list of Joint military exercises of India 2020

list of Joint military exercises of India 2020 :

Here we are compiling all the important Defence exercise held in 2020.

♦February 2020

Military Exercise Countries Purpose
‘Matla Abhiyaan’ Indian Navy The Indian Navy carried out a five-day coastal security exercise, ‘Matla Abhiyaan’, with personnel of two naval boats, holding interactions with all stakeholders along the riverine border with Bangladesh.

The exercise, named after Matla River, aimed to interact with coastal communities to spread awareness on coastal security and understand the navigational complexities in the Sunderban deltaic waters.

Ajeya Warrior 2020 India and UK The fifth edition of joint military exercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 between India and United Kingdom will be conducted at Salisbury Plains in the United Kingdom from February 13 to 26  2020.

Aim: This exercise is to conduct company level joint training with emphasis on counter terrorists operation in Urban and Semi Urban areas.

2nd BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise-2020 India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Myanmar Aims: Exercise will provide a platform for member states to evaluate existing capabilities, share best emergency response practices, improve existing emergency preparedness and strengthen regional response mechanism and also to conduct risk assessment in the context of cultural heritage sites at the time of disaster.

Held: Odisha

Indradhanush 2020 The Indian Air Force (IAF) and Royal Air Force (RAF) of the UK The Indian Air Force (IAF) and Royal Air Force (RAF) of the UK jointly commenced the 5th edition of Exercise Indradhanush at Air Force Station Hindan on 24 February.

The focus of this edition of the exercise is ‘Base Defence and Force Protection’.


  ♦ January 2020

Military Exercise Countries Purpose
‘Naseem-Al-Bahr’ India and Oman Two ships of the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) arrived in Goa on 5th January to participate in the 12th edition of the Indo-Oman bilateral naval exercise ‘Naseem-Al-Bahr’.
‘Milan 2020’ Indian Navel The Naval Exercise ‘MILAN 2020’ is scheduled to be held at Visakhapatnam in March 2020 in which 41 countries have been invited.

Purpose: India aims to conduct a unique naval exercise for which an invitation has been extended to 41 countries who are otherwise unlikely partners.

‘Sahyog Kaijin’ Indo-Japan Japan Coast Guard’s ship ‘Echigo’ arrived in Chennai on 13th January as part of the annual joint exercises with the Indian Coast Guard. The five-day event ‘Sahyog Kaijin’ will begin on January 16. Apart from Echigo, four ICG ships, a JCG aircraft and a vessel from the National Institute of Ocean Technology participate in the exercise.
‘SAMPRITI-IX’ India-Bangladesh The ninth edition of joint military training exercise between India-Bangladesh — SAMPRITI-IX will be conducted at Umroi, Meghalaya from February 3 to February 16.

Aims: The training will culminate with a final validation exercise in which troops of both armies will jointly practice a Counter-Terrorist Operation in a controlled and simulated environment.

♦Joint military exercises 2019


Military Exercise Countries Location/Purpose
‘ISALEX19’ The first edition of the joint security exercise of International Security Alliance(ISA), Aim The exercise was aimed at testing readiness of the different teams and to evaluate the tools, strategies, and procedures developed jointly between member countries.

At Abu Dhabi

        Garuda VI Indian Air Force and Armée de l’Air (French Air Force)    Indian Air Force (IAF) and Armée de l’Air (French Air Force) are participating in the Garuda VI bilateral exercise at Mont de Marsan in France.
‘Sampriti-2019’      India and Bangladesh  Which aimed to increase mutual cooperation and camaraderie with an impressive ceremony in Tangail, Bangladesh. 
“Mainamati Maitree Exercise 2019” Border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) The main objective of this exercise was to plan and conduct anti-smuggling and anti-criminal activity related operations with an aim to achieve better joint operational efficiency and border management in the area.

Held in Tripura


Al Nagah III India and Oman Where both the armies will be exchanging expertise in tactics, weapon handling and firing, in order to enhance inter operability in counter-terrorist operations in semi urban mountainous terrain.

Held in Jabel Al Akhdar Mountains in Oman 


US-India security partnership US army and NSG in Hyderabad The aim of these exercises is to enhance preparedness and tackle any crisis that affects the public health and safety.


AFINDEX-19 India–Africa Between the Indian Army and 16 African nations was commenced in Pune, Maharashtra on March 18, 2019 for training the participating contingents in Humanitarian Mine Assistance (HMA) and Peace Keeping Operations (PKO) under the United Nations Charter.


