Role within the Bank Operations: Caiib Retail banking (Module A),Unit 2

Role within the Bank Operations: CAIIB Retail banking (Module A),Unit 2

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We all know that CAIIB exams are conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF).  CAIIB is said to be one of the difficult courses to be cleared for the bankers. But we assure you that with the help of our “CAIIB study material”, you will definitely clear the CAIIB exam.
CAIIB exams are conducted twice in a year. Candidates should have completed JAIIB before appearing for CAIIB Exam. Here, we will provide detailed notes of every unit of the CAIIB Exam on the latest pattern of IIBF.
So, here we are providing “Unit 2: Retail Banking: Role within The Bank Operations of “Module A: Retail Banking” from “Optional Paper: Retail Banking”.

The Article is CAIIB Unit 2: Retail Banking: Role within The Bank Operations

The business models for retail banking show interesting revelations across types of banks. The models adopted by banks vary among the public sector, private sector and foreign banks. The main approaches are as follows:

  • Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Approach,
  • Departmental Approach,
  • Integrated Approach (part of the overall business plan).

Business Model

  • Banks generally structure their retail banking models mainly on a positioning platform and to be the best/top three among the peer group players or across players. Strategies are based on the positioning objectives and vary from bank to bank depending on the importance attached to the business model.
  • Among the public sector banks, some banks aim for a place among the top three retail players across banks including peer group banks while some other public sector aim for a space in the top three among the peer group. But the strategy adopted by these banks was a part of the overall strategy based on the business mix. projections and corporate objectives of the bank.

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