India’s first mission to send Humans in deep Ocean

India’s first mission to send Humans in deep Ocean

Team Ambitiousbaba are here with a Current Affairs Special Series. In this series, candidates will be introduced to current affairs topics daily, which will not only improve their general awareness but also will ensure that the candidates do not lack in any current affairs topic. Today’s Current Affairs topic is “India’s first mission to send Humans in deep Ocean

‘Samudrayaan’ mission, India’s first manned ocean mission to explore the deep sea waters will be started soon.

With the launch of the unique ocean mission ‘Samudrayaan’ Mission in October 2021 India had joined the elite club of nations like the USA, Russia, Japan, France, and China to owned niche technology and vehicles to carry out subsea activities.

Importance of Samudrayaan Mission:

Samudrayaan Mission is intended to develop a self-propelled manned submersible to carry three human beings to a water in the depth of 6,000 meters in the ocean.

This submersible will have a suite of scientific sensors and tools for deep ocean exploration. It has a capability of 12 hours of operational period and 96 hours in case of emergency.

The manned submersible will permitted scientific personnel to observe and interpret unexplored deep-sea areas by direct interventions. It will increase the capability for deep sea man rated vehicle development.

The estimated timeline of the mission is five years for the period 2020-2021 to 2025-2026.

Huge opportunity:

As per the ‘New India’ vision the Blue Economy is one of the 10 core dimensions of growth of Government of India.
There is a unique maritime position for India due to its 7517 km long coastline. This long coastline is passes from nine coastal states and 1,382 islands.

National Institute of Ocean Technology:

A Chennai based National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) has developed 6000m depth rated Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and various other underwater instruments such as Autonomous Coring System (ACS), Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and Deep Sea Mining System (DSM) for the exploration of deep sea.

The National Institute of Ocean Technology is an autonomous institute under Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES).

India has been surrounded by the oceans from three sides and around 30 percent of the nation’s population living in coastal areas and coastal regions play a major economic factor. It advantages fisheries and aquaculture, tourism, livelihoods, and blue trade.

Question & Answer:

Q1.What is the name of India’s first manned ocean mission to explore Deep Ocean?

Ans. Samudrayaan

Q2. The Samudrayaan mission will sent how many men and to how much depth in the Ocean?

Ans. 3 humans will be sent to 6000 meters depth in the Ocean

Q3. What is the time line of the Samudrayaan mission?

Ans. Five years

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