India called urgent reforms in UN Security Council

India called urgent reforms in UN Security Council

India and other thirty two countries have anticipated for urgent and comprehensive reforms in the UN Security Council in order to adapt the United Nations to contemporary world realities.

These all countries stand united as a group of pro-reform like-minded States with the determination to work towards a more inclusive, responsive, and participatory international governance architecture.

What is the need for urgent Reforms?

  • The signatories of the Joint Statement distinguished that a resilient world needs reformed and effective multilateralism to deliver solutions for developmental challenges, poverty, climate change, pandemics, global food security, international conflicts and crises, and international terrorism.
  • They also pointed out that the lack of progress in Security Council reform has serious implications for global peace and security and delivering on the purposes, principles, and promises of the United Nations Charter.
  • Group of countries underlined that a legitimate Security Council must be reflective of the aspirations and perspectives of the developing world because they form the majority of the UN’s global membership.
  • These urgent reform seeker countries reiterated that an expansion of the Security Council in both permanent and non-permanent categories, as well as reform in its working methods, is essential to making UNSC more representative, legitimate, and effective.

77th session of General Assembly:

At the 77th session of the General Assembly, the signatory member countries committed to “instill new life” in efforts and urgently demanded on all Members States of the United Nations to join hands to achieve comprehensive reform of the Security Council.

The signatory member countries: Brazil, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mongolia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, and Vanuatu.

Important points by India:

Many countries like Russia have backed India to be permanent member of United Nation’s Security Council.

India has suggested and demanded many reforms and changes for prosper world.

UN Security Council:

The United Nation’s Security Council is originated on 6 principals. This council is working on international security and peace.

There are currently 5 permanent members in Security Council which are China, USA, France, United Kingdom and Russia.

Question & Answer:

Q1. Name the countries which are demanded urgent comprehensive reforms in the UN Security Council.

Ans. Brazil, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mongolia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, and Vanuatu

Q2. How many permanent member countries in United Nation’s Security Council?

Ans. 5

Q3. The recent urgent demands have been inducted at which session of United Nation’s General Assembly?

Ans. 77th session

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