Percentage Quiz for IBPS , SBI , RBI: Quiz – 9

Percentage Quiz for IBPS , SBI , RBI: Quiz – 9

Percentage is a crucial topic of the Quantitative Aptitude section of many competitive exams such as the IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exams. Generally, 1-2 Percentage Questions are asked in any of the IBPS, SBI, or RBI PO and clerk exams. Thus, candidates must have a clear understanding of the Percentage Questions. So, here we bring to you the Percentage Quiz to help you prepare well. This Percentage Quiz includes all of the most recent pattern-based questions, as well as Previous Year Percentage Questions from the IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exams. This Percentage Quiz is available to you at no cost. This Percentage Quiz contains a detailed explanation for each question. Aspirants must solve this Percentage Quiz to enhance their preparation for their upcoming exams.

  1. In a library 30% books are in English, 50% books are in Hindi and the remaining 500 are in other languages. What is the total number of books in the library?

(a) 2700

(b) 2750

(c) 2555

(d) 2500

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. A fraction, when it reversed increased by 125%. What is the original fraction.






Answer & Explanation

  1. 30% of the first number is 12 more than 40% of another number. If difference between both numbers is 60 then find the greatest number.  






Answer & Explanation

  1. Rahul spent 60% of his salary in house rent and food, in which 70% are on house rent. If the difference of amount spent in house rent and food is Rs12000 then find his salary.  

(a) 60000

(b) 24000

(c) 35000

(d) 40000

(e) 50000

Answer & Explanation

  1. In a company ratio of number of officers to the number of clerks is 4 : 5. Total salary of all the officers is 140% more than the total salary of clerks. If total salary of all clerks and officers is 1020000 Rs. then find the salary of a officer is what % more than the salary of a clerk?  

(a) 300%

(b) 100%

(c) 150%

(d) 200%

(e) 50%

Answer & Explanation

  1. Vikas score 42 marks in an exam and failed by 2% and Sumit scores 36% and passed by 9 marks in same exam. How much marks they together required to reach 80% in same exam.

(a) 138

(b) 160

(c) 150

(d) 120

(e) 144

Answer & Explanation

7. There are three societies A, B and C. Ratio of total population of A, B and C is 2 : 3 : 5. In society A, 35% of total population is female. In society B, number of females is 200/3% less than number of males of society B. In society C, ratio of male to female is 27 : 23. Find total number of females is what percent less than total number of males in all societies together ?

Answer & Explanation

8. Thirty percent of total employees of a company are females, and sixty percent of female employees earn more than Rs. 17000 as monthly salary. If fifty five percent of total employees of the company earn more than Rs. 17000 as monthly salary. What fraction of total male employees of the company earn Rs. 17000 or less as monthly salary ?

Answer & Explanation

9. In a city 60 percent are male and remaining are females. Out of total males, 20% of male are government employees. Out of remaining males, ratio between private employees to unemployed male is 5 :7. Out of total females, 40% of female are in government jobs and out of remaining females 40% of female work for private firms and remaining are unemployed. Find the total number of male and female, who are government employees, if difference between male and female who are unemployed is 3400?

(a) 6000

(b) 5000

(c) 7000

(d) 4000

(e) 3000

Answer & Explanation

10. A reduction of 20% in the price of sugar enables Mr. Bhadra to buy a extra 5 kg of it for Rs. 320. The original rate of sugar is

(a) Rs. 12 per kg

(b) Rs. 15 per kg

(c) Rs. 16 per kg

(d) Rs. 20 per kg

(e) Rs. 18 per kg

Answer & Explanation

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