India launched nuclear capable missile – Agni-3

India launched nuclear capable missile

India has successfully carried out training launch of the nuclear-capable Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) named ‘Agni-3’ from Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha on November 23, 2022.

The test fire has been a part of routine user training launches which was conducted by the Strategic Forces Command. Due to good efforts, India carries out successful training launch of Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile, Agni-3 from APJ Abdul Kalam Island.

Agni-3 Test-fired:

  1. The launching of the Agni-3 missile had been carrying out for a predetermined range and it validated all the operational parameters of the system.
  2. Agni-3 missile is capable of carrying a payload of over 1.5 tonnes. It is the 16-meter-long missile which has weighing more than 48 tonnes with a range of over 3000 kilometers.
  3. The flight trajectory was chased by a number of radars, telemetry observation stations, electro-optic instruments, and naval ships deployed at the sea.
  4. The two-stage solid propellent-powered IRBM is under the operational purview of the Strategic Forces Command.
  5. It is part of India’s Nuclear Command Authority and has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Sabmarine launched Ballistic Missile:

The Agni-3 test has come across a month after India’s strategic strike nuclear submarine named ‘INS Arihant’ has carried out a successful launch of a Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile.

The launch is much important to define crew competency and validate the SSBN program which is a key element of India’s nuclear deterrence capability.

However a robust, survivable and assured retaliatory capability is in keeping with India’s policy to have credible minimum deterrence that underpins its ‘No First Use’ commitment.

Agni-3 ballistic missile:

The Agni-3 is an Indian immediate-range ballistic missile introduced into service in 2011 as the successor of the Agni-II.

The missile’ ranging capacity is about 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers and can reach targets deep inside the neighboring countries including China.

The missile is furnished with sophisticated navigation, guidance, control systems and advanced onboard computer systems. Agni-3 missile is designed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation and has capacity to carry nuclear weapons as well.

Questions & Answers:

Q1. What the name is recently launched the nuclear-capable Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM)?

Ans. Agni-3

Q2. How far ranging capacity of ballistic missile Agni-3?

Ans. 3000 Km to 5000 Km

Q3. From where the nuclear-capable Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile named ‘Agni-3’ is launched?

Ans. APJ Abdul Kalam Island

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