Quant Quiz (Quadratic , DI) 27th October 2018

Quant Quiz to improve your Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation. For upcoming banking exams like SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk etc.

Directions (1 to 5): In the following questions two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and give answer

Q 1-5 OpQ 1-5

Directions (6 to 10): Study the following graphs and answer the questions accordingly.

Percentage distribution of shoes sold by seven brands in December, 2018

Q 6-10

Percentage selling in rural and urban areas
Urban Rural
Reebok 40 60
Bata 45 55
Nike 20 80
Adidas 70 30
Liberty 65 35
Woodland 95 5
Puma 52 48

Q6. What is the difference in the total number of shoes sold by Reebok, Woodland, Nike and Puma together in urban areas and that of Bata, Adidas and Liberty together in rural areas ? 

(a) 151532

(b) 151522

(c) 155122

(d) 115522

(e) None of these

Q7. What is average number (nearest integer) of shoes sold by all companies together in rural areas ?

(a) 113738

(b) 113784

(c) 112783

(d) 113873

(e) 113783

Q8. By approximately what percent the number of shoes sold in urban areas by Woodland more or less than that of in rural areas by Nike ?

(a) 37%

(b) 35%

(c) 38%

(d) 39%

(e) 42%

Q9. What is the ratio of total number of shoes sold by Puma to the number of shoes sold by Bata in urban areas?

(a) 23 : 21

(b) 140: 171

(c) 141: 170

(d) 171: 140

(e) None of these

Q10. The average number of shoes sold by all companies (except Liberty) together is by what number more or less than the number of shoes sold by Nike?

(a) 126040

(b) 126450

(c) 124600

(d) 126300

(e) None of these


S 1-2

S 3-5

S 6-8S 9-10

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