Percentage Quiz for IBPS , SBI , RBI: Quiz – 8

Percentage Quiz for IBPS , SBI , RBI: Quiz – 8

Percentage is quite important in the quantitative aptitude sections of numerous banking exams, such as the IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exams. At least 1-2 Percentage Questions will be asked in any of the IBPS, SBI, or RBI PO and clerk exams. Thus, candidates must be familiar with the Percentage Questions. So, here we are providing you the Percentage Quiz to boost your exam preparation. This Percentage Quiz includes all of the most recent pattern-based questions, as well as Previous Year Percentage Questions from the IBPS, SBI, and RBI PO and Clerk exams. This Percentage Quiz is completely free. This Percentage Quiz contains a detailed explanation for each question.

  1. Prices register an increase of 10% on food grains and 15% on other items of expenditure. If the ratio of an employee’s expenditure on food grains and other items be 2 : 5. By how much should his salary be increased in order that he may maintain the same level of consumption as before, his present salary being Rs. 2590?

(a) Rs. 323.75

(b) Rs. 351.50

(c) Rs. 360.50

(d) Rs. 350

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. A large watermelon weighs 20 kg with 96% of its weight being water. It is allowed to stand in the sun and some of the water evaporates so that only 95% of its weight is water. Its reduced weight will be:

(a) 16 kg

(b) 16.5 kg

(c) 17 kg

(d) 18 kg

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. Two jars contain equal quantities of 40% alcohol. Anju changed the concentration of the first jar to 50% by adding extra quantity of pure alcohol. Sonali changed the concentration of the second jar to 50% by replacing a certain quantity of the solution with pure alcohol. By what percentage is the quantity of alcohol added by Anju more than that replaced by Sonali?

(a) 15%

(b) 10%

(c) 20%

(d) 40%

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. In a company, there are 75% skilled workers and remaining ones are unskilled. 80% of skilled workers and 20% of unskilled workers are permanent. If number of temporary workers is 126, then what is the number of total workers?

(a) 480

(b) 510

(c) 360

(d) 377

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

5. Average salary of Sanjeev and Rawat is 3000. If salary of Sanjeev and Rawat increased by 40% and 20% respectively then their total salary is increased by 32%. Then salary of Sanjeev is what percent more than salary of Rawat before increment?

Answer & Explanation

6. In a college election between 2 students, 10% of votes cast were invalid. The winner got 70% of the valid votes and defeats the loser by 1800 votes. How many votes were cast in total?

(a) 4500 votes

(b) 6000 votes

(c) 5000 votes

(d) 4000 votes

(e) 5100 votes

Answer & Explanation

  1. A student gets an aggregate of 60% marks in five subjects in the ratio 10 : 9 : 8 : 7 : 6. If the passing marks are 45% of the maximum marks and each subject has the same maximum marks, in how many subjects did he pass the examination?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

8. The weight of the container alone is 25% of the container filled with a certain fluid. When some fluid is removed, the weight of the container and remaining fluid is 50% of the original total weight. What fractional part of the liquid has been removed?

Answer & Explanation

9. A number is divided into two parts in such a way that 80% of 1st part is 3 more than 60% of 2nd part and 80% of 2nd part is 6 more than 90% of the 1st part then the number is :


(b) 145

(c) 130

(d) 125

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

  1. Abhinav monthly salary is 48000, he spent 15% of his salary on Rent and 20% of remaining on the food. After that he invests 8140 Rs in mutual fund, he deposited 60% of remaining in his father’s account and remaining as saving. Find his annual saving.

(a) 9800

(b) 1176

(c) 90000

(d) 117600

(e) 8500

Answer & Explanation

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