Russian President Vladimir Putin won right to extend his rule until 2036

Russian President Vladimir Putin won right to extend his rule until 2036: All you need to know about

Russian President Vladimir Putin who has already been the President since last 2 decades, is chosen to be in power till 2036. Here are some details about the conduction of the election.

♦Putin’s terms as President:

  • Vladimir Putin (a veteran of Russia’s KGB) was the 2nd president in 1999 and served two terms.
  • After that, he became prime minister for four years between 2008 to 2012.
  • He became President for a third term in 2012.
  • Currently, he is serving as President for the fourth term until 2024.

♦How did the conclusion that Putin will remain the ruling president till 2036 came?

  • Vote casting polls were organized at different locations similar to the electoral organization. Russians went to cast ballots in a nationwide referendum on constitutional amendments, that states that Putin will remain the ruling president till 2036 and other important provisions. The aim of this vote casting was stated as a return to old-fashioned family values, designed to appeal to conservative voters by legislative body. And the election campaign worked well in convincing the public to participate in voting.

♦What was the public’s opinion?

  • Most of the voters supported the constitutional amendments offered by the President. They were in favor of supporting the conventional power who has been chosen by their previous generation and serving well to the public.
  • The voting process was organized on terms of social distancing among voters and other important precautions from coronavirus. some voters, other bodies and non- supportive citizens thought it inappropriate to organize the election in the middle of the pandemic and also didn’t agree to what the President offered to them.
  • Ballots from three-fourths of Russia’s precincts have been counted, revealing 77.6% of voters have so far approved the Russian president’s proposed amendments to the 1993 constitution.
  • The overall turnout was believed to be around 65% as polling stations closed in Moscow and Western Russia, while some regions reported a turnout of up to 90%.

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♦How did non- supportive citizens react?

  • The citizens not in favor of this constitutional amendment expressed their thoughts and opinions about how they don’t support the President. Some independent bodies released their statements on how Putin should not be re-elected before the commencement of the election.
  • A group of activists laid down in Red Square in the form of the numbers 2036, the independent Russian news channel reported this event, later it was stated that these activists were detained and released further without any charges.
  • Other Russians posted photos on social media from polling stations of ballots checked (no).
  • A few hundred people gathered for a small demonstration at central Moscow, rallying point for opposition protests. One protestor there held a symbol that read: “Putin Forever?”

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