Miscellaneous Paper Questions asked in Para 13.2 Exam : 5 November 2022 Exam

Para 13.2 Exam 2022 Questions Asked In Miscellaneous Subject: 5 November 2022 Exam

As we all know that IBPS conducted Para 13.2 exam for Assistant every year for promotion in insurance sector. So here we are proving the Questions Asked in Miscellaneous Subject  2022 exam. You can Check the Miscellaneous Questions Asked in para 13.2 exam 2022.

The Para 13.2 previous year Technical Paper (Paper 1) Questions  will help the aspirant in better preparation and plan according to it.  Having an idea about the previous year questions of the Para 13.2  exam will help the aspirant to plan the strategy for the preparation of the exam of the current year.

  • One question on relapse period was it 60 days?
  • One was on which is property insurance among the choices. I think it was cattle
  • One was 4-5 yrs IDV I think 50%
  • One was on intoxicated driver intoxication level should not be beyond….
  • One was on plate glass coverage. I think it was fixed glass
  • One was Commercial Guarantee liability is product plus fidelity guarantee. Something like that
  • Rabbit covered from day 1 but not was one of the 4 to be identified incorrect
  • One was theft is covered on extra premiun in..
  • One was the duration of Overseas medical policy
  • One was first loss is modified form of…. Insurance.
  • One was the duration of Overseas medical policy
  • One was for agricultural pump exclusion.
  • One was which is not an exclusion in money insurance.
  • One was what is an exclusion for bankers indemnity policy
  • One was for Student study policy and bhagyashree getting mixed up
  • Rural insurance covered in insurance act 1938-Sec 32A/B
  • One one option for coverage period for hatchery/broiler et  but  it were just options of different questions
  • Was there find the incorrect for jewellers block insurance
  • One was what is not an exception in burglary.
  • One was loss of an eye indemnity. 50%
  • Theft is covered in neon sign ins
  • Arogya Sanjeevani policy related qstion asked
  • Mediclaim 3 policies of different sum insured, which one to claim from..
  • That was also there but one coinsurance question was also there I think
  • It was synonymous for excess of loss or stop loss something like that
  • District consumer commission limit asked in exam
  • Covid treatment covered in health policy according to terms and conditions

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