that you have applied before written examination doesn’t contain all these stuffs? Or Do you think they are not having any details of yours and they have randomly picked you for interview?   – Answer is a big NO!

Ok, now we are on track to start our tips and be very attentive and careful. Let’s break the word- Interview as Inter + View= View between two groups = Communication between two groups. It is just a simple both-way communication which is totally different with written examination where course and syllabus are pre-defined. Ok, One more question- have you ever heard about the syllabus for an interview for any examination. That is the only difference where you have to think, why there is no syllabus. Because if you are speaking to any friends, relatives, elder members – you don’t decide your topic of discussion, have you? So take interview as that only- It is just a simple communication.

Tips and Tricks:

Interview is all about two things only =”Content – what to speak” + “Mode of Delivery – How to speak”. So, in all below points we will give you tips on both part.

  • Be attacking rather than defensive: Your first 3-4 minutes are very crucial although it is not deciding factor, but you may build a perfect impression in those minutes. Keep one thing in mind- First 2-3 questions will be only for your details, which no one knows better than you and you can’t be wrong for that. So 1st part ‘Content’ is 100% ok, now 2nd part ‘Mode of Delivery’ is only thing that candidate has to focus. You just be yourself and make a perfect eye contact with each one who are present there in panel and just speak your heart out.
  • Hold your nerves – As you are just one step away from your job, so it is most natural and clear obvious that everyone is having fear of losing and eventually panic. But believe in one thing that it happens to everyone not only you! So, does it means they are not going to select any one. Those who may hold their nerves only for 5-10 minutes will win the race. Whatever fear and panic you are, just forget for at least 10 minutes as soon as you enter in panel room. Consider a situation you are trapped in locked room and you have to escape- do you think of plan or just be panic. Similarly, you have to keep your mind open in that room.
  • Relax before interview: Had a good sleep a night before. You just forget that you are going for an interview and just jerk off if any thought is prickling in your mind while sleeping.
  • Is language barrier: Don’t think about your speaking language is barrier or hurdle. Whichever language you are comfortable – start speaking on that. Let interviewer should ask about comfort ability. An important scenario here: If Interviewer asks any question in English and you just started replying in Hindi. Here wait for a minute and observe either interviewer again asking question in English or Hindi. If that is Hindi, you are now on a comfortable seat and go on. If again he asks question in English you have to be bit diplomatic here and reply very humbly here like: Sir, I may reply to your question in English also, but I am more comfortable in Hindi. Do you want me to go on with Hindi? That’s all.. You won a point here. Taking permission is the biggest point in any game. Depending upon his answer, you please continue. So here Content and mode of delivery – both will be 100% OK.
  • Drive the Car: Last but not least, this is most important part of your interview. Drive the car here means drive the interview as the way you want to. You may not be seating on driving seat of the car but you may navigate the route to driver. Exactly the same you have to do here – If you are giving question confidently – Interviewers are bound to go in that direction only.  If you know something, you may drive them in that direction. Interviewer will also love to go with your flows.
  • Cover all the important topic of your graduation and post graduation subjects: In interview it is very necessary to have knowledge about your domain subjects. It always gives you an edge over others and always have a good impression on the interviewer.

So try to revise all the important topics or have at least some knowledge about main topics of your graduation and post graduation.

Be True, confident, active and most important well dressed up. I have never seen any interviewer comes up with a mind set to test your technical skills. They are just to check your way of representation. So go with full preparedness and it is just an advice have a small mock interview of yourself 2-3 days earlier in front of mirror and prepare few question like this:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Your interest areas.
  • Examination related topic like banking awareness.

Note: Read details of all news which deals with current issues like CAA , NRC, Iran US conflict etc.

For any doubts, concern Visit us! We are here to help you for crossing the hurdle and earning Success. Always remember- Success must be earned not only received!

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