India’s first 24/7 solar powered village Modhera

India’s first 24/7 solar-powered village Modhera

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared Gujarat’s village named ‘Modhera’ in as India’s first 24×7 solar-powered village.

The Modhera village is situated 25 km from the Mehsana district of Gurajat, and about 100 km from the state capital of Gandhinagar. This village owned a ground-mounted solar power plant, and over 1,300 rooftop solar systems with 1kW capacity have been established on houses to generate electricity.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally, PM stated that a new energy of development is infused for Modhera, Mehsana & the whole of North Gujarat. From electricity, water to road & rail and many projects related to dairy, skill development & healthcare have been introduced & foundation stones have been laid.

About Modhera and its importance:

Modhera has been known for the Sun temple but after this project it will now also be known as solar-powered village.

Modhera is going to be made as the country’s first round-the-clock solar-powered village that involved developing a ground-mounted solar power plant and more than 1,300 rooftop solar systems on residential and government buildings.

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister was laying the foundation stone and dedicated multiple projects worth over ₹3,900 crore in Modhera, Mehsana in Gujarat.

PM Narendra Modi performed darshan and pooja at the Modheshwari Mata Temple in Modhera, Gujarat.

Investment for the project:

Both the central and state governments made an investment over ₹80 crore in this solar-development project in two phases as the state government allotting 12 hectares of area for the project.

The Gujarat government had estimated about the people of this village that they would save 60 per cent to 100 per cent on their electricity bills with this move.

Question & Answer:

Q1. Who has declared India’s first 24×7 solar powered Village?

Ans. PM Narendra Modi

Q2. Which village in Gujarat has been declared as India’s first 24×7 solar powered village?

Ans. Modhera

Q3. How much crore of multiple projects have been introduced recently by PM Narendra Modi?

Ans. Rs. 3900 crore

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