Quant Quiz 9th September 2018

Directions (1 to 5): In the following table total number of student from different institutes in there specialization is given. Percentage of male/female is also given-

No. of students % female No. of students % Male No. of students % female
P 340 45% 280 40% 220 50%
Q 300 50% 360 50% 240 45%
R 260 40% 200 50% 320 55%
S 340 55% 260 45% 140 65%
T 190 60% 320 40% 280 35%
U 260 45% 320 60% 150 40%
V 220 35% 370 65% 280 55%

Question1:  If the number of students with Mechanical specialization in each institute increased by 20% and the number of students with Electronics specialization in each institute decreased by 15% from 2012-2013, total number of students with Mechanical from all the institutes in 2013 is approximately, what per cent of the total number of students with Electronics specialization from all the institutes in 2013 ?

(a) 122%    

(b) 116%

(c) 162%                                     

(d) 132%


Question2: Average number of females in Mechanical specialization from institute P, Q and R and S together are what % more/less than the average number of males in Electronics specialization from institute S, T, U and V together ?


Question3: If the number of students in institutes P, Q and R with IT specialization increased by 15%, 22% and 10% respectively from 2012 to 2013, what was the total number of students with IT specialization in the three institutes together in 2013 ?

(a) 1028                                      

(b) 1056

(c) 1043                                      

(d) 1142

(e) 1145

Question4: Total number of students in IT specialization from all of the institutes together are how much more/less than 60% of  the number of students in Electronics and Mechanical specialization from all of the institutes together?

(a) 330

(b) 338

(c) 334

(d) 339

(e) None of these                                                                 

Question5: If out of the total number of students from all three specializations together in institute Q number of students having liking for Music, Painting and Cricket are in the ratio 5 : 6 : 7 respectively, then what is the number of students liking Music from institute ?

(a) 250                                        

(b) 300

(c) 350                                         

(d) 360

(e) 280

Question6: Mr. Anant Roy, the renowned author, recently got his new novel released. To his utter dismay he found that for the 1,007 pages on an average there were 2 mistakes every page. While, in the first 612 pages there were only 434 mistakes, they seemed to increase for the latter pages. Find the average number of mistakes per page for the remaining pages. 

(a) 6

(b) 4

(c) 2

(d) Can’t be determined

(e) None of these

Question7: There are two mixtures of honey and water, the quantity of honey in them being 25% and 75% of the mixture. If 2 gallons of the first are mixed with three gallons of the second, what will be the ratio of honey to water in the new mixture ?

(a) 11 : 2

(b) 11 : 9

(c) 9 : 11

(d) 2 : 11

(e) None of these

Question8: A and B have some guavas divided between themselves. A says to B “If I give you 25% of the guavas I have, I will still have 2 more guavas than you have.” To this, B says “If you give me guavas equal to 70% of what I have now, I will have 4 more guavas than you have.” What is the total number of guavas that they have ?

(a) 80

(b) 64

(c) 36

(d) 88

(e) None of these

Question9: A manufacturer sells a pair of glasses to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 18%. The wholesaler sells the same to a retailer at a profit of 20%. The retailer in turn sells them to a customer for Rs. 30.09, thereby earning a profit of 25%. The cost price for the manufacturer is

(a) Rs. 16

(b) Rs. 20

(c) Rs. 17

(d) Rs. 24

(e) None of these

Question10: Rotomac produces very fine quality of writing pens. Company knows that on an average 10% of the produced pens are always defective so are rejected before packing. Company promises to deliver 7200 pens to its wholesaler at Rs. 10 each. It estimates the overall profit on all the manufactured pens to be 25%. What is the manufacturing cost of each pen ?

(a) Rs. 6

(b) Rs. 7.2

(c) Rs. 5.6

(d) Rs. 8

(e) None of these


1-5 sol6-7 sol8-10 sol

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