Quant Quiz for SBI PO PRE & LIC AAO 2019 |26th April 2019

Quant Quiz for SBI PO PRE & LIC AAO 2019

Reasoning Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Po & SBI clerk exam Reasoning, IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning, LIC AAO ,  and other competitive exams.

Direction (Q1 – Q4) : Given table shows the number of Cars manufactured and percentage of Cars sold by six companies in 2017. Answer the following questions based on given data– 

Q1. Total number of Cars sold by Companies C and D together is what percent more/less than Cars that remain unsold by Companies B and E together?

A) 52%

B) 39%

C) 44%

D) 48%

E) 56%

Answer & Explanation
Q1. Ans(B)

Q2. 66 2/3 % of Cars sold by Company F were diesel cars and ratio between number of diesel and petrol cars manufactured by company F in in 2017 was 3 : 4, find number of petrol cars that remain unsold by F in 2017? (Consider only diesel and petrol cars were manufactured).

A) 107

B) 112

C) 99

D) 92

E) 97

Answer & Explanation
Q2. Ans(E)

Q3. In 2016, total cars manufactured by six companies together is 44% less than total cars manufactured by six companies together in 2017. If ratio of total cars sold to total cars manufactured in 2016 is 13: 20. Then, find total number of cars remains unsold in 2016? 

A) 472

B) 490

C) 480

D) 460

E) 420

Answer & Explanation
Q3. Ans(B)

Q4. Company ‘C’ gets Rs. 2 lakhs profit on selling each car and suffers a loss of Rs. 80,000 on every unsold car, find overall profit of Company C in 2017?

A) 45 lakh

B) 92 lakh

C) 72 lakh

D) 80 lakh

E) 76 lakh

Answer & Explanation
Q4. Ans(D)

Q5. P and Q entered into partnership investing Rs 12000 and Rs 16000 respectively. After 8 months, R also joins the business with a capital of Rs 15000. The share of R in a profit of Rs 45600 after 2 years will be 

A) 240000 Rs.

B) 16000 Rs.

C) 12000 Rs.

D) 114000 Rs.

E) None of these

Answer & Explanation
 Q5. Ans(C)

Q6. A and B entered into partnership with Rs 700 and Rs 600 respectively. After 3 months A withdrew 2/7 of his stock but after 3 months more he put back 3/5 of what he had withdrawn. The profits at the end of the year are Rs 726, how much of this should A receive?

A) Rs 633 

B) Rs 336 

C) Rs 663 

D) Rs 366 

E)  None of these 

Answer & Explanation
 Q6. Ans(D)

Q7. P and Q started a business by investing Rs. 15,000 and Rs.18,000 respectively. After four months R joined the business with a capital of Rs. 10,000. After two more months Q left the business with his capital. At the end of the year P got a share of Rs. 4,500 in the profit. What is the total profit earned? 

A) Rs 6800 

B) Rs 7600 

C) Rs 8600

D) Rs 9200 

E) none of these 

Answer & Explanation
 Q7. Ans(D)

Q8.  The length of a rectangular plot is thrice of its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 7803 sq m, what is the breadth of the rectangular plot? 

A) 51 m

B) 153 m

C) 104 m 

D) 88 m

E)  None of these 

Answer & Explanation
 Q8. Ans(A)

Q9. Area of a rectangle is  and its length and the breadth are in the ratio of 9 : 7 respectively. What is its perimeter? 

A) 64 cm

B) 68 cm

C) 128 cm 

D) 96 cm

E) None of these 

Answer & Explanation
 Q9. Ans(A)

Q10. A pipe can fill a tank in 36 minutes & another pipe can fill it in 48 minutes, but a third Pipe can empty it in 18 minutes. The first two pipes are kept open for 16 minutes in the beginning then the third Pipe is also opened. In what time is the cistern emptied? 

A) 120 min

B) 80 min

C)  96 min 

D) 112 min
E)  144 min

Answer & Explanation
 Q10. Ans(C)

Let Capacity of tank be 144 litre.
So, efficiency of Ist Pipe = 4 litre / min
Efficiency of IInd Pipe = 3 litre /min
Efficiency of IIIrd pipe = 8 litre /min

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