Quant Quiz (DI, Caselet) 3rd October 2018

Directions (1 to 5): Study the following bar graph and answer the questions that follow.


Q1. If  (140/9)% of students enrolled for B.A. disciplines in college C are females then number of males in B.A. disciplines in college  are what percent of females in college D for B.A discipline if females in B.A. discipline of College D are (2000/7)% more than females in BA discipline of College C.

(a) 110%

(b) 90%

(c) 80%

(d) 140%

(e) 130%

Q2. Number of students enrolled is B.Sc from college C and E together are what percent of the total number of students B. Com from all colleges together?

(a) 42%

(b) 32%

(c) 49%

(d) 38%

(e) 28%

Q3. What is the ratio of  2/5 of students enrolled college A and C together to 5/3 of students enrolled in college D & E together.

(a) 47 : 225

(b) 80 : 123

(c) 43 : 223

(d) 31 : 117

(e) None of these

Q4. If (76/5) % of students enrolled in college D. leaves the college and number of students from all three discipline(i.e. B.A. ,B Sc, B Com) who leave college D are in the ratio 8 : 6 : 5 then remaining student from B. com in college D are what % of student from B.Sc discipline from college E

(a) 48%

(b) 50%

(c) 43%

(d) 52%

(e) 49%

Q5. Total students from BA discipline from all colleges together are what% more or less than total students from B.Sc discipline from all colleges together?

(a) 9%

(b) 7%

(c) 5%

(d) 11%

(e) 10%

Directions (6 to 10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Five sports hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton and Baseball are included in a sports Competition. The total number of players in this sports competition is 800. The ratio between the woman and man players is 1 : 3. 25% players are in cricket of total players, 110 players play Badminton, 10% players in tennis of total players. Hockey players are two times of Badminton players, while remaining players play Baseball. 30% of cricket players are woman. Half woman cricketers are equal to woman badminton players. 10% players of Hockey players are equal to woman tennis players. Hockey and Baseball have equal woman players.

Q6. What is the ratio between the woman hockey players and man badminton players?

(a) 20 : 13

(b) 11 : 20

(c) 13 : 20

(d) 11 : 23

(e) None of these

Q7. What is the total number of man players in hockey, cricket and baseball?

(a) 464

(b) 454

(c) 462

(d) 432

(e) None of these

Q8. What is the percentage of woman baseball players comparison to man hockey players?

(a) 25%

(b) 34%

(c) 24%

(d) 15%

(e) None of these

Q9. What is the difference between the man baseball players and woman tennis players?

(a) 134

(b) 136

(c) 122

(d) 126

(e) None of these

Q10. In which sports, women are maximum and men are minimum?

(a) Cricket and badminton

(b) Cricket and hockey

(c) Baseball and cricket

(d) Cricket and Tennis

(e) Tennis and Hockey



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