Railway/SSC JE 2019 Chemistry quiz for Phase I and other railways exams 26/02/2019

Railway/SSC JE 2019 Chemistry quiz for Phase I

Railway/SSC JE Chemistry quiz for  (Phase I), RRB NTPC, SSC various exams and other competitive exams.

Q1. The poisonous gas accidentally released in Bhopal Gas Tragedy is –

(a) Methane

(b) Nitrous Oxide

(c) Methyl Isocyanate

(d) Cyanogen

Q2. Release of which among the following is the primary reason for depletion of the ozone layer?

(a) Nitrous oxide                             

(b) Hydrogen dioxide

(c) Chlorofluro carbon   

(d) Carbon monoxide

Q3. Which of the following molecules is joined by a double covalent bond?

(a) Cl2                                   

(b) O2

(c) N2                                   

(d) He

Q4. The common name of sodium tetraborate decahydrate is _____.

(a) Epsom salt                   

(b) Gypsum

(c) Borax                                             

(d) Galena

Q5. Who invented Antibiotics?

(a) Joseph Lister                               

(b) William Harvey

(c) Robert Knock                              

(d) Alexander Fleming

Q6. The Chemical formula of Methanol is _____.

(a) C2H5OH                                     

(b) CH3(OH)2

(c) CH3OH                                           

(d) CH4OH

Q7. ___________ Gases absorb long wave (infrared) radiation from the earth and emit it again towards the earth.

(a) Hydrogen                                                                     

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Carbon dioxide                                                          

(d) Ozone

Q8. Metals react with sodium hydroxide to produce ___________.

(a) Oxygen gas                                                                  

(b) Sodium

(c) Water                                                                                            

(d) Hydrogen gas

Q9. Which base is present in lime water?

(a) Sodium hydroxide                                                    

(b) Magnesium hydroxide

(c) Calcium hydroxide                                                    

(d) Ammonium hydroxide

Q10. Chemical formula for Sulphurous acid is:

(a) H2SO4                                                                                           

(b) H2SO3

(c) H3SO3                                                                                           

(d) H3SO4



Exp. Bhopal gas tragedy occured on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas and other chemicals leaked from UCIL.


Exp. The Chlorofluro carbon formed by chlorine, fluorine and carbon. They are often used as refrigerants, solvents, and for the manufacture of spongy plastics. It is the primary reason for depletion of the ozone layer.


Exp. Oxygen atom is joined by double covalent bond.


Exp. The common name of Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate is Borax.


Exp.Antibiotics also called antibacterials, are a type of antimicrobial drug used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections. Alexander Fleming invented Antibiotic.


Exp. Methanol is the simplest alcohol, being only a methyl group linked to a hydroxyl group. It is a light, volatile, colorless, flammable liquid with a distinctive odour very similar to that of ethanol (drinking alcohol). However, unlike ethanol, methanol is highly toxic and unfit for consumption. Chemical formula of Methanol is CH3OH.


Exp. A greenhouse gases are combination of gases in an atmosphere that absorbs and emits radiation within the thermal infrared range. This process is the fundamental cause of the greenhouse effect.The main Greenhouse Gases are Carbon di oxide, Methane, Ozone, Water vapour etc.


Exp. Sodium hydroxide reacts with metal to release hydrogen gas. The metal takes the oxygen atom from sodium hydroxide, which in turn takes the oxygen atom from the water, and releases the two hydrogen atoms. The reaction thus produces hydrogen gas.


Exp. Calcium hydroxide base is present in lime water.


Exp. Sulfurous acid is the chemical compound with the formula H₂SO₃.

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