MITRASHAKTI – VI Indian and Sri Lanka Between Indian and Sri Lanka Army is being held at Diyatalawa in Sri Lanka to strengthen interoperability, mutual understanding and built a better relationship between both the armies.
‘Bold Kurukshetra–2019’ India and Singapore §     Started in Jhansi’s Babina Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh to strengthen cooperation against terrorism, develop defence technology and boost maritime security.
‘IN – VPN BILAT EX’ Indo-Vietnam The Indian Navy held the 2nd edition of the bilateral maritime exercise between the Indian Navy and Vietnam Peoples’ Navy, (IN – VPN BILAT EX) at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam during 13th to 16th April, 2019.
‘Varuna’ (Naval)      India and France The first phase of a mega naval exercise off the coast of Goa which is aimed at developing inter-operability between the the two forces in dealing with various security challenges.


IMDEX 19      India- Singapore The annual bilateral exercise saw its progression from traditional anti-submarine exercises to more complex maritime exercises such as advanced air defence operations, anti air/ surface practice firings, tactical exercises, etc.

At South China Sea

8th Indo-Myanmar Coordinated Patrol (IMCOR)      India-Myanmar §     Navy ships from Myanmar reached Port Blair to attend the opening ceremony of the 8th Indo-Myanmar Coordinated Patrol (IMCOR) which will be held from May 20-28. “Myanmar Navy Ship UMS King TabinShweHtee (773) and UMS Inlay (OPV-54) have arrived at Port Blair on May 20 for the ‘Opening Ceremony’ of the 8th Indo-Myanmar coordinated patrol (IMCOR), at Andaman and Nicobar Command.
“Tiger Triumph” Indo-US India and the United States(US) are set to host the first ever tri-services exercise codenamed “ExerciseTiger Triumph” at Visakhapatnam.
‘Chang Thang’ Indian Army Indian army conducted massive integrated exercise named ‘Chang Thang’ in the Eastern Ladakh
First edition of SITMEX- Trilateral Maritime exercise Singapore-India-Thailand Maritime Exercise) Commenced on September 16, 2019 at Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands to strengthen the maritime relationships of the three countries and to enhance security. The maiden IN-RSN-RTN Trilateral exercise will conclude on September 20, 2019.
“Maitree – 2019” India and Thailand Scheduled to be held at Foreign Training Node, Umroi, Meghalaya from September 16-29, 2019. Nearly 100 Indian and Royal Thailand Army (RTA) soldiers will participate in the exercise.


9th SLINEX 2019 India and Srilanka(SL) Commenced in the port of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Two Sri Lanka Navy Ships(SLNS) namely Sindurala and Suranimala that are offshore patrol vehicles left the Trincomalee port of Srilanka to participate in the exercise.


‘Yudh Abhyas’ 2019 Indo-US Between Indian and the United States(US) at Lewis McChord Joint Airforce Base,Washington(US) has commenced on september 5, 2019 and will continue till 18th September.
First ASEAN-U.S. Maritime Exercise begins in Sattahip Naval Base United States (US) and 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) The United States (US) and 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries began their first Asean-US Maritime Exercise (AUMX) at the Sattahip Naval Base in Thailand.
KAZIND 2019 India and Kazakhstan army The 4th edition of annual military exercise KAZIND 2019 between India and Kazakhstan army commenced at Pithoragarh 3 to 15 October 2019.
Nomadic Elephant- XIV Indo – Mongolian joint military training 14th edition of Indo – Mongolian joint military training, Exercise Nomadic Elephant–XIV commenced today. The exercise will be conducted from 05 to 18 Oct 19 at Bakloh.
“Him Vijay” Indian Army The Indian Army’s biggest ever mountain combat exercise in Arunachal Pradesh ahead of China President Xi Jinping’s visit to India this month is reported to have irked Beijing, which considers large parts of Arunachal Pradesh as part of South Tibet.

‘Him Vijay’ is the first ever such drill that the military is holding in the northeastern state. Three battle groups, each comprising 4,000 soldiers, are participating in the exercise at a height of 14,000 feet – 100 kms away from the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Ekuverin – 19 Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Force 10th edition of the Joint Military Exercise Ekuverin between the Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Force will be organised from 07 to 20 October 2019 at Aundh Military Station in Pune, Maharashtra. The Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Forces have been conducting Exercise Ekuverin meaning ‘Friends’ in the Dhivehi language since 2009.
Dharma Guardian-2019 Indo-Japan The joint military exercise Dharma Guardian-2019 between India and Japan is scheduled to start at Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School, Vairengte from October 19 and end 2 November.

The Dharma Guardian Exercise is an annual training event which is being conducted in India since 2018.

Purpose: Both the nations in the backdrop of global terrorism. The scope of this exercise covers platoon level joint training on counter terrorism operations in jungle and urban scenario.

‘’Vajra Prahar’ India and the US The 10th edition of the joint military exercise ‘Vajra Prahar’ between India and the US will be held at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) in Seattle from October 13 to28.
Shinyuu Maitri’ Indian Air Force & Japanese Air Self Defence Force The Indian Air Force will be carrying out a joint military exercise ‘Shinyuu Maitri’ with Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) from 17 to 23 October.

