Important National and International Days in August 2021

Important National and International Days in August 2021

“Important days of the months” is the topic which becomes the part of each and every competitive exam. One or two questions is definitely asked from Important Days in every exam whether it is Bank, SSC or Railway. In this article we are providing you with a List of Important Days in August 2021. This “Important Days in August 2021” article will be helpful for all the SSC, Railways and Bank candidates.

Date Day Importance
1 August National Mountain Climbing Day National Mountain Climbing Day is celebrated every year on 1st August. This day was created in honour of the author’s son, Bobby Mathews, and his buddy Josh Madigan, who successfully climbed the Adirondack Mountains’ 46 High Peaks.
1 August Muslim Women Rights Day On August 1, Muslim Women’s Rights Day is observed. The passage of the triple talaq law in Parliament on this day in 2019 proved to be a watershed moment.
First Sunday of August National sisters day National sisters day is observed on 1st august. The day celebrates the unique bond between siblings.
1 August World Lung Cancer Day World Lung Cancer Day is observed on August 1 to raise awareness about the causes and treatment of lung cancer.
1 August Yorkshire Day Every year on August 1st, Yorkshire Day is celebrated. It is the largest country in the United Kingdom. This day is celebrated to honour everything from the country’s history to its most illustrious citizens.
1-7 August World Breastfeeding Week It is celebrated every year during the 1st week of August. The day is highlights the advantages of nursing for a baby’s health and well-being. The day also focuses on maternal health, proper nutrition, and poverty alleviation, etc.
First Sunday of August Friendship Day This day is observed on the first Sunday of august every year. The day marks the importance of friends and friendship in life.
4 August U.S. Coast Guard Day Every year on August 4th, the United States Coast Guard Day is  observed to honour the establishment of the Revenue Marine by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton on that date in 1790.
6 August Hiroshima Day On August 6, Hiroshima Day is observed. It was on this day in 1945 that an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. This was the first time a nuclear weapon was used.
First Friday of August International Beer Day The first Friday in August is observed as International Beer Day. It began in the year 2007 in Santa Cruz, California.
7 August National Handloom Day National Handloom Day is observed on 7 August every year to honour the handloom weavers in the country.
7 August International Forgiveness Day International Forgiveness Day is observed on July 7 every year. This day aims to spread awareness about the healing power of forgiveness and its importance for a peaceful life.
8 August Quit India Movement Day Quit India Movement Day is observed on 8 August which is also known as August Kranti. It is regarded as a significant movement in the struggle for freedom.
9 August Nagasaki Day Nagasaki Day is observed every year on August 9th since it was on this date in 1945 that the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II.
9 August International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Every year on August 9th, International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is observed to inspire people all over the world to spread the UN’s message of indigenous peoples’ rights protection and promotion.
10 August World Lion Day It is annually observed on August 10. This day’s primary goal is to promote awareness and support for lion conservation.
12 August International Youth Day International Youth Day is celebrated globally on 12 August. This day focuses on the development and protection of youth in society.
12 August World Elephant Day This day is observed on 12 August annually. The main aim of this day is to raise awareness about the need of preserving and protecting elephants.
13 August International Lefthanders Day Lefthanders Day is celebrated every year on August 13th. It raises awareness of the issues and challenges that left-handed people faced.
13 August World Organ Donation Day This day is observed on August 13th to raise awareness about the necessity of organ donation and to encourage people to donate organs after they have died.
14 August Youm-e-Azadi (Pakistan Independence Day) Every year on August 14, Youm-e-Azadi, or Pakistan Independence Day, is celebrated. Following the end of the British administration in 1947, Pakistan gained independence and was declared a sovereign nation on this day.
15 August National Mourning Day On August 15, Bangladesh commemorates National Mourning Day. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh’s first president, was slain on this day, along with the majority of his family.
15 August Independence Day in India India celebrates Independence Day every year on 15th August. India gained independence from British domination on this day. It reminds us of a new beginning, the beginning of a new era free of more than 200 years of British colonialism.
15 August Day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary This day is observed on 15th august. Mainly, it is celebrated in parts of Europe and South America. It is also known as the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
16 August Bennington Battle Day Every year on August 16th, Bennington Battle Day is observed to honor the Battle of Bennington, which took place on that date in 1777.
17 August Indonesian Independence Day Every year on August 17th, Indonesian Independence Day is celebrated. This day is celebrated as the declaration of independence from Dutch colonization in 1945.
19 August World Photography Day This day is celebrated on August 19th to honour the history of photography, celebrate the present, and leave a positive trail for future generations.
19 August World Humanitarian Day Every year on August 19, the globe celebrates World Humanitarian Day to honour humanitarian workers who put their lives on the line to help others. This day also recognises the contributions of women in crisis situations around the world.
20 August World Mosquito Day Every year on August 20th, World Mosquito Day is observed to commemorate the British doctor Sir Ronald Ross’s discovery in 1897 that “female mosquitoes transmit malaria between people.”
20 August Sadbhavna Diwas Every year on August 20th, Sadbhavna Divas is observed to honour the memory of our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Sadbhavna is a Sanskrit word that signifies “goodwill” and “sincerity.”
20 August Indian Akshay Urja Day Indian Akshay Urja Day is celebrated on August 20th to promote awareness about India’s renewable energy development. It’s a campaign that’s been going on since 2004.
21 August World Senior Citizen’s Day It is observed on 21st august. The purpose of World Senior Citizen’s Day is to raise awareness about issues that affect older people as well as to recognize and appreciate their contributions to society.
22 August Raksha Bandhan This day is celebrated on the full-moon day of the Hindu month of Sravana. The festival celebrates the eternal bond between brother and sister.
22 August World Sanskrit Day This day is celebrated to raise awareness, promote, and revive India’s ancient language. Around 3500 years ago, the Sanskrit language is thought to have evolved in India.
22 August Narali Purnima It’s also known as Nariyal Purnima, or Coconut Day, and it is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Maharashtra and other Konkan region.
23 August International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition Every year on the 23rd of August, we commemorate the tragedy of the slave trade in commemoration of all peoples who were affected by the transatlantic slave trade.
23 August European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism This day is observed on 23 August every year. The day symbolises the rejection of “extremism, bigotry, and oppression”
26 August Women’s Equality Day This day is observed on August 26th to mark women’s progress toward equality with men. The United States Constitution’s 19th Amendment was ratified on this day in 1920.
26 August International Dog Day This day is celebrated on August 26th to pay tribute to these amazing animals who work tirelessly to provide comfort, keep us safe, and save lives.
29 August National Sports Day Every year on August 29th, National Sports Day is observed to honour the birthday of field hockey player Dhyan Chand. Rashtriya Khel Divas is another name for National Sports Day.
29 August International Day against Nuclear Tests Since 2010, the International Day Against Nuclear Tests has been observed on the 29th of August around the world. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about the consequences of nuclear weapon test explosions, as well as any other nuclear explosions.
30 August Small Industry Day Small Industry Day is observed on 30 August every year to support and promote small scale industries.
30 August Janmashtami The Janmashtami festival celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, also known as Kanha. One of the most joyous events of the Janmashtami celebration is Dahi Handi.
30 August Hari Merdeka (Malaysia National Day) This day commemorates the Malayan Declaration of Independence on 31 August 1957, to mark the day Malaysia is free from British colonial administration.


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