Railway Physics Quiz for RRB ALP Exam |RRB | 14th JANUARY 2019

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Q1. Among the following radiations, which has the highest energy?

(a) Visible

(b) X-ray 

(c) Ultra-violet 

(d) Infra-red

Q2. How many watts are there in a horsepower?

(a) 1000

(b) 750

(c) 746

(d) 748

Q3. Pyrometer is used to measure

(a) Air pressure

(b) Humidity

(c) High temperature

(d) Density

Q4. The working principle of a washing machine is :

(a) Centrifugation

(b) Dialysis

(c) Reverse osmosis

(d) Diffusion

Q5. In a three-pin electrical plug longest pin should be connected to

(a) Ground terminal

(b) Live terminal

(c) Neutral terminal

(d) Any terminal

Q6. The electric current does not flow between two properly connected charged bodies if they are having

(a) Same charge

(b) Same capacity

(c) Same resistivity

(d) Same potential

Q7. Small drops of the same size are charged to V volts each. If n such drops coalesce to form a single large drop, its potential will be:

(a) n^(2/3) V

(b) n^(1/3) V

(c) n V 

(d) N^- V

Q8. Light is made of seven colours. What is the method of separating the colours?

(a) The colours can be separated by a prism 

(b) The colours can be separated by a filter

(c) The colours can be separated by plants

(d) The colours cannot be separated

Q9. In which of the following conditions wet clothes will dry earliest?

(a) 100% RH, 60°C temperature

(b) 100% RH, 20°C temperature 

(c) 20% RH, 20°C temperature

(d) 20% RH, 40°C temperature

Q10. In the night wind blows fast, dew is not formed because

(a) Rate of evaporation is fast

(b) Moisture in air is low

(c) Temperature is high

(d) Sky is not clear



Exp.The correct order of the following different categories of radiations are -x-rays > ultraviolet > visible light > infrared. The electromagnetic spectrum of radio waves has the lowest energy while Gama rays consist of highest energy.


Exp. Horse power is a unit of measurement of power (the rate at which work is done).

1 Watt = 1 Joule/second

1 Horse power = 746 watt.


Exp. A Pyrometer is a type of remote-sensing thermometer which is used to measure high temperature. It is based on Stefan- Boltzmann law, which describes that the total radiation emitted by a black body is proportional to the fourth power of its absolute temperature (E ∝ T^4). It is also used to measure the temperature of distant objects such as sun.


Exp. The working principle of a washing machine is based on centrifugation force. The term centrifugal force is used to refer to an inertial force or fictitious force, particular to a particle moving on a circular path that has the same magnitude and dimensions as the force the keeps the particle on its circular path but the point in the opposite direction.


Exp. In the three-pin plug, there are three ends namely live, neutral and earth. The earth pin on a plug is longer than the line and neutral pins. This means the earth pin is the first to connect and last to disconnect for safety of electrical device. It provides an alternative and easy path for leakage or fault current flow.


Exp. According to Ohm’s law, if there is a potential difference (V) across a resistor then there is a current (I) flowing through it. Current flows in a circuit as a result of difference in potential between two points in the circuit.


Exp.  potential of large drop = n^(2/3) V


Exp. Colours could be separated by using a prism. 


Exp. The wet clothes will dry earliest at minimum humidity & maximum temperature. Thus according to options given in question, option (d) will dry the wet clothes earliest.


Exp. Dew is not formed on the night of strong wind as due to strong wind the rate of evaporation is fast. Thus, the particles of the dew tend to evaporate.

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