1. The first Motor Car was introduced in to England in the year – 1894
  2. The Motor Policy was issued in – 1895 to cover Third Party Liabilities
  3. Comprehensive Motor Policy issued in – 1899
  4. Car and General Insurance Corporation Limited established in – 1903
  5. Compulsory TP insurance acts are – Road Traffic Acts 1930 & 1934
  6. The above two acts are consolidated by – Road Traffic Act, 1960
  7. In India the Motor Vehicles Act was passed in – 1939
  8. Compulsory TP Insurance introduced in India in – 1946
  9. Motor Vehicles 1939 Act replaced by – The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and come into force from 1st July, 1989
  10. Under Section 146 of the M.V.Act, 1988 no person shall allow any other person to use a vehicle in a– public place unless the vehicle is covered by insurance
  11. In the event of Total Loss of the vehicle, insurers pay the Insureds Declared value of the vehicle as defined – in GR 8 of the Revised Motor Tariff
  12. Agreed value policies are prohibited by the Tariff except for – Vintage Cars as defined in GR 5
  13. Subrogation is modified by Agreements between Insurers – ex: Knock for Knock Agreement
  14. Contribution arises when there is a – Double Insurance
  15. The contribution condition is specially worded in private car policies because the owner is also covered for Third Party Liability while – driving cars not belonging to him
  16. “Motor Vehicle” is defined in Section 2(28) of the M.V.Act, 1988 as – any mechanically propelled vehicle adapted for use upon roads whether the power of propulsion is transmitted thereto from an external source and includes a chassis to which a body has not been attached and a trailer
  17. Vehicle running upon fixed rails or an vehicle of a special type adapted for use only in a factory or in any other enclosed premises or a vehicle having less than four wheels fitted with engine capacity of not exceeding 25 cc – is not come under “Motor Vehicle” definition
  18. Private Car means – ( a ) Private car type vehicles used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and also for professional purposes ( b ) motorized three wheeled vehicles ( including motorized rickshaws / cabin body scooters used for private purposes only ) ( c ) Three wheeled vehicles (including motorized rickshaws, cabin scooters used for private purposes )
  19. Previously there is a “Goods carrying vehicles ( own goods )” & Goods carrying vehicles ( General Cartage ) but now – goods carrying vehicles is called as “ Goods carriage” only and there is no categorization of Public carrier and private carrier
  20. But Motor Tariff categorized for rating purpose as – Own goods Carrier and General Cartage Carrier
  21. In revised Tariff ( 1.7.2002) T.A.C. renamed as – Public Carrier and Private Carrier for rating purpose
  22. Passengers Carrying Vehicles – ( i ) Four wheeled vehicles and three wheeled vehicles used for carrying passengers for hire or reward with carrying capacity not exceeding 6 passengers (ii) Four or more Wheeled passenger carrying vehicles with carrying capacity exceeding 6 passengers and three wheeled passenger carrying vehicles with carrying capacity exceeding 17 passengers for hire or reward (iii ) Motorized three wheeled passenger carrying vehicles with
    carrying capacity exceeding 6 passengers but not exceeding 17 passengers for hire or reward
    (iv ) Motorized two wheelers used for carrying passenger for hire or reward
  23. Passenger Carrying Vehicles ( 4 wheeled and 3 wheeled ) for hire or reward – ( i ) Taxis or Private car type vehicles plying for public hire ( ii ) Private Type Taxis let out on Private Hire direct from the Owner with or without meters and driven by the Owner or an employee of the Owner
    ( iii ) Private car type vehicles let out on Private Hire and driven by the Hirer or any driver with his permission ( iv ) Private Car type vehicles owned by Hotels and hired by them to their guests
  24. How many type of Miscellaneous and Special type of Vehicles are there – Total 58 type of vehicle are there under this section
  25. Compulsory Excess is applicable to – all Miscellaneous and Special Type of vehicles
  26. Liability only policy covers – Third party Liability for bodily injury and/or death and property damage. Personal accident cover for Owner Driver is also included
  27. Under Motor Tariff Regulations GR 45 A says – the insured can take restricted cover for Fire and/ or Theft risks if the vehicle may be laid up in garage and not in use
  28. Chapter VII – A and Chapter VIII of the Act provide for insurance of Motor Vehicles against –Third Party Risk





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