RBI assistant vs Bank PO: Which one is better

RBI Assistant Vs Bank PO:

RBI publishes notification for recruitment of assistants in various offices across the country. But one question in mind every Aspirants which is better RBI Assistant or Bank PO. We shall try to find out the details about both the jobs in order to understand the pros and cons of the jobs.


  • Bank PO examination is held for recruiting Probationary Officers for all the branches of PSU Bank likes SBI, PNB, BOB etc.
  • The RBI Assistant examination is held for recruiting clerical cadres at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Competition level:

  • Even though both the positions have limited number of seats, the probability of getting through is more when it comes to the RBI Assistant examination.
  • The Bank PO examination is comparatively more difficult than the RBI Assistant examination; hence, the selection is tougher.
  • Note: RBI Assistant exam state wise vacancy, So number of seats limited therefore selection is tough other wise paper level is likes bank clerk.

Central Govt. stake:

  • Bank PO: Government keep its stake in the nationalised banks at 51 per cent “PSU banks (All PSU Bank is SEMI Govt.)
  • RBI: Government of India now holds 100% stake in RBI.

Exam pattern

  • RBI: The RBI Assistant examination is a three-stage process.

Preliminary: 100 Marks

Main exam: 200 Marks

3rd phase: Interview

  • Bank PO: The PO examination is also a three-stage process consisting of the preliminary exam

Preliminary: 100 Marks

Main exam: 200 Marks+ Descriptive

3rd phase: Interview

Job profile:

  • RBI: As an assistant in the central bank, you are given responsibility of all the clerical duties such as keeping track of mails, giving draft replies to RTI Applications, maintaining files etc. It is basically a desk job with fixed working hours.
  • Bank PO: PO has to take care of the customers by focusing on customer service. Additionally, they will have to promote alternate delivery channels, verify vouchers, canvas new business leads, and inspection, credit monitoring, handling the loan department, ATM cash replenishment etc.

Salary structure:

  • RBI: At present, initial monthly Gross emoluments for Assistants approximately Rs 36091/- gross and after deduction, in hand salary comes to around 28000/- approx.
  • Bank PO: The approximate salary of an Bank PO is a bit more than that of an RBI Assistant. The monthly salary of an Bank PO is around INR 40,000 and they get additional benefits and allowances.

Work Pressure

  • RBI: No work pressure is there in the central bank and as an added advantage; you do not have to deal with customers on a daily basis just like other banks. It is 5-day week at RBI and the working hours are fixed and you hardly have to stay back after the working hours.
  • Bank PO: As said earlier, you have to take decisions and have to back them up later in front of your reporting authority but that is the thrill of the job. You have to work under pressure but you get adequate incentives to work under pressure whereas on the other hand, you are unlikely to be fired for being unable to meet your targets.


Once you join RBI even as an assistant, you will get multiple chances to get promoted to a higher level. All the candidates who wish to get promoted to the Officer level need to apply for the promotion test and appear for the examination as well. But before that one has to undergo their service period of a minimum of 2 years to become eligible for promotion to Officer Cadre.

Promotions are conducted at a period of every 2 years where Assistants also have the opportunity to be a part of it. There are two processes for an assistant to get promoted to a Grade A officer level:

  • Normal process
  • Merit basis process

(1) Normal process: The employee has to qualify written exam and on the basis of his experience and seniority in the services of a bank, he/she will be selected as an Officer.

(2) Merit basis process: Two-year service (minimum) as a clerk with a JAIIB and CAIIB diploma conducted by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) is must with graduate/post-graduate degree.

There are four scales in Officer cadre:

Scale 1 Officer / Assistant Manager (Grade A)
Scale 2 Manager (Grade B)
Scale 3 Senior Manager (Grade C)
Scale 4 Chief Manager (Grade D)

Bank PO: Banking Sector provides the best promotional avenues among any other sector of the economy. If you are a performer, you are likely to be rewarded for your efforts sufficiently and you can even become the MD-CEO of a bank after joining as an officer. No other job will offer you this.

Note: Every PSU Bank different promotion eligibility.


  • The Reserve Bank of India has branches in almost all the major cities in the country. RBI Assistants are generally posted in their hometowns, as they tend to be fluent in the local language and dialect. Additionally, the probability of transfer is also minimal.
  • Since Bank PO has branches all over the country, probationary officers can be posted anywhere. When it comes to PO, getting posted in semi-urban and rural areas is compulsory for career growth and advancement.

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