PM Narendra Modi inaugurated first earthquake memorial “Smriti Van”

In this article, we see important points of -PM Narendra Modi inaugurated first earthquake memorial "Smriti Van"

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated first earthquake memorial “Smriti Van”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s first ever earthquake memorial in Bhuj district of Gujarat. It is the first one of its kind memorial in India that recalls the remarkable inspiration and fighting spirit of those people who survived the devastating earthquake that occurred in 2001 in the region of Kutch, Gujarat. In this earthquake there were many people who lost their lives and many who survived this traumatized incident. 

Bhuj was the epicenter of this disastrous earthquake. This earthquake memorial “Smriti Van” shows the strength and bearings of the people of Kutch during the earthquake. There was no kind of memorial in India that was built to commemorate the bravery of people in any earthquake incident before the invigoration of “Smriti Van” in the Bhuj district of Gujarat.

Speciality of Smriti Van:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared the picture of Smriti Van with the citizens of the country and stated the earthquake memorial as a tribute to the survivors of that Kutch earthquake. He further said that Smriti Van is dedicated to the memory of those people who lost their lives in the tragic earthquake of Kutch. 

The Smriti Van in Gujarat has been built on an area of 470 acre. It is further divided into the seven blocks which are based on the seven particular themes. These seven themes are as mentioned below:

  • Rebirth
  • Rediscover
  • Restore
  • Rebuild
  • Rethink
  • Relive
  • Renew

Features of the building:

There are also inscribed the names of 13,000 people who had lost their lives in the tragic Kutch earthquake in 2001. The first block shows the unchangeable nature of the Earth and its evolution. The second block shows Gujarat’s topography and also includes the vulnerability of Gujarat to the various natural disasters. 

The third block showcases the efforts taken after the earthquake and the fourth block covers Gujarat’s rebuilding projects. Furthermore the fifth block insists the people to think about future disasters and innovate ways to combat these natural disasters. The sixth block of this building has a 5D stimulator to give the experience of the earthquake so that people can know the ground reality of the earthquake. Last but not least the seventh block has a space for visitors to remembrance. 


This new building that is dedicated to the survivors of the deadly earthquake of Kutch paves the way for new technologies and effective ways to deal with such natural disasters in the future. We need to understand and have knowledge of the natural disasters and proper ways to manage and survive these incidents in future. We must give tribute to those survivors who have faced that tragic earthquake and who have lost their lives in that incident and remember their bravery.

Questions And Answers:

Q1. Who inaugurated the Smriti Van?

Ans. Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Q2. What is Smriti Van and where is it situated?

Ans. Smriti Van is one of its kind earthquake memorial and it is situated in the Bhuj district of Gujarat.

Q3. In which year the Kutch earthquake occurred?

Ans. 2001.


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