JAIIB Paper-3 Module-A Accounting Principles and Processes (AFM) : Download PDF

Accounting Principles and Processes PDF for JAIIB Exam Preparation - Module-A Unit wise information for Paper-3 AFM.

JAIIB Paper-3 Module A Accounting Principles and Processes for JAIIB New Syllabus PDF 

JAIIB Paper-3 Module-A PDF : Twice a year, the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) administers the Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) examination, which is a prominent course that bankers are familiar with.

For those who are preparing for the JAIIB exam, we provide a PDF on Accounting Principles and Processes Module A Paper 3. Our study materials have been developed by experienced bank professionals from the State Bank of India (SBI) who have passed the JAIIB and CAIIB examinations.

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No. of Unit

Unit Name

Unit 1

Definition, Scope & Accounting Standards including Ind AS
Unit 2

Basie Accountancy Procedures

Unit 3

Maintenance of Cash/Subsidiary Books and Ledger
Unit 4

Bank Reconciliation Statement

Unit 5

Trial Balance, Rectification of Errors and Adjusting & Closing Entries
Unit 6

Depreciation and its Accounting

Unit 7

Capital and Revenue Expenditure
Unit 8

Bills of Exchange

Unit 9

Operational Aspects of Accounting Entries
Unit 10

Back Unreconciled Entries in Banks

Unit 11

Bank Audit & Inspection

JAIIB Paper-3 AFM Module-A Accounting Principles and Processes PDF

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