Quant Quiz for IBPS MAINS, SBI MAINS & RRB MAINS 2021| 25 January 2021

Quant Quiz for ,IBPS MAINS, SBI MAINS & RRB MAINS 2021

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,LIC Assistant  and other competitive exam.

Q1. A shopkeeper has two types Wheat i.e Type A & Type B and cost price per kg of Type A wheat is 10 times of cost price per kg of type B wheat. Shopkeeper cheated a costumer by saying that he will give him 200 kg of Type A wheat but shopkeeper gives 200 kg of mixture of Type A & Type B wheat on 10% above the cost price per kg of Type A wheat. If shopkeeper made a total profit of 71 7/8% in this transaction, then find ratio between quantity of Type B wheat to Type A wheat in sold mixture?
1. 2 : 5
2. 2 : 3
3. 1 : 3
4. 2 : 7
5. 1: 5
Direction (2 – 5): Given below bar graph shows number of applications (in lakh) filled for ‘SBI PO’ in five different years and percentage of applications rejected in that respective years. Read the data carefully and answer the questions.
Q6. Efficiency of Q is 40% more than efficiency of P. Both P & Q started working alternatively and, complete the work in 24 days. If R alone completes the same work in 16 days, find in how many days P and R together will complete that work?
Q7. A and B entered into partnership. A made an investment in the ratio of 3 : 5 for first four months and for next six months respectively, while B invested Rs. 1800 for whole year. If A and B got profit share in the ratio of 7 : 9 at the end of year then find amount invested by A for next six months ?
1. 1800 Rs.
2. 2000 Rs.
3. 1600 Rs.
4. 2200 Rs.
5. 2400 Rs.
Q8. A dishonest shopkeeper used false weights weighing 10% less and 20% more at the time of selling and purchasing of goods respectively and sold the goods at 5% above its cost price. Find his profit percentage?
1. 25%
2. 32%
3. 40%
4. 50%
5. 12.5%
Q9. A milkman made a mixture by mixing milk and water in the ratio 2 : 3 and sold 37.5% of the mixture. If he added 62.5 l water in the remaining mixture, ratio of milk to water becomes 2 : 5, then Find the initial quantity of mixture?
1. 325l
2. 400l
3. 250l
4. 150l
5. 450l
Q10. Arun invested Rs X in scheme I for three years at the rate of 12% p.a. at simple interest while Kush invested Rs (X + 4000) in scheme II for 2 years on C.I. at 20% p.a. rate. Find sum invested by Kush if total interest earned by them is Rs. 3360.
1. 6000
2. 4500
3. 2000
4. 3500
5. 5200


Q1. Ans(2)
Q2. Ans(1)
Q3. Ans(4)
Q4. Ans(3)
Q5. Ans(2)
Q6. Ans(1)
Q7. Ans(2)
Q8. Ans(3)
Q9. Ans(3)
Q10. Ans(1)

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