Reasoning Quiz for IBPS SO and Clerk Mains | 24th December 2018

Reasoning Questions and Reasoning Quiz for For upcoming exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, UPSC, UPSSSC, CDS, UPTET, KVS, DSSSB and other Government exams.

Directions (1-5): Study the information carefully and answer the questions.

P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W are sitting around a circular area at an equal distances between each other, but not necessarily in the same order. Some of the people are facing outside (i.e.., in a direction opposite to the centre). Q sits to the third left of W.  W faces the centre and both the immediate neighbor of W faces outside. U sits second to the right of Q.  T sits second to the left of S .  S is neither an immediate neighbor of Q nor W. Both the immediate neighbour of R face outside and R faces direction opposite to the direction of P.  P is not an immediate neighbour of W.  Immediate neighbours of P face opposite direction to each other .P faces same direction as Q (i.e. if P faces the centre then Q also faces the centre  and vice- versa).

Q1. How many people in the given arrangement face the centre?

(a) Three                            

(b) One


(d) Four


Q2. Which of the following is true regarding V as per the given seating arrangement?

(a) R sits second to left of V.

(b) Only two people sit between V and S.

(c) P sits to immediate right of V.

(d) Q is one of the immediate neighbours of V.

(e) V faces the centre.

Q3. What is P’s position with respect of W?

(a) Third to the left           

(b) Third to the right

(c) Fourth to the right      

(d) Second to the left

(e) Fifth to the left

Q4. Who is sitting to immediate right to T?

(a) W                                  

(b) V

(c) R                                      

(d) U

(e) Q

Q5. Who amongst the following sits exactly between U and Q ?

(a)  V                               

(b) R

(c)  T                                

(d) P

(e)  W

Directions (6-10): Study the information given below and answer the given questions.

There are nine persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I stay on a nine floors building, but not necessarily in the same order. Only one person stays on each floor. All of them have either Ferrari or Audi car of different colours i.e. yellow, golden, red, orange, purple, black, white, silver and grey, but not necessarily in the same order. Only five of them have Audi cars. The ground floor is numbered 1 and the topmost floor is numbered 9. There are two floors between the floors on which the persons having a black Ferrari and silver Audi stay. C owns a red Ferrari. F does not own a grey Ferrari. A stays on an even numbered floor, below the even numbered floor on which H stays. The one who own a purple Audi stays on the fourth floor. D stays on the second floor and owns the orange Audi. The one who owns the golden Audi stays on the topmost floor. A does not own a white Audi. F owns a black Ferrari and stays on an odd-numbered floor. There is only one floor between the floors on which F and G stay. E stays immediate above the floor on which I stay. G does not stay on the ground floor. B stays immediate above the floor on which H stay. There are three floors between the floors on which C and F stay. The one who owns the silver car stays immediate above G.E stays on the fourth floor. The one who owns the grey Ferrari stays on the third floor.

Q6. What is the colour of the Audi/Ferrari of the person who stays on the 7th floor?

(a) Red                             

(b) White                     

(c) Orange   

(d) Silver  

(e) Yellow

Q7. How many persons are between the one who has golden car and the one who stays on 4th floor?

(a) Five                              

(b) Three                    

(c) Seven 

(d) Four   

(e) None of these

Q8.  Who lives on the 7th floor?

(a) The one who has white car                       

(b) B                              

(c) G 

(d) Both (a) and (c)

(e)The one who has silver car

Q9. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence they form a group. Which one of  the following does not belong to that group?

(a) Red                                      

(b)  White                                     

(c) Golden           

(d) Silver        

(e) Grey

Q10. Which of the following coloured car does F has?

(a) Yellow                             

(b) Red                                        

(c) Purple        

(d) Grey         

(e) Black


Directions (1-5)


  1. Ans. (a)
  2. Ans. (a)
  3. Ans. (d)
  4. Ans. (c)
  5. Ans. (d)

Directions (6-10):

Floor Person Colour Car
9 B Golden Audi
8 H Silver Audi
7 G White Audi
6 A Yellow Ferrari
5 F Black Ferrari
4 E Purple Audi
3 I Grey Ferrari
2 D Orange Audi
1 C Red Ferrari
  1. Ans.(b)
  2. Ans.(d)
  3. Ans.(d)
  4. Ans.(d)
  5. Ans.(e)

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