Spelling Error| English Quiz for SBI PO PRE|(Day-39) 18th March 2019

Spelling Error Quiz for SBI PO PRE/LIC AAO

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Q1. This round of conflict between Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy and Lt. Govornor Kiran Bedi has been more serious than those in the past.

(a) conflict

(b) Puducherry

(c) Govornor

(d) serious

(e) All are Correct

Q2. He has been opposing what he calls Ms. Bedi’s “high-handedness” and tendency to interfeir in the administration.

(a) opposing

(b) tendency

(c) interfeir

(d) administration

(e) All are Correct

Q3. Under the Constitution, the territory belongs to the President, who runs it through the L-G as Administrator.

(a) Constitution

(b) territory

(c) President

(d) Administrator

(e) All are Correct

Q4. The Socialists are expected to emerge as the single largest party in April, but well short of a clear majoriti.

(a) Socialists

(b) emerge

(c) largest

(d) majoriti

(e) All are Correct

Q5. Sewage pipes and drains represent the bleaker side of India’s strugule to modernise its cities.

(a) Sewage

(b) represent

(c) bleaker

(d) strugule

(e) All are Correct

Q6. Depending on who your contractor is, you could have a vastly different experienc of working under a contract.

(a) Depending

(b) contractor

(c) vastly

(d) experienc

(e) All are Correct

Q7. Decline in efficiency and quality of different services is quite apparent to the public, but it is flatly denied by political leaders, civil servants and consultants.

(a) efficiency

(b) apparent

(c) flatly

(d) denied

(e) All are Correct

Q8. Little attempt has been made to study how contracttual work has affected reliability in the postal services, railways and accounts.

(a) attempt

(b) contracttual

(c) reliability

(d) services

(e) All are Correct

Q9. Job creatien has slowed since 2011-12, the year of the last published National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) labour force survey.

(a) creatien

(b) published

(c) Survey

(d) labour

(e) All are Correct

Q10. We have repeatedly stated that government claims on abcence of ‘good’ data on jobs are simply untenable.

(a) repeatedly

(b) government

(c) abcence

(d) untenable

(e) All are Correct












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