Quant Quiz for IBPS Clerk MAINS 2021| 23 Feb 2021

Quant Quiz for IBPS Clerk MAINS 2021

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

Q1. Time taken by car A to cover distance from point X to point Y is 6½ hrs including ½ hour of stoppage. B also started from point X and stopped 90 km earlier from point Y after travelling for 6½ hrs. Had they started from same point and at same time, the difference between their distance covered in 7.5 minutes will be 2.5 km. Find the distance between two cars, if they start a race for the distance which is twice the distance between X and Y, assuming that both cars stops when one of the car finish the race.
1. 360 km
2. 240 km
3. 180 km
4. 300 km
5. 280 km
Q2. A person bought some mobiles and he sold 60% of them at the profit of 3.5% & sold rest of them at the rate of Rs. 6,660 each. In this transaction, he earned an overall profit% of 6.5%. Find the SP (in Rs.) of each mobile which were sold at 3.5% profit.
1. Rs 6210
2. Rs 7230
3. Rs 5830
4. Rs 5760
5. Rs 5466
Q3. Tank 1 can be filled by pipe A alone in 7.5 min, while total time taken by pipe B to fill & to empty the same tank is 25 min and the efficiency of pipe B during time of filling and empty is same. Pipe A was opened for 12 minutes alone in tank 2. Then pipe B alone for 12 minutes. Remaining of tank 2 was filled by pipe C in 18 minutes. Find the time taken by pipe C to fill 80% of tank 1, if the ratio of volume of tank 1 to tank 2 is 1 : 4.
1. 12.5 minutes
2. 13.5 minutes
3. 8.5 minutes
4. 8 minutes
5. 10 minutes
Q4. A person ‘A’, invested 37½% of his savings in scheme XYZ, while B invested 62½% of his savings in the same scheme. If B invested 50% of his remaining savings in scheme PQR, and A thought to invest double of the amount invested by B in PQR scheme then find what percent of A’s remaining savings after investment in XYZ, A should invest in PQR. Given that amount invested by B in XYZ is twice the amount invested by A in same scheme.
1. 80%
2. 68%
3. 64%
4. 72%
5. 60%
Q5. Two trains A and B with their length difference 17 m cross each other in 2.6 seconds while running in opposite direction. Train A crosses train B in 13 seconds while they are running in same direction. If train A takes 2 seconds to cross a pole, then find the sum of speed of both the trains, assuming that train B is longer than train A.
Direction (6 -10): Bar-graph shows the percentage distribution of distance covered in upstream and downstream by Rahul on different dates.

Table given below shows the speed of current in km/hr on different dates.

Q6. If time taken by Rahul to swim upstream on 1st August. is 61 1/3 hr more than time taken by him to swim downstream on same date, then find the speed of Rahul in still water?
1. 16 km/hr
2. 30 km/hr
3. 25 km/hr
4. 20 km/hr
5. None of these
Q7. If speed of Rahul in still water on 2nd Aug. is 8 km/hr and speed of Rahul in still water on 3rd Aug. is 25% more than his speed on 2nd Aug. and time taken by him to travel upstream on 2nd August is 166 2/3% more than time taken by him to travel downstream on same date, then find the seven times of the speed of current on 2nd Aug.?
1. 8 km/hr
2. 6 km/hr
3. 4 km/hr
4. None of these
5. 2 km/hr
Q8. Speed of current on 4th Aug. is 50% of downstream speed of Rahul on 5th August, then time to cover 128 km upstream on 4th Aug. is ? [Given that time of Rahul to cover upstream distance on 5th August is 80 hr and assuming that speed of Rahul in still water is same on both days]
Q9. If ratio of speed of current on 2nd August to 4th August is 2 : 3 & speed of Rahul on both days are same and time in upstream on 4th August. is 24 times the time taken in downstream on 2th August then find the speed of Rahul in still water if speed of current on 3rd August is 50% of speed of current on 2nd Aug.(approximately)?
1. 21 km/h
2. 23km/h
3. None of these
4. 25km/h
5. 20km/h
Q10. A can do a task in 18 days, B can do the same task in 24 days and C can destroy the whole work in 36 days. If A & B work for first x days together after C also joined them, remaining work complete in (x + 24/5) days. Find how many days all three worked together ?


Q1. Ans(2)
Q2. Ans(1)
Q3. Ans(5)
Q4. Ans(4)
Q5. Ans(4)
Q6. Ans(4)
Q7. Ans(1)
Q8. Ans(3)
Q9. Ans(5)
Q10. Ans(5)

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