Quant Quiz for IBPS MAINS, SBI MAINS & RRB MAINS 2021| 15 January 2021

Quant Quiz for ,IBPS MAINS, SBI MAINS & RRB MAINS 2021

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

Q1. When we reverse the digits of a two-digit number, we got a new number. Product of new number with sum of its digits is 52 and digit at ten’s place of the original number is 2 more than the digit at unit’s place of original number. Find original number?
1. 39
2. 33
3. 41
4. 31
5. 37
Q2. A & B working together can complete a piece of work in 72 days, B & C working together can complete the same work in 90 days and A & C working together can complete the same work in 75 days. If A, B & C starts working together, then find in how many days will the same work be completed?
Q3. Cost price of an article is 39% less than the marked price of the article and shopkeeper earned 40% profit in selling the article. If amount of profit is Rs.196 more than amount of discount, then find cost price of article.
1. Rs.1345
2. Rs.1325
3. Rs.1290
4. Rs.1245
5. Rs.1220
Q4. Time taken by boat to cover 48 km in upstream is 200% of the time taken by boat to cover 48 km in downstream. If sum of time taken by boat to cover 48 km distance in upstream and same distance in downstream is 9 hours, then find speed of boat?
1. 8 km/hr
2. 10 km/hr
3. 12 km/hr
4. 4 km/hr
5. 6 km/hr
Q5. Pankaj and Suresh invested capital in the ratio of 4 : 3 in a partnership business. Pankaj and Suresh left the business after 5 months and after 10 months respectively. Raju joined the business with Rs.50000 when Suresh left, and they wind up the business after 1 year. If at the end of one-year profit sharing ratio of Pankaj, Suresh & Raju is 2 : 3 : 1, then find the difference between the capital invested by Pankaj and Suresh?
1. Rs.10000
2. Rs.40000
3. Rs.30000
4. Rs.50000
5. Rs.20000
Q6. 80 l mixture of milk and water contains 25% of water. If 24 l of mixture taken out from mixture, then find what quantity of water should be mixed in remaining mixture to make water 65% of resulting mixture?
1. 56 l
2. 44 l
3. 42 l
4. 40 l
5. 64 l
Q7. The diagonal of rectangle which length 12 cm and breadth 5 cm are equal to hypotenuse of a right – angle isosceles tringle. Find the area of rectangle is how much more than ( in cm sq.) that of area of right – angle isosceles tringle?
1. 16.75
2. 17.25
3. 17.75
4. 17.50
5. 18.25
Q8. A lent B Rs.12000 on C.I. at the rate of 20% per annum and at the end of first year B borrowed Rs. ‘x’ more from A on C.I. at the same rate. If at the end of second year, B paid total amount of Rs.20400 to A, then find value of x?
1. Rs.2400
2. Rs.2000
3. Rs.3600
4. Rs.2600
5. Rs.4000
Q9. A 350 meters long train ‘A’ passed a pole in 17.5 sec. Train ‘A’ passed another train ‘B’ travelling in the direction opposite to ‘A’ in 60/7 sec. If length of train ‘B’ is 450 meters, then in what time train ‘B’ will pass train ‘A’ when they both runs in same direction?
1. 16 sec
2. 12 sec
3. 20 sec
4. 15 sec
5. 10 sec
Q10. Ratio of present age of Rahul to present age of Gopal is 7 : 8 and ratio of Puneet age four years ago to Rahul age four years hence is 2 : 3. If present age of Punnet is 75% of present age of Gopal, then find the average of present ages of Rahul, Gopal and Puneet (in years)?
1. 37
2. 40
3. 35
4. 42
5. 44


Q1. Ans(4) Let digit at unit’s place and ten’s place of original number be ‘y’ and ‘x’ respectively.
So, original number = 10 × x + y
And, new number = 10 × y + x
Q2. Ans(2)
Q3. Ans(5)
Q4. Ans(3)
Q5. Ans(1)
Let capital invested by Pankaj & Suresh be Rs 4x and Rs. 3x respectively.
So, profit sharing ratio of Pankaj, Suresh and Raju = 4x × 5 : 3x × 10 : 50000 × 2
= 20x : 30x : 100000
Q6. Ans(5)
Q7. Ans(3)
Q8. Ans(4)
Q9. Ans(4)
Q10. Ans(3)

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