Lithuania angered Russia by blocking goods’ train

Lithuania angered Russia by blocking goods’ train

Team Ambitiousbaba are here with a Current Affairs Special Series. In this series, candidates will be introduced to current affairs topics daily, which will not only improve their general awareness but also will ensure that the candidates do not lack in any current affairs topic. Today’s Current Affairs topic is “Lithuania angered Russia by blocking goods’ train

Lithuania has blocked some goods’ train which was travelling between mainland Russia and a crucial city outside Russia. Lithuania is European country which is a member of Non Alliance Treaty Organisation and the European Union.

It arise a question that whether this step by Lithuania will create another war in Europe with Russia or not.

The region of Kaliningrad is demographically isolated from the rest of Russia, and Lithuania is one of the countries that locate between them.

About Lithuania:

Capital: Vilnius

Currency: Euro

Lithuania was a part of the Soviet Union, and along with most of its other neighbors have an antipathetic relationship with Russia, aggravated by the invasion of Ukraine.

The country had granted rail and road links between mainland Russia and Kaliningrad to continue — until recent days.

Blocking Goods Train:

But Lithuania suddenly blocked the transit of materials including coal, metals, and advanced technology. It gave reason for blocking that it was following EU sanctions on those materials that had just come into effect.

The governor of the Kaliningrad region informed that the ban consists around 50% of the items that Kaliningrad imports. The move evoked a furious response from the Kremlin.

With response to the blocking goods’ train to the Russia, Russia alerted Lithuania that it will certainly answer to such hostile actions and it might be an unspecified which resulted into serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania.

About Kaliningrad:

Kaliningrad’s population is about 500,000 and it is the centre point for Russian’s Baltic fleet. It hosts some of its most powerful armaments, including hypersonic missiles. It was captured from Nazi Germany by the Red Army in April 1945 and surrendered to the Soviet Union at the end of the war.

The region is strategically significant to Russia. NATO has long distinguished a 50-mile strip of Polish and Lithuanian borderland which is known as the Suwalki Gap. This Suwalki Gap lies between Russian Kaliningrad in the west and Kremlin-friendly Belarus to the east as a possible Putin target in the event of conflict.

At the weekend, Lithuanian state railway had directed Russian clients that it will no longer transport steel or iron ore across EU territory to Kaliningrad, on the Baltic sea.

A ban on oil will not be imposed until December as part of a compromise among the 27 EU member states.

Question & Answer:

Q1. Which country has recently blocked Russia’s goods train?

Ans. Lithuania

Q2. In which region Lithuania stopped trail service from Russia?

Ans. Kaliningrad

Q3. 50-mile strip of Polish and Lithuanian borderland is known as which name?

Ans. Suwalki Gap


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