Indian Bank PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2018: 6th October- 2nd Slot

Today was Preliminary examination for Indian Bank PO Recruitment. Many students appeared for this exam and the competition will be very tough this time. Therefore, it is necessary that one gets aware about the type of questions being asked in the exam so that you get an idea about how to plan your strategy to attempt the questions in the exam and manage your time accordingly.

Exam analysis and review can help the aspirants who are yet to appear in upcoming exams to get an idea of the difficulty level and expected pattern of questions in Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and English Language sections. The examination held in this shift was of Moderate level. 

Indian Bank PO Exam Analysis 2018: Section-wise Analysis

Subject Good Attempt
English Language 18 -22 (Moderate)
Reasoning Ability 25 – 28 (Easy-Moderate)
Quantitative Aptitude 16 – 22(Moderate)
Total 65 – 75

Quantitative Aptitude (Moderate)

The level of Quantitative Aptitude section was moderate.  One can easily attempt questions if they have practiced well. Questions based on Pie Chart and Line Graph were there is this slot. Data Interpretation questions were also do-able and of moderate level.

Topics No. of Questions Level
Data Interpretation (Table) (Bar) 10 Moderate
Quadratic Equation 5 Moderate
Missing Number Series 5 Moderate
Quantity Based 5 Moderate
Miscellaneous (Arithmetic Word Problem) – CI & SI, Partnership, Profit and Loss, Problem on Ages etc 10 Moderate
Total 35 Moderate
  • BAR DI-Number of boys and girls in a college
  • TABLE DI- 5 companies Contractual employee (Male+Female)

 English Language (Moderate)

English section was of Easy to Moderate level. There were a total of 10 question in the set of Reading Comprehension out of which 4 question was of vocabulary (Antonym/Synonym). It is important that candidates choose wisely what to attempt and what to skip. Reading Comprehension was based on an article related to Company Bill. In questions of Fill in the blanks, each question had a pair of sentences with two blanks and one same word from the given set of options had to be filled in both the blanks.

Topic No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 10  Moderate
Fillers 5 Easy-Moderate
Error Detection (new Pattern) 10 Easy-Moderate
Sentence Rearrangement (Old pattern) 5 Easy-Moderate
Total 30 Easy-Moderate

 Reasoning (Easy- Moderate)

The level of reasoning was also Easy to Moderate. There were 4 sets of puzzles and Seating Arrangement:-

  • Month Year based Puzzle (Born in different year base year 2018)
  • Tabular Puzzle (3 Department Law, Engineering , Medical..5 persons max 2 persons in each department and like different colors)
  • Box based puzzle
  • Linear (6 persons north facing Single Rows two variable) Seating Arrangement
Topics No. of Questions Level
Puzzles and Seating Arrangement 20 Moderate
Alphabetical Series 2 Easy- Moderate
Syllogism (3Statement 2Conclusion) 5 Easy- Moderate
Order and Ranking 3 Easy- Moderate
Blood Relation 3 Easy
Direction 2 Easy
Total 35 Easy- Moderate

Keep up your calm and confidence and you’ll surely do well in the exam!

All the best for next slot!!

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