India Has Displaced China To Become Largest Share Of UK Visas

India Has Displaced China To Become Largest Share Of UK Visas

According to the statement given by the British High Commissioner, now India has the largest share of visas including study, work and visitors visas displacing China. India has surpassed China in the number of visas issued by the UK. Indian students, visitors and workers have gotten visas more than other countries’ students, workers and visitors for persuading study courses and applying as skilled workers in the UK. The British High Commissioner, according to the statement, was very delighted to announce this news that is good for India. He also stated that the relation between India and UK is getting stronger now and both countries make sure that the phase of their relationship will be the same in upcoming years. 

Let’s talk about data:

As per the official data, by the end of June 2022, 1,17,965 students from India received the largest share of UK student visas and it is 215 percent more than what India had in 2019.

Indian Citizens received 1,02,981 work visas from the UK by the end of June 2022 and it was again higher than the work issued visas in 2019 by 80 percent.

India has 28 percent share of the total visitors visas received from the UK surpassing China and has made its place on the top of the list.

If we talk about tourist visas then it is less than what was before the pandemic phase. The COVID 19 hampered the number of issued tourist visas from the UK because of the declining number of tourists. More than 2,58,000 Indian citizens received tourist visas and it was less than 50 percent. 

The largest decline of share we can see is in the share of Chinese tourists. It has been declined by 95 percent during the same period because of COVID 19. China’s strict policy against COVID 19 made the Chinese share of UK visas down.

Other highlights:

India is followed by Nigeria,the Philippines, Zimbabwe and the United States respectively in the category of work visas issued by the UK. If we sum up the above statement in the terms of percentage then India has 46 percent of work visas issued by the UK. 

According to the British High Commissioner, in the recent times ,UK has more number of applications from the Indian citizens for the visas and because of the huge burden of visa applications Indian citizens is facing delaying in the issuing of visas. Although the British High Commissioner assured that this problem will be resolved soon and they are taking appropriate actions to combat the delaying of accepting the applications of visas.


It is welcome news from the British High Commissioner. India’s relationship with the UK will get more pace and strengthen the connection between these two countries if we sustain our place in the top.

Questions And Answers:

Q1. Which country is in first place in the share of UK visas?

Ans. India.

Q2. India surpassed which country in the share of UK visas?

Ans. China.

Q3. India is followed by which countries?

Ans. Nigeria, the Philippines, Zimbabwe and the United States respectively.

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