Quant Quiz (Pie DI) for SBI PO PRE 2019 | 25th January 2019

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for SBI exam Reasoning, IBPS PO Reasoning , IBPS Clerk Reasoning , IBPS RRB Reasoning , , and other competitive exams. 

Directions (1-5): The two pie diagrams given below show relative expenses of two families A and B.

Q1. If 60% of expenses on misc. of family A are on ‘repair’ and 30% of expenses on misc. of family B were on ‘travel’ then what is the ratio of expenses on education of family A to the sum of expenses on  repair of family A and that of travel of family B?

(a) 310 : 309

(b) 330 : 319

(c) 320 : 309

(d) 330: 312

(e) None

Q2. If total expenses of family A are tripled, then what percentage of expenses on clothing, rent and Food together of family A is the expense on education, clothing and rent together of family B? (Calculate up to two decimal points)

(a) 36.75%

(b) 42.76%

(c) 38.4%

(d) 39.83%

(e) none

Q3. The expenses on education of families A and B together is what percent more/less than the expense on rent of both the families? (Calculate up to two decimal points)

(a) 21.53% less

(b) 22.3% less

(c) 25.53% more

(d) 23.76% less

(e) 19.53% less

Q4. If the total expenses of A and B are doubled, then what is the ratio of expenditure on light of family A to that of misc. of family B?

(a) 37 : 43

(b) 18 : 39

(c) 18 : 37

(d) 14 : 42

(e) None

Q5. The item showing the least difference in expenditure between A and B is

(a) Light

(b) Clothing

(c) Misc.

(d) Education

(e) Rent

Directions (Q6-Q10): Study the given graph carefully to answer the questions that follow:

Given below are the two pie charts. Pie chart I shows the distribution of number of vacant posts to be filled by the current recruitment process in six banks. Pie chart II show the approximate percentage distribution of various post/cadre required to be filled by each bank. Consider all banks have the same percentage requirement of various past/cadre.


Q6. What is the ratio of IT officers selected from bank B and C together to the Rajbhasha Adhikari from Bank D and E together (approximately)?


Q7. If 100/21% of seats were not filled in bank B as required by it in which 10 seats were of Law Officer and 5 seats were of PO and remaining unfilled seats were of Field Officer. Then seats filled by Law Officer are what percent of seats filled by Field Officer in bank B (approximately)?

(a) 80.5%

(b) 70.7%

(c) 88.7%

(d) 85.2%

(e) 90%

Q8.  If ‘X’ number of people from bank D in IT officer leave the bank and join IT officer of bank A then number of persons in IT officer in bank A increases by 400/13% approximately then, what is the approximate value of ‘X’?

(a) 10

(b) 15

(c) 17

(d) 20

(e) 25

Q9. Number of clerks in bank D and E together are approximately what percent more/less than the clerks in bank C and F together?

(a) 12%

(b) 22%

(c) 8%

(d) 16%

(e) 20%

Q10. Total post in bank B and C together are approximately what percent more or less than total Probationary Officer from Bank D, E and F together?

(a) 80%

(b) 107%

(c) 133%

(d) 123%

(e) 145%




Q6. Ans(a)


Q7. Ans(c)


Q8. Ans(d)


Q9. Ans(d)


Q10. Ans(e)


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