IBPS PO Mains Exam Analysis, Review: 18th November 2018

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IBPS PO Mains Exam Analysis, Review: 18th November 2018

IBPS PO Mains 2018 Recruitment Exam is over, Now it’s time for the much awaited IBPS  PO  Mains Exam Analysis & Review (18th Nov 2018). Many students have appeared for this exam today and this brings them to a step closer in their journey of getting a Job in govt. sectorWithout wasting any moment, let’s get straight to the analysis for which you are all waiting for. Overall the exam was of a Difficult Level. No questions were asked from computer aptitude. There were many new types of questions introduced in the reasoning and English section. Students found reasoning section to be exceptionally difficult and in such a scenario accuracy is the key to crack the exam.

IBPS PO Mains 2018 exam had 4 sections in the objective test of 200 marks – Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, English Language, Data Analysis and Interpretation, and General Economy and Banking Awareness. Each section had its particular time limit and overall the IBPS PO Mains Paper was fr 3 hours. This time there was also a test of Descriptive Writing after the objective paper.

IBPS PO Mains 2018-19 Exam ANALYSIS (OVER-ALL):

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude 18-21
English Language 18-22
Data Analysis and Interpretation 12-15
General Economy and Banking Awareness 22-24
TOTAL 70-76

Data Analysis and Interpretation ( Moderate-Difficult )

This section had 35 questions for 60 marks with a time limit of 45 minutes. 

The questions were:

  • Radar Based DI-5Q
  • Time and Work DI-5Q
  • DS+DI (Income Based)-5Q
  • The number series were also of a different pattern wherein a question a series was given for reference and a candidate had to identify the logic from the given series and had to complete another series given in the question along with finding the (n)th term. 
  • There was also a twist in the arithmetic word problem questions. A question had some data and accompanied by a set of questions numbered- (a), (b), (c).. and candidates had to solve those and identify that a solution can be found for which among those given questions.
Topic No. of Questions Level
Data Interpretation 10 Difficult
Data Sufficiency with DI (Graph Based) Income 5 Difficult
Number Series 3 Moderate-Difficult
Probability 5 Moderate-Difficult
Quantity Comparison 5 Moderate-Difficult
Miscellaneous (P&L, TDS, SICI etc) 7 Moderate-Difficult
Total 35 Moderate-Difficult

English Language (Difficult)

This section packed in a punch for all the aspirants who appeared in this examination. There were many new types of questions. Clearly, this year’s IBPS PO Mains has set a new trend for English Language section to bring up the importance of reading and analytical ability. Till now candidates were used to dealing with a single big passage accompanied by a set of 5-7 questions as Reading Comprehension for this section in bank exams but in IBPS PO Mains 2018 there were many short passages having 2-3 questions each. As per the review shared with us by the students who have appeared for this exam, there were around 5 to 6 short RCs and the topic Reading Comprehension had a major portion of around 20 questions out of a total of 35 in the English Language Section. All the passages were based on economy-related articles.

The cloze test and sentence rearrangement questions in this exam were also of a different pattern. It is important that candidates invest time in reading the directions very carefully because although the questions were of a different pattern but were do-able if you understand the direction given.


No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension (Economics Based) 10 Difficult
Rearrangement 5 Difficult
RC 10 Moderate
Cloze Test 10 Moderate-Difficult
Total 35


Reasoning and Computer Aptitude  (Difficult)

The level of reasoning was very difficult. 

The questions were:

  • Month Based Puzzle-5Q (odd-even days, 7 Months)-Confusing
  • Floor Based Puzzle- (3 floor, 6 Houses East west facing + Total Square Area 64Sqft calculate their rooms also)
  • Box Based Input Machine-5Q (Add, Sub, Multiply)
  • Year Based (DOB , Age, Fruit) – Calculated and Reverse calculation
  • 5 Person 1 variable-1Q
  • Fruit Name, Flower Name-2 North, 2 South-1Q
Topic No. of Questions Level
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles 25 Difficult
Logical Reasoning (Current+Economic) 7 Difficult
Fictitious Coding 1 Difficult
Alphanumeric Series (Condition Based) 3 Difficult
Input-Output 5 Difficult
Blood relation (Chocolates Divided one to another) 3 Difficult
Data Sufficiency (linear) 1 Difficult
Total 45 Difficult

General Economy and Banking Awareness (Moderate)

This section had 40 questions and the level of the questions asked was moderate. Most of the questions in this section were covering the current affairs and news of May – Nov Months. As per the review shared by students who appeared for this exam, there were only a few questions from static and banking awareness.

Descriptive Writing Test

English Language (Letter & Essay Writing) for 25 marks, time limit 30 minutes. Candidates had to choose from given 5 options to write a letter and an essay.

Letter Writing (150 words)

a) Write a letter to the editor on types of pollution and how to reduce it.

b) Write a letter to your neighbor thanking them for their help in the hour of need.

Essay Writing  (200 words)

a) Fake-News

b) Magazines and Journals have switched to digital media

c) Does India needs a universal health care system

d) Advantages of learning foreign languages.

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