India’s first nasal COVID vaccine:

India’s first nasal COVID vaccine

India’s first nasal COVID vaccine has been developed by Bharat Biotech and it has been approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, the health minister of the country,Mansukh Mandaviya said recently. It is the country’s first nasal vaccine against COVID. It has been approved for primary immunization for those people who are 18 years old or above that. Read the complete article for more information about the country’s first nasal COVID vaccine.

What is a nasal vaccine?

A nasal vaccine doesn’t need any needle to administer in the human body. It is administered in a person by nose and after that induces immunity through the inner surface of the nose which is in contact with many airborne microbes. That’s how it works in the human body and protects them from COVID. 

Some more information:

According to the company it will soon be available for the supply and administration. The health minister, Mansukh Mandaviya, further said that it is a big achievement in the field of science and technology and it gives power to the country to fight against COVID 19. India is doing great in fighting against COVID and a mega mass immunization program is running across the country. In this time the development of India’s first nasal COVID vaccine comes with a great hope that we will soon defeat COVID completely through harnessing the country’s human resource power, innovative new research in the field of science and technology.


The quality of this vaccine is that it can be stored in between 2 and 8 degree celsius temperature and can be easily stored. India’s first nasal COVID vaccine is developed with the determination and assurance of safety and highly effective impacts. According to Bharat Biotech, it had established manufacturing units across the country to provide sufficient production of nasal COVID vaccine.

According to Krishna Ella ,the chairman of Bharat Biotech, at any time India’s first nasal COVID vaccine will be available in the markets for use. He further said that the nasal COVID vaccine is a game changer in the aspect of nasal vaccine technology and it has the capacity to provide ease in the mass immunization and can increase the speed of this programme. It will be going to help India in combating the COVID and wipe it completely from the country.


India’s first nasal COVID vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech will strengthen India’s capability to fight against COVID 19 and help to combat any upcoming pandemic and endemic. It will soon be available for public use.  

Questions And Answers:

Q1. Who developed the country’s first nasal COVID vaccine?

Ans. Bharat Biotech.

Q2. What is a nasal vaccine?

Ans. A vaccine that is administered by the nose.

Q3. Who is the chairman of Bharat Biotech?

Ans. Krishna Ella.

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