The exercise will be held at Air Force Station, Arjan Singh in Panagarh town in West Bengal.

‘EX EASTERN BRIDGE-V’ India, Oman Indian Air Force (IAF) kickstarted its bilateral joint exercise with Royal Air Force Oman (RAFO), named ‘EX EASTERN BRIDGE-V’ at Air Force Base Masirah. The exercise will be held 17th October to 26th
Danx-19 Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC) has conducted the second edition of Defence of Andaman & Nicobar Islands 2019 (DANX-19), a large scale joint services exercise from 14 Oct to 18 Oct.

Components of the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard carried out mobilisation and field manoeuvres to validate defensive plans of Headquarters ANC towards pursuance of the Command’s responsibility, namely ensuring territorial integrity of the A&N Islands.

IMNEX-2019 India-Myanmar Naval Exercise The harbour phase of IMNEX-19 scheduled 17th October to 20th October includes visits to Indian Naval units, training and maintenance facility at Visakhapatnam.
Sudarshan Chakra Vahini exercise  Indian Army Two-day long manoeuvres by Sudarshan Chakra Vahini of Indian Army started at Jaisalmer field firing range in Rajasthan. In this war exercise, the army is going to exhibit its strength regarding Agni Missile and artillery.

Artillery, Arms and mechanized forces, Army air defence and helicopters of army aviation are participating in this exercise to test mutual coordination

‘Sindhu Sudarshan’ Indian Army Military exercises, the ‘Sindhu Sudarshan’ in the deserts of Rajasthan from November 29 to December 4 to evaluate the capability of the Defence forces to strike deep into enemy territory in an integrated air-land battle.

Sindhu Sudarshan will witness more than 40,000 troops in an all-arms battle array of divisions and brigades carrying out offensive operations in deserts. This will provide the unique opportunity to employ entire mechanised formations consisting of tanks and Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) in order to evaluate the capability to strike deep along Western Borders.

Ex Shakti -2019” Indian Army and Army of France Indian Army and Army of France will carry out counter-terrorism drills under the “Exercise Shakti 2019” that will be held in Rajasthan at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges.

The exercise will be held from October 31 to November 13

“Dustlik 2019” India-Uzbekistan The First-ever bilateral exercise will be conducted from November 4 to 13 at Chirchiq Training Area near Tashkent and will be focused on counter-terrorism, an area in which “the two countries share a common concern”.
‘Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT)- 2019’ US- Bangladesh Navy The second phase of the biggest US- Bangladesh Navy exercise named ‘Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT)- 2019’ started in Chattogram.
“Samudra Shakti” Indian Navy-Indonesian Navy bilateral India is jointly exercising its anti-submarine warfare corvette INS Kamorta along with Indonesian warship KRI Usman Harun,  a multi-role corvette, in the Bay of Bengal as part of an ongoing bilateral exercise ”Samudra Shakti”,
INDRA 2019 India and Russia The first-ever joint tri-service exercise between India and Russia codenamed INDRA 2019 will be conducted from December 10-19.

At Babina (near Jhansi),UP

‘Tiger Triumph’ India-US tri-services exercise The maiden India-US joint tri-services Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise named ‘Tiger Triumph’ is scheduled to begin at Visakhapatnam from November 13.

In consonance with the growing partnership between India and the US, Tiger Triumph is scheduled on the Eastern seaboard from November 13 to 21, 2019.

Bilateral Maritime Exercise Za’ir-Al-Bahr (Roar of the Sea) Qatari Emiri Navy and the Indian Navy Forces Indian Navy Guided Missile Stealth Frigate INS Trikand and Patrol Aircraft P8-I arrived at Doha for the inaugural edition of the Bilateral Maritime Exercise Za’ir-Al-Bahr (Roar of the Sea) being conducted from 17 to 21 Nov 19
‘Sindhu Sudarshan’ Sudarshan Chakra Corps of the Indian Army The Sudarshan Chakra Corps of the Indian Army conducted ‘Sindhu Sudarshan’ exercise in Rajasthan’s Barmer on November 16. Around 40,000 jawans of the Indian Army are participating in the exercise.
MITRA SHAKTI– 2019 India-Sri Lanka joint training exercise The seventh edition of India-Sri Lanka joint training exercise, Exercise MITRA SHAKTI– 2019 is scheduled to be conducted at Foreign Training Node (FTN), Pune from 01 – 14 December 2019. The sixth edition of the exercise was held in Sri Lanka.
Mine Countermeasure Exercise-first time Japan- India The Indian Naval Forces and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) has conducted the first Mine Countermeasure Exercise(MINEX) at Kochi,Kerala.
SURYA KIRAN – XIV’ India and Nepal Joint military exercise ‘SURYA KIRAN – XIV’ between India and Nepal will be conducted at Salijhandi, Rupendehi district of Nepal from 03 to 16 December 2019.


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