Partnership Quiz for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz – 9

Partnership Quiz for IBPS, SBI, RBI: Quiz -9

Almost every bank and competitive exams include Partnership Questions. Candidates will be able to solve Partnership Questions quickly and effectively without wasting time once they have learnt the Partnership methods. So, here we bring to you the Partnership Quiz with a detailed explanation. This Partnership Quiz is available for no cost. This quiz is based on the most recent or updated exam pattern. Before taking any competitive exam, candidates should try to complete as much of this Partnership Quiz as possible. If candidates take their time and thoroughly solve this Partnership Quiz, they will get a good score in their upcoming examinations.

  1. G, V and Y enter into partnership by making investments in the ratio 3 : 5 : 7. After a year, N invests another Rs. 337600 while G withdraws Rs. 45600. The ratio of investments then changes to 24 : 59 : 167. How much did G invest initially?

(a) Rs. 45600

(b) Rs. 96000

(c) Rs. 141600

(d) Rs. 156000

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. Dinesh gets Rs.12000 . out of total profit of Rs. 18000 and he invested Rs.16000 more amount than his partner for 8 months while his partner Arun invested his amount for a year in partnership. find how much amount was invested by Dinesh?

(a)2 8000 Rs.

(b) 10000 Rs.

(c) 24000 Rs.

(d) 14000 Rs.

(e) 12000 Rs.

Answer & Explanation

  1. TCS, MTS and HCL invested 25000 cr each in partnership. After 6 months, TCS invested 10000 cr more, MTS withdraw 5000 cr while HCL withdraw 10000 cr from their initial capitals. If after one year, they get a total profit of 27550 cr, then find the profit share of TCS and HCL together?

(a) 17000Rs

(b) 19000 Rs.

(c) 15000Rs

(d) 13000Rs

(e) 12000Rs

Answer & Explanation

  1. A, B and C enter into a partnership, A invest X+8000, B invest 2X+2000 and C invest 3X + 4000 for one year if B share is 4000 from total profit of 16000 then find the difference between investment of A and C.

(a) 4000

(b) 5000

(c) 6000

(d) 2000

(e) 7000

Answer & Explanation

  1. Ritu and Priya invested in the ratio 7 : 8 in a business .They got an annual profit of Rs 34450. If Ritu withdrew her entire amount at the end of 9 months. Then find the difference between their share in profit?

(a) Rs 6400

(b) Rs 8180

(c) Rs 7150

(d) Rs 6400

(e) Rs 7560

Answer & Explanation

  1. A and B entered into partnership with Rs 700 and Rs 600 respectively. After 3 months A withdrew 2/7 of his stock but after 3 months more he put back 3/5 of what he had withdrawn. The profits at the end of the year are Rs 726, how much of this should A receive?

(a) Rs 633

(b) Rs 336

(c) Rs 663

(d) Rs 366

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. Mr. Suresh opened a workshop investing Rs. 40000. He invested additional amount of Rs. 12000 at the end of every year. After 2 years his brother Ramesh joined him with an amount of Rs. 85000. Thereafter Ramesh did not invest any additional amount. Find the difference between their shares in profit, if the sum of their profit at the end of 4 years is Rs. 603000.

(a) 91000 Rs.

(b) 95000 Rs.

(c) 80000 Rs.

(d) 93000 Rs.

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. If ratio of investment A, B and C are in the ratio 3 : 5 : 8 and the time of investment of A, B and C are 100/3%,80% and 25% respectively of their investment, and profit of A is 4800 then what will be the profit of C.

(a) 25,600

(b) 15,600
(c) 24,800

(d) 22,500

(e) 26,700

Answer & Explanation

  1. P and Q invested the same capital in Ripple, at the end of year they gets the profit of 7500 Rs. and 5000 Rs. respectively. If P has invested his capital for the whole year, for how many months Q has invested her capital ?

(a)  8 months

(b) 6months

(c) 4 months

(d) 2 months

(e) 10 months

Answer & Explanation

  1. A, B and C started a business with their investment in the ratio 1 : 2 : 4. After 6 months, A invested the half amount more as before and B invest same the amount as before while C withdrew 1/4th of his investment. Find the ratio of their profits at the end of the year.

(a) 5 : 12 : 13

(b) 5 : 11 : 14

(c) 5 : 12 : 14

(d) 5 : 12 : 10

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

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