Quant Quiz for RRB PO & LIC ADO 2019 | 1 July 2019

Quant Quiz for LIC ADO & RRB PO 2019

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,  and other competitive exams.

Q1. A bag contains 5 red balls and 7 blue balls. Two balls are drawn at random without replacement, and then find the probability of that one is red and other is blue. 

A) 33/65

B) 35/66

C)  37/66 

D) 41/65

E) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q1. Ans(B)

Q2. A bag contains 3 red balls and 8 blacks ball and another bag contains 5 red balls and 7 blacks balls, one ball is drawn at random from either of the bag, find the probability that the ball is red. 

A) 93/264

B) 95/264

C) 91/264

D) 97/264

E) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q2. Ans(C)

Q3.  12 persons are seated at a circular table. Find the probability that 3 particular persons always seated together.

A) 9/55

B) 7/55

C) 4/55

D) 3/55

E) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q3. Ans(D)

Taking 3 particular persons as single entity, we have 12 – 3 + 1 = 10 persons to be seated.

Q4.  P and Q are two friends standing in a circular arrangement with 10 more people. Find the probability that exactly 3 persons are seated between P and Q. 

A) 5/11

B) 4/11

C) 2/11

D)  3/11

E) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q4. Ans(C)

Q5.  A basket contains 5 black and 8 yellow balls. Four balls are drawn at random and not replaced. What is the probability that they are of different colours alternatively. 

A) 56/429

B) 57/429

C) 61/429

D) 68/429

E) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q5. Ans(A)

Q6. Manish borrowed some money at the rate of 7 per cent per annul for the first three years, 9 per cent per annul for the next six years and 10 per cent per annul for the period beyond nine years. If the total interest paid by him at the end of fifteen years is Rs 4050, how much money did he borrow( if simple interest be reckoned)?

(a) Rs 2800       

(b) Rs 3600

(c) Rs 3000        

(d) Rs 3500

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q6. Ans(c)


Q7. The bases of a hemisphere and a cone are equal. If their heights are also equal then ratio between their curved surface area is— 






Answer & Explanation
Q7. Ans(B)

Q8.  The length of a rectangular plot is thrice of its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 7803 sq m, what is the breadth of the rectangular plot? 

A) 51 m

B) 153 m

C) 104 m 

D) 88 m

E)  None of these 

Answer & Explanation
Q8. Ans(A)

Q9. Area of a rectangle is  and its length and the breadth are in the ratio of 9 : 7 respectively. What is its perimeter? 

A) 64 cm

B) 68 cm

C) 128 cm 

D) 96 cm

E) None of these 

Answer & Explanation
Q9. Ans(A)

Q10.  How many bags of grain can be stored in a cuboid granary, if each bag occupies a space of  ? 

A)  8256

B) 90

C) 212 

D) 225

E) 250

Answer & Explanation
Q10. Ans(D)’